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10 of the most expensive paintings that were stolen


Any Museum exhibits for any reason represent value, not only cultural but also material. It just so happened that particularly popular for expensive auctions use pictures. No less popular masterpieces of world art and enjoy the Museum robbers. Yes, you guessed right, museums are robbed today. Only have time marveled, as with modern technologies of surveillance and protection of the treasures of world cultural heritage lost exhibits almost in broad daylight. Thus, to your attention the ten most expensive paintings that were stolen.

10. Picasso's "Dove with green peas"

I think mere mortals will be extremely difficult to match the name of this picture with what it depicts. Indeed, at first glance (and second and third) there is neither a dove, nor even of green peas. Basically, the picture itself is, unfortunately, also gone. The reason a man in a black mask, which was recorded by surveillance cameras of the Central Museum of Paris. The lock entrance gates, the demolition of the bars on the Windows, the penetration into and the theft of paintings (from the Museum issued not only a "Dove", but also 4 more expensive paintings) – the young man was doing all surprisingly accurately and completely in a hurry. In the end, the attacker was found, but the picture to return to the place failed – the thief simply destroyed the loot.

9. Van Gogh "out of the Protestant Church in Nuenen"

The following domain dishonorable citizens was destined to become a painting called "out of the Protestant Church in Nuenen". In fairness, it really shows the Church and several parishioners coming from it. The painting had a personal value to van Gogh, because originally the picture was intended as a gift for his mother. In addition, it is no coincidence that the Church in the picture that is Protestant (Vincent's father was pastor). Had the creation of van Gogh like his parents or not, we will never know, but the fact that the painting was once stolen straight from the personal Museum of the artist, widely known. However, unlike Picasso masterpiece, the canvas of van Gogh returned in one piece.

8. Van Gogh "the sea at Scheveningen"

It is not surprising that two paintings of the legendary Dutch are next in our current list. The fact that "a view of the sea at Scheveningen" were stolen from the van Gogh Museum in exactly the same day and hour as the previous tracks. Happened Museum the tragedy on 7 December 2002. In the 14 subsequent years had received no news about the fate of the two paintings, when suddenly, in 2016 the world's masterpieces was discovered in Italy, one of the most influential mafia (logically, not as a simple worker). In the end, "sea" together with "leaving the Church" was safely returned back. The truth had to change the cloths of the frame, since in their original form, they have not survived.

7. Van Gogh "Poppies" ("Vase of flowers")

As it happens, emerged from the brush of van Gogh's paintings are not only very expensive things, but are of special interest to Museum of thieves. Next in line we have a painting entitled "Poppies", which was exposed to theft and all 2 times. The first was in 1978, when the picture was taken from the Cairo Museum (for lack of cameras to take with a square 30 by 30 cm is not too difficult). 10 years later the painting was returned, however, already in 2010, "Mackie" was stolen again. Surprisingly, pulled the picture from the same Museum and even in broad daylight! And that the presence of cameras and guards. However, in the time of the theft did not work neither one nor the other. As a result, the picture disappeared.

6. Rembrandt van Rijn "the Storm on the sea of Galilee"

Well, let's leave the old man alone Vincent, because there is light and paintings by other prominent artists. For example, "Storm on the sea of Galilee," by Rembrandt. The basis of the canvas lies the biblical story – the artist captured the moment when the ship, which was Christ with his brethren, gets in a terrible storm. And if the biblical story ended well, the picture was destined not the cloudless destiny. Being exhibited in the Boston Museum, one fine day in 1990 the painting was stolen by a group of criminals disguised as police officers. As stated by the real police, the case was solved back in 2013, but the whereabouts of paintings nothing is known today.

5. Vermeer "The Concert"

And again double kidnapping. More precisely, it is in our list includes only two of the thirteen paintings that have successfully made the fake cops in a spring Sunny day from the Museum of Boston. Among the loot was a "Concert" performed by Jan Vermeer. Needless to say that the participants in the abduction seriously get rich – because they quietly lived happily ever after more than two decades before they got the clutches of the law. Recall, the police formally opened a case of theft, but with regard to the paintings and their location, who with baggage costs several tens of millions of dollars and now there.

4. Raphael, "portrait of a young man"

Well, with this painting, and indeed he kept his eyes fixed the young man. Who exactly is portrayed by Raphael, is not known, however there are suggestions that this is a self-portrait. Anyway, impressed by the picture was not only critics, but also Adolf Hitler (by the way, having his time to painting directly relevant). On his initiative, in 1939, the painting was seized by the Nazis from the Krakow Museum for the exhibition planned by Hitler of the house of arts in Linz. However, in 1945, the painting disappears. Seemingly without a trace, but not long ago the information appeared that the picture was found and stored in a Bank vault. About when and where to admire the masterpiece (and whether at all) is not reported.

3. Caravaggio's "Nativity with saints Francis and Lawrence"

Perhaps one of the most intricate stories related to art theft. Absolute fact took place to be, it is possible to consider only the kidnapping, arranged in 1969 in Sicily. Of course, the first suspects were members of the famous "Cosa Nostra". For almost 50 years, that are searching for a leaf (or has not conducted, since all have accepted the loss), some Mafioso testified with respect to the works of Caravaggio. This gave rise to a huge number of versions of destiny of the picture (from the sale to a collector from Eastern Europe to the point that artwork was eaten by the farmer's pigs). However, all assumptions boil down to the fact that the painting of Caravaggio's very hardly ever will again delight the eyes of connoisseurs.

2. Paul Cezanne "View of Auvers-sur-Oise"

Remember, what were you doing December 31, 1999 (and closer to the evening)? Probably put on a table salads, opened champagne and preparing to celebrate the Millennium. Well, certainly not hanging out in the vicinity of the Oxford Museum of art in order to take the picture during new year's fireworks. But one person still chose such a trivial way to spend the Millennium. The object of interest the offender was a painting by Paul Cezanne "View of Auvers-sur-Oise". Officially about the theft is practically nothing known except the above. Absolutely the same is the case with information about the possible whereabouts of the painting.

1. Henri Matisse's "Pastoral"

Remember, in the beginning, we mentioned that a dowry to the "Dove with green peas" by Picasso Paris the robber took 4 more pictures? So, one of them was "pastoral" painted by Henri Matisse. Recall that the thief acted extremely calm and stately. This suggests that he gained accomplices in the face of some of the Museum staff. By the way, that night inexplicably set off the alarm. As for the masterpieces of world art, the version caught the criminal that he disposed of the paintings, remains the only, albeit a little similar to truth. Agree to order 5 paintings of this level could very powerful man, whose name was not disclosing.

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