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10 most expensive books in the world


The book is a unique phenomenon created by man. Why? Yes though, because any book is worth some money on the counter and at the same time it is priceless. The true cost of pages bound forms of time and of human need in the reading of certain books. Let's talk about those publications, which are queues in the most prestigious auctions, and collectors are willing to pay fabulous sums of money. Thus, to your attention the ten most expensive books in the world.

10. Books Urizen, William Blake2.5 mil.$

To be precise, the book is actually only one. "The first book Urizen" is fundamental in a series of prophetic works written by William Blake. The work was published during the life of the author, and the first book published in 1794, is of special value. This is a rare instance and were put under the hammer in 1999 in new York, Sotheby's. It is unknown what was the original cost of the lot, but in the evening the bidding stopped at around $ 2.5 million. The buyer was a private collector, fit not to make their name public.

9. The Tales Of Beedle The Bard, John.To.Rowling3.98 mil.$

We all know JK Rowling as the Creator of the famous Saga of Harry Potter. The first book was released in distant 1997, and since then Harry Potter has become the whole universe, turning Rowling from a writer to a living legend. However, in this case it will be about another book of Joan "the Tales of Beedle the bard" (though she also refers to Harry). Or rather, about one of the seven copies, handwritten by JK Rowling personally. Six special books were donated by close friends of the writer, and the last manuscript Joan decided to sell at auction. Bought the lot representatives Amazon.com for a huge sum, making "Tales" is the most expensive modern book sold at an auction.

8. The geography, Ptolemy4 mil.$

Also work sometimes narezhut "Cosmography". The work of Claudius Ptolemy is truly unique. Because "Geography" is the world's first printed Atlas, and concurrently also the first illustrated book, presented to the public. Well-preserved colorful paintings, dated XV century, really can not leave anyone indifferent. "Geography" is a collection of eight books. The first edition took place in 1477, the then labour produced in Bologna. It is these copies was sold at an auction of London at a price of $ 4 million.

7. A treatise on fruit trees, Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau, Pierre Antoine Pato, Pierre Jean Francois Turpin4.5 mil.$

Without a doubt, this book is the most expensive in the world by the publication, is devoted to the description of fruit trees. Handwritten work contains essays, exhaustively reveal information about 16 types of fruit trees. Supplemented by comprehensive descriptions of the colorful illustrations. Total the collection contains 5 volumes. In 2006 in Brussels at one of the auctions was exposed to a lot that contains "Treatise on fruit trees" 1768 edition. It was said that the books at the time belonged to Louis XV. Many would like to separate the fiction from the French king, all that night when you turned out to be 4.5 million dollars.

6. The Gutenberg Bibleof 4.9 mil.$

She's "42-line Bible", it also "B42". The publication of this book authored by Johannes Gutenberg in the 50-ies of the XV century the traditionally charge for the event, which gave rise to the printing press throughout Europe. Five centuries were produced about 180 copies of the Gutenberg Bible, which was published on parchment. "B42" is not the rarest book, dated XV century, but is of great value. Only one leaf of any official copies of books at auctions are willing to give up to $ 100,000, and in 1987 went under the hammer incomplete first volume of the Bible ( the buyer paid nearly 5 million "green").

5. The first folio of Shakespeare6.17 mil.$

For the first time this book was published after the death of William Shakespeare in 1623. The impressive size of the edition contained 36 plays, located on 900 pages. Surprisingly, the original price was only 1 pound. There is a persistent belief that the cost of paper, spent in publishing, was about the same. However, after centuries of "Folio" is very greatly increased in value, and today this book wants to have in their library every self-respecting collector. It was printed only 228 copies of the works of Shakespeare, the owner of one of which was Paul Allen (cofounder of Microsoft), they paid for the book 6 million dollars.

4. History of Canterbury, Geoffrey Chaucer7.5 mil.$

Another example, when the cost of books over time have grown in an incredible amount of time. We are talking about "Canterbury tales" of Geoffrey Chaucer. The original book was released in the XV century, much later the death of the Creator. By the way, I noticed that most of the books in this rating is dated to the XV century? Well. The original edition of "Stories" was purchased for £ 6 kind of count Fitzwilliam in 1776. And now, after 200 years, the same book at auction in London purchase already for 7 500 000$. Hardly anything else from the XV century, the price has increased so much.

3. Birds of America, James Audubon11.5 mil.$

In third place is a unique illustrated book about birds. Its Creator, the artist-naturalist James Audubon, hand-painted every picture, and birds are depicted certainly in full size. It is not surprising that the height of the finished books was 1 meter 27 centimeters. Work Audubon was so enormous that the placement of scientific descriptions of winged it took 4 volumes. The starter edition of "the Birds" was published in 1827, and was a first volume. This instance in 2010 was exhibited at the usual London auction. Purchase generous Arab Sheik, who acquired the book for 11 $ 500,000.

2. The gospel of Henry the Lion, Order of Saint Benedict11.7 mil.$

This manuscript was created in the XII century (review referred to as the approximate year of publication 1188) by order of the Duke of Saxony Henry the Lion. Intended the Holy Scriptures for the altar of the virgin Mary in the Cathedral of Braunschweig. The book contains 4 Gospels, set out on pages 266 and decorated five dozen illustrations. The magnificence of the execution and content make this manuscript one of the masterpieces of knigoprodavtsev the XII century. No wonder the original copy was paid nearly $ 12 million and the buyer was the government of Germany. At the moment the manuscript is in German the library of the Duke August.

1. Leicester Codex, Leonardo da Vinci,30.8 million.$

It would be surprising if the writings from the hand of Leonardo da Vinci was not the price. "Leicester code" is the name of the world's most expensive book to date. However, given the cost, this record will stay for a long time. In the book, only 72 pages, which are different notes, observations, and mathematical calculations and drawings. Feature of the "Codex Leicester" is that when writing Leonardo used a special font to read the words only in the mirror. Who was found on 30 million dollars for a book? The original manuscript in 1994 was acquired by none other than the richest man of the United States bill gates.

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