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The 10 most selfish zodiac signs


Every person to some extent is selfish. Sometimes a healthy love of self and acts according to the dictates of the heart are perceived wrongly as pride. In other cases, to ensure their own comfort at the expense of the spiritual tranquility of others is pure selfishness.

Astrologers point out that such negative trait is more pronounced in fire and earth signs. They possess more accurate knowledge about the world, so they decided to live only for his pleasure, despite the attempts of others to intervene or change. It is important not to bring the desire to be yourself to the point of absurdity and to always respect the life of another person.

Consider what zodiac signs are most valued his own comfort and even ready for this step "on the head".

10. Leo

Considered one of the leaders of unhealthy narcissism. His bloated ego fills in all spheres of life – at work "the king" supposed to blindly go along (by the way, the Lions always tend to get in the management team). In personal life, family and friends "dancing to the tune of" arrogant king. And if someone serendipitously fell under the influence of Leo, it is automatically transferred to the category of enemies. Friends for Lion can only be the people who chant odes to its perfection.

Join the company or party, lions selfishly trying to seize all the attention, taking it even from the organizer of the event (e.g., birthday). Such insolence is punishable, so the fate of constantly sending the Lions the hard way.

9. Virgin

Those representatives of the sign mistakenly think is selfish for the fact that they often think about themselves and consider the behavior. In fact, introspection is not so bad, as it allows to admit their mistakes and to soberly assess their actions. But often Virgins convict and that they are dismissive to their surroundings, especially when they realize that something more successful. Yeah, maiden definitely boast about their successes and loves when they are appreciated.

If a virgin goes against their own interests for the benefit of another person, then, believe me, it's not too casual. She praises for such victims, which is also a hint of selfishness.

8. Aries

Fiery Aries – king of the egoists. They are always and everywhere looking for his personal interest, ready to sweep away on the way neougodnikov, even if these include friends and family. However, their selfishness cannot be considered to be evil and arrogant. They just always want to achieve, so sometimes emotions do not distinguish between what is good and what is bad. Subsequently, the RAM can sit and reflect on what it was costing the achievement of certain goals, and even decide in the future not pander to his ego. But do not expect that the representatives of the sign publicly recognize that they have high self-esteem and selfish.

7. Sagittarius

Another sign that "seeing a target, sees no obstacles." Personal desires and aspirations for the Archer above all else, he does not shun any means to achieve them, and safely "tramples" the interests of others. Trouble of the selfishness of the Archer in the fact that he advertises himself, demonstrates his exploits and loves to teach others in unhealthy sense of this word. Bragging and narcissism often leads to the fact that the fruit made turn evil for Sagittarius. So life shows selfish that she needs it, but he is not its forms. Rivalry with God has made nothing good, so you need to temper your mettle and to see things more adequately.

6. Fish

Thin and sensitive soul of the Fish can not make them selfish. Sissy constantly need care, love and attention, while occasionally forgetting to give good feelings to others. Since childhood, melancholic and introverted, Pisces selfish in love and friendship, forcing others to work to fill in the missing emotions. Also they are prone to narcissism, constantly mocking her figure or good looks, trying to keep up with impossible ideals.

5. Gemini

Sociable and active representatives of the sign will always know his "price," so I can not be selfish. Rather, their selfishness manifests itself in arrogance, after all, sociable and well-heeled Twin finds an approach to any person. Of course, representatives of this sign amuses how cool they manage to convince the interlocutor of the correctness and force to follow their plans. Do not forget about the duality of the Twins – even when they show attention and care to other people, I believe, which in this case is good and right, you see altruistic. Yes, Gemini is one of those who crave to always get the "gold medal" for his services.

4. Libra

It seems that balanced and peaceful Libra is also selfish. That's true, but their selfishness as one of the most healthy forms allows you to develop and evolve as a person without suppressing others. The scales can lock yourself in a room and doing spiritual work or productive work, to devote time to their Hobbies and interests, that is to conduct it to good use. Of course, a more selfish environment can strain that the Scales don't want to be long in their society and to satisfy the whim. But to make the sign to trample its interests in favor of another, you need to wait until they themselves will arise such a desire. And then Weights in the generosity of spirit has no equal.

3. Scorpio

Selfish, insolent and proud of it. Few Scorpions are not aware of this defect. From them you can often hear the phrase: "Yes, I'm selfish, but..." followed by a number of excuses. However, the selfishness of the Scorpions it is impossible to justify, as they require exclusively for their use. I sincerely believe that the time, love and attention of others rightfully belongs to them because they are good and wonderful. That is, the Scorpions are not only selfish, but also narcissistic, not quite soberly assess themselves and their capabilities.

2. Cancer

Sensitive representatives of this sign often get into "shell", with no place for other people and their emotions. While misunderstandings and quarrels for Cancer are only his feelings and experiences, but with others he considered not want. Moreover, if the interlocutor does not share the discomfort of Cancer, the representative of the sign will do everything to change that. If it is bad, it must be bad for everyone. That egoism Cancers is evident, surprisingly, in their selflessness. Sacrificing personal time and interests, they seem to say "you see how good I am, not what you" and revel in that feeling. Children can often hear from Cancer parent the phrase "here I grow – then you will understand", underlining his superiority in this.

1. Aquarius

Aquarians always believe in his innocence and consider themselves highly developed personalities. Objectively this is not true, but to convince a narcissist of Aquarius will not be easy. To satisfy my ego, representatives of the sign often raise disputes, not to comprehend the truth, but just to enjoy its ability to prove and suppress. Respect for others is not inherent to the Aquarius, because they sincerely believe their God's chosen people, you better "know" how the world works and often impose this opinion to others – subordinates, parents, children, spouse, etc.

Selfishness is inherent in all zodiac signs, but it is manifested differently and has different motives. And yet astrologers recommend to guard against selfishness lions, archers, Scorpions, Rams, as per the communication with them you can get injured very badly and, worst of all, to abandon their own opinions and even personality.

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