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10 most eccentric Hollywood celebrities


We heard about the bizarre, unpredictable behaviour. Many of them are guided by the principle "you only live once", so I try to do the maximum in life, even if their behavior is going to surprise or annoy the audience.

Our celebrities are also not without sins, so often shocking journalists and fans unexpected antics. Is anybody having endless fights, others dramatically change their appearance, some open information about homosexuals, the fourth hit in the occult or a specific direction of religion and so goes on.

You have to understand that Hollywood celebrities are the most usual people with their psychological problems, oddities and "cockroaches". So never are creating idols, don't follow other people's lives and not learn from mistakes.

Below we present the TOP 10 most eccentric Hollywood stars who ignore the conventions of society and live the way they want.

10. Tom Cruise

Cute That with such an open and kind person is an official member of the Church of Scientology. After a divorce from a socialite Kidman and subsequent failed relationship with Penelope Cruz the man decided to trust the personal life of the followers of the Church and even instructed them to choose a new beloved. Then followed a relationship with Katie Holmes, during which Cruz gave the nod to members of the Church to conduct surveillance of the mate. As they say, trust but verify. Interestingly, the man appeals to the opinion of other people and gives them the right to calculate the possible compatibility and other scientific aspects regarding the choice of a life partner. But opinion imposed breaks a fate.

9. Angelina Jolie

For the beauty and talent of a crowd of fans ready to forgive Jolie a variety of misdeeds and antics. Fans of "swallowed" the shocking news that Angelina is a bisexual, have allowed their children to get tattoos, abused drugs, tried to commit suicide, was an antisocial kid with psychological complexes, were doing preventive surgery to remove the reproductive organs to reduce the risk of cancer etc. But that's not all. Angelina's ex-husband, Thornton wore special pendants-vessels, where he placed the blood of each other. Here is a "blood" relationship in marriage. But 18 years ago the actress at the ceremony "Oscar" quite fervently kissed his own brother. First with pitt baby Jolie gave birth in Namibia, wanting to hide from the grasping eyes of the paparazzi. Here's a specific personality Angelina, and she guided thousands of younger fans.

8. Tilda Swinton

Having a specific appearance, Swinton decided to make this point the center of their lives, hurt on the subject of androgyny. This can be seen on the outer faces and bows that she is on red carpets, as well as by role (Tilda quietly transforms into a man). But few fans know that the actress traded and specific performance. She was put in a glass box and a few hours of sleep before the public (venue – Museum of art in new York). And early in his career, lady Tilda, and all made a living making bets on horse races. Even Swinton enjoys photography and loves to capture the eggs, which lays its beloved chicken.

7. Nicolas Cage

The actor was concerned the highest quality of transformation in your character, which created a "neo-shamanic" way of mastering the role. Also Nicholas is famous for eccentric and outrageously expensive shopping. For example, he bought the octopus for half a million dollars, believing that a miracle tentacle will promote the actor's work. Cage also owned the castles and private houses, but it was not enough – in a cemetery in New Orleans he decided to build a kind of tomb to 3 meters in height. That's the concern about a future life after death.

6. Bill Murray

Age actor loves to travel, meet new people and cultures. And fun he brings the simple pleasures of life and human interaction. For example, he once showed up at someone else's party and volunteered to wash the dishes. But personal life Murray keeps secret and does not like the hype around his person. In his state there are no official representatives, PR and even personal assistants. But this does not mean that an actor with no contacts. On the contrary, you can simply leave a message on the answering machine. Once Murray is still obliged to hire an assistant, and that he had brought the applicant.

5. James Franco

Journalists have repeatedly noted that the actor talks about himself in the third person. Franco also do not like to sleep in a bed like most people. And in a kind of modern art, he can give odds – once invented "nothing", calling the installation "fresh air." And even managed to sell this masterpiece for 10 thousand bucks. Sometimes Franco creates a kind of paintings on the theme of sex and eroticism and constructs art installations. Once the actor has worked as a writer, he created and published a story about how you had sex with singer Lindsay Lohan. Here's a shocking and peculiar personality.

4. Tim Burton

Interestingly, the actor together with his civil wife decided to live in separate nearby homes. In their opinion, such a model allows to preserve everyone's personal space. Home of the Burton a lot, may surprise the layman – it was full of neon lighting and various attributes in the style of "Gothic". And the Christmas tree is decorated with Tim not all people in the course are very peculiar statues of dead babies and snails. By the way, when the couple had a daughter, they could not for 7 months to choose a baby name.

3. Billy Bob Thornton

The actor is obsessed with tattoos and makes new even existing. And he creates scenarios in handwritten form, using modern printing techniques. Thornton also believes in numerology, the power and meaning of numbers (considers a lucky number of seven). One day before going to cafe it 7 times around. And yet Billy is a specific phobia – he's scared of Komodo dragons (actually they represent a smaller version of dinosaurs). The actor is frightened of not only reptiles, but also antique furniture with gold, silver ware.

2. Gary Busey

The actor at the time, tried illicit drugs. And he is "famous" for that absolutely no control over it, saying out loud everything that is on your mind. In 1988 Gary busey was involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle without a helmet. He reported that he had experienced clinical death and even gets to see what he heaven. Later on the shooting of "Quigley" where his character got to heaven, Gary is visited by a strange idea – he was asked to remove decorations from the mirror surface. In his opinion, what he saw after the accident Edem does not like the decorations with mirrors.

1. Crispin Glover

The actor has a very unique hobby – collecting obsolete medical equipment in the home. One particular collection Glover – model volcanoes out of paper. The works of Crispin also ambiguous – he happily plays the role of the eccentric or shocking relieves the audience of art house films. An example of the latter, a picture of "What it is" about snails and people with the disease down. In 1987, the actor appeared on the show playing in the future role of crazy, but still decided to provoke the lead in the fight, showing extremely poor training karate.

Here are amusing and sometimes frightening Hobbies are Hollywood celebrities. Some people prefer to "go crazy" quietly, hiding her personal life from the paparazzi. And others with inspiration and excitement show strange addiction to the public.

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