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10 most stupid and ridiculous laws in the world


Law is complex and multifaceted, and the compilers of the laws you need to sweat to the interpretation of an article was the most unambiguous. Now, legislators are people too, and not devoid of a sense of humor. In proof of this cited the top ten, which included the dumb laws of the world, quite officially operating in the territory of different countries. Since the majority of the following state decrees is really absurd, we have tried to describe them with a smile and levity – that is, with the same components with which these laws were published. Let's get started!

10. Members of Parliament are forbidden to enter the House of Commons in armorUK

Hmm, where to even get these armors to apply for them in the House of Commons... Today it is really hard to implement, but 700 years ago (a law adopted in the beginning of XIV century) to think the armor was not any work at all. The law according to one version is of a purely Mercantile character. The fact that the man in armor is seen as a warrior. That is, he fights and theoretically may die in the walls of the Chamber. Another law States that every deceased in this building has the right to a funeral with state honors. Here and limited so waste from the budget. It is unknown whether this for 7 centuries strengthened the UK economy, but the law is not repealed to this day.

9. For owners of the pigs is illegal to name a pig "Napoleon"France

Right there in front of your eyes the following picture. At the local farmer Jacques Farmerama in the mud and frolicking in Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, nothing priklepyvayut Lenin, Washington and Lincoln, and on the fence with his back RUB against Caesar and Hitler. Someone here not enough, right? However, our Jacques the law is not left without a nickname the pig Napoleon for the sake of completeness. Note that in this call Napoleon the pig is not forbidden. In addition, the name of a famous military leader and Emperor you can call donkey, goat and sheep is also absolutely nothing wrong. And that's not to mention the cake (though in France, hardly anything heard about the puff treat "Napoleon"). Anyway, the law discriminare rather the pigs than protecting the honor and dignity of Bonaparte.

8. To save a drowning person is illegal, as it is an interference in the fate ofChina

Not even in Fate, that's it. In China, more than anywhere else in the world, believe that man is destined to a certain series of events with his participation, and intervene in the course of these events, you should not. This judgment is the basis of law under which a man drowning can not even count on. Apparently there is really need to understand the Chinese mentality to understand this game. Interestingly, China did not think that a man's fate may not be death in the water and rescue from the hands of the onlookers, who contemplates on the drowned man and says, what is fate? By the way, the case when in China rescued after drowning, and surprisingly the local media were proud of the brave man (it was a tourist from Russia, who did not know about the strange law).

7. To step on any coins and banknotes of the national currency is an offenceThailand

Weddings in Thailand certainly newlyweds dinna throw a trifle, and it's not really about saving money. Here the situation is approximately the same as with pink Napoleon. Step in Thailand at the local coin or crease the bill is considered a crime, since in each bill and coin has the image of the king of the country. In General, it is logical that to trample on the portrait of the head of state is the manifestation of great disrespect to his person. However, such a procedure as folding money or carry them in your back pocket and is equal to the offense. Agree, not too justified the demand of tourists in the country where it is still not clear what sex a person have fellowship until you reach the end of (sometimes illogical and undesirable).

6. The explosion of a nuclear device within the city may result in a fine in the amount of $ 500US

Where the same without America when it comes to ridiculous legislation? Generally there each state has its own legal atmosphere, but we drew attention to the stupid law in the town of Chico, CA. According to this wonderful fruit of a bad legal imagination any person who exploded a nuclear device within city limits will be fined $ 500. Immediately raises a few questions. Is the whole town called Chico, with its houses and inhabitants, the U.S. government has evaluated only 500 bucks? And Yes, who ever the hell is going to charge you this penalty if you implement the above steps of the Chico will be a maximum only to funnel?

5. Banned the import of condomsIreland

Well, international law penetrates deeper and deeper. Now we have to intimate the details there. Ireland is a Catholic country, and this religion is aggressive only applies to the control of a man for procreation. They say that sex is the place to be for playback only similar to themselves. Now let's try to combine sex a couple of times in my life and Ireland, where alcohol flows practically from everywhere. Something not very good, right? However, to achieve a terse and tacit approval of the Church on the sale of condoms to the government of the country was only in the 80-ies of the last century, and imports of rubber products is prohibited even today. As stated, the import is still there.

4. It is forbidden to sit or Park a flying saucer in the vineyards throughout the countryFrance

Well what can I say – not in the bushes! The law is the law, so that you, the citizens of Jupiter, $ 10 for a Parking space in our cozy Parking lot. In General, there is no comment. Simply smile along with the mayor of one French town, who does not want to cancel adopted half a century ago, a stupid law. The mayor calls the decree a certain piquancy – like, and fun and fair and no one cheated. In the end, in strict compliance with this law, the French do not refuse. Hardly ever the police will take the plot in an interesting catch, so let this fun the law is there and on.

3. Male doctors allowed to examine women, and women are forbidden to have become a doctorin Saudi Arabia

Wow, what a twist! And then who examines and treats women in Saudi Arabia? Quietly, actually not all so is categorical, and theoretically a woman can be a nurse or doctor. Here you need to consider the fact that Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of sex segregation, and almost the entire life of any woman here is entirely dependent on a male guardian, which can be father, husband or brother. Therefore, the choice of profession for girls is also the prerogative of men. Given this fact, and the fact that women's work in Saudi Arabia is not welcome initially, women doctors did not find the afternoon with fire.

2. All signs must be written in French???

We did not immediately disclose the city and country of origin of this law. What do you think, where is distributed the decree? Paris? Nice? Toulouse? Marseille? Here and there. Well, at least something to do with France, I believe you. And in vain, because the unusual law applies in Quebec city, in Canada. And again here is a twist! Indeed, in this canadian city, the entrepreneur must deliver the inscription on the sign in the first place in the French language, and then duplicate it in English, and with the proviso that the text on the "inglish" is in 2 times less basic words. Dear visitors, please excuse us for our French!

1. Pillow officially refers to the so-called “passive” weapons ofGermany

Well, for the last legal comics go to Germany, where ordinary pillow can take you not only into the world of dreams, but in the police station. The fact that this bedding set is regarded here as a "passive" weapon. In General, for anybody not a secret, how to use pillow with evil intent, but, for example, in the kitchen, there is a much more serious military Arsenal. Anyway, remember that venturing out in Berlin pillow fights or just good whack to the German accessory for sleep is a bad idea. They do not understand where all these delights. Well, then, good night, dear Frau and Herr!

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