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10 “hottest” girls of James bond


The first film adaptation of the cult stories about the British spy James bond on the books of author Ian Fleming was the episode in the TV series "Climax", which was released back in 1954. The first feature-length film was filmed in 1962. The first James bond was Scottish actor Sean Connery. Millions of women after the pictures on the screens dreamed about the agent. And millions of men wanted to be like him. But besides James bond himself in the film no small role was played by his companion. Every film agent helped another gorgeous woman. All the Actresses who played bond girls, immediately became a sex symbol. And the title of "bond girl" became a household word.

Even Elizabeth II becoming a bond girl. In 2012, during the opening of the Olympic games in London Daniel Craig (current James bond) starred with the Queen in a small promotional video, where they jump with a parachute.

10. Claudine auger"Thunderball" 1965

In 1965, on large screens out the fourth film in the series of James bond "Thunderball". James bond played by Sean Connery. A sexy girl in agent – French a slender dark-haired Claudine auger. Producer Kevin Maclary saw the girl during a vacation in the Bahamas and immediately understood is what is needed for the fourth bond. Auger played Domino Durval. The role was specially rewritten for her. Claudine auger – the epitome of French sexiness and charm.

9. Barbara Bach"the Spy who loved me" 1977

For the filming of the tenth bond was invited to American model and actress Barbara Bach. The girl played spy Ani Amasova. However, after starring in the film career of Barbara went into decline. But personal life began to improve. Bach married Ringo Starr. Sensual lips, penetrating eyes and perfect figure – Barbra had everything to become a sex symbol of the 70s. However, it is to participate in the Bond was one of the hottest models and Actresses of Hollywood. After the ribbon is the title only strengthened during the tenth bond girl.

8. Ursula Andress"Dr. no" 1962

Many fans of James Bond will still think that the Swiss model and actress Ursula Andress was the sexiest and hot bond girl. After the film about the agent 007 Ursula woke up famous. Participation in the film made her a sex symbol of the early 60-ies of the last century. But unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, important roles after bond's Ursula Andress. She remained an actress of one role. Ursula Andress became the first female spy and played the role of Samantha Ryder. For the role of Swiss received a very small honorarium is $10,000.

7. Honor Blackman"Goldfinger"1964

For the British actress honor Blackman role in the James Bond films became a springboard to an acting career. In addition, it was the age of the woman who played the role of a companion bond. At the time of shooting tape Blackman was 38 years old. She was older than bond, played by Sean Connery. Wide acclaim in England, honor received through participation in the TV series "the Avengers". But for American audiences it was a revelation. After participating in the spy Thriller, honor Blackman woke up a sex symbol.

6. Daniela Bianchi"From Russia with love" 1963

Daniela Bianchi was a second co-worker bond. Italian actress and Vice-miss universe 1960, Bianchi became an actress one role, playing only in the Bond, as Ursula Andress. Beauty contest Miss universe Daniela received the title of "Miss photo". Despite the fact that after the release of "From Russia with love" many of the Directors had a girl in their movies, but no one not was a landmark in the career of the actress. But after the James Bond Daniela woke up a sex symbol. The Italian played the role of an employee of the Union in the Turkish Consulate.

5. Halle berry"Die another day" 2002

The second James bond was a British actor pierce Brosnan. Shooting Brosnan in this part were the last as spy James bond. He was replaced by Daniel Craig. For the first time in the history of filming woman British agent became dark-skinned actress. This title was awarded to Halle berry. At the time of participation in the filming process, Halle berry was already successful and had the "Oscar". The actress had a large number of successful roles. Halle berry played the role of Jacinta "jinx" Jordan, NSA agent. James bond and jinx met during the operation in Cuba.

4. Sophie Marceau"the world is not enough" 1999

In the nineteenth of the series there are just two sexy Actresses. American Denise Richards the actress and French-born Sophie Marceau. At the time of participation in bond Morse and Richards was already famous around the world and had an impressive list of roles. But, according to the law of the "hot" girl has become Marceau. After all French women know how to charm men. Sophie Marceau played ELEKTRA king. King pretending to be in love with the British spy. But actually continues to work for the main antagonist of the picture. Unlike the character Denise Richards Christmas Jones, that has always been true to the bond.

3. Eva green"Casino Royale" 2006

In 2006, the role of the legendary British agent played by Daniel Craig. His partner on the tape was the French actress Eva green. The first time she was offered the role of bond girl the year before, but she refused. Then Martin Campbell again offered the actress the part in the picture. And she agreed a second time. Green played one of the most extraordinary characters in James Bond films. Eva green got the role of Vesper Lynd. Vesper was the only love of 007. And bond grieved at the death of the woman he loved. These experiences can be seen in the next part of James Bond.

2. Caroline Munroof"the Spy who loved me" 1977

Actress and model of British descent Caroline Munro played the role of a pilot named Naomi in the tenth series. The main role was played by Barbara Bach. But the part in the tape was the second work of the actress on the bond. Early in his career, Carolyn has starred in a parody of the James bond films, performing a cameo role in the series "Casino Royale". Charming British woman with curvaceous Munro would dwarf companion of Barbara Bach if she had more screen time. But even this has not prevented the actress to win the title of sex symbol and one of the "hot" women of a British spy.

1. Olga Kurylenko "quantum of solace" 2008

In 2008 he published twenty-second series of James Bond. For the first time partner of the legendary agent was played by the actress of Ukrainian origin Olga Kurilenko. But not only because of his origin the audience remember the 22nd bond girl. In the entire history of the filming process, James bond couldn't seduce only character Kurylenko Camille. Kurylenko played the role of a companion bond, to help him avenge the death of his beloved Vesper Lynd. Maybe that's why James bond was not able to seduce Camilla? To participate in the film, the actress was approached with the utmost seriousness. A month before filming, she was intensively trained. Through participation in the Bond acting career of Olga Kurylenko is on the rise. She began to invite many Hollywood filmmakers in their projects.

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