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10 of the loudest divorces of Soviet and Russian celebrities


It is no secret that in Soviet times, divorce was perceived by society as a local disaster, and to prevent it, the government applied all possible measures. Perhaps because of this marriage broke up much less than it is now. However, sometimes divorce still occurred: people who recently swore each other eternal love and fidelity, after some time did everything possible to forever cease communication with your spouse. And if in the usual and ordinary Soviet family strife of husband and wife has become a subject of debate for neighbors and friends, the separation of famous couples discussed the whole country.

We present you top 10 most high-profile divorce of the Soviet and Russian stars.

10. Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov

A couple of them rightly called the most beautiful in cinema. Blue-eyed beauty Constance of d'artagnan and the three Musketeers and the romantic hero of the Ordinary miracle seemed born for each other. And Soviet audiences, and friends of the couple, their Union seemed perfect, so the news of their imminent divorce has shaken both. Having lived together for 17 years, celebrity marriage broke up, the reason for this was many Hobbies Abdulov on the side and the incompatibility of the spouses.

For both artists the divorce was a real challenge, however, neither Irina nor Alexander did not wash dirty linen in public, accusing the former half of all mortal sins.

9. Vera Glagoleva and Rodion Nahapetov

Meeting with Rodion by Nahapetavan for young athletes by Vera Glagoleva, became crucial. Thanks to him, she left the archery and began to act in films, and very successfully. Soon, the creative Union evolved into a large and strong feeling that young people have decided to consummate the marriage obligations.

Nahapetov Glagoleva filmed in all of his movies, and when she was in another of his paintings, in their family life crisis came. In search of creative fulfillment, Nahapetov went to the States, and Faith stayed at home and began to try yourself in the role of Director, what has been successful. Very soon, it became known that nahapetova in the United States, a new love.

After parting ways the couple has maintained a normal relationship and regularly communicate for the sake of peace shared daughters.

8. Valeriy Zolotukhin and Nina Shatskaya

The reason for the breakup artists became constant adultery. Nina tried not to notice and live with her husband for the sake of the young son, but after 14 years of marriage, her patience snapped and she filed for divorce.

Later Shatskaya married the film and theater actor Leonid Filatov.

7. Nonna Mordjukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov

Mega-star of the Soviet screen has lived legally married for over 10 years, and later both spoke of these years as a solid test. Friends actors shared the opinion that the cause of the separation of the pair was the absolute difference in the characters: a soft intelligent Tikhonov was difficult to get along with strong and temperamental Mordyukova, and she, in turn, lacked focus, and the help of my husband.

After the divorce, with star 17 moments of spring Nonna Viktorovna has experienced several vivid novels while shortly before his death, she mentioned in one of his interviews that he regretted divorcing Tikhonov.

6. Andrei Mironov and Ekaterina Gradova

It was a very beautiful couple and it seemed they had all the chances to build a strong Soviet family. However, a bone of contention for the spouses was the sudden popularity of Hail, which came after the participation in the film 17 moments of spring. Andrew wanted to see the wife a helpmate to him and a housewife who sacrifice his career and will be waiting with the tour with a warm dinner. However, this scenario did not suit the ambitious actress. The news that the husband had another woman Gradov approved the decision to part with Mironov. She was unable to forgive a cheating spouse, although many years later, admitted in an interview that it was your fault that their marriage fell apart.

5. Oleg Tabakov and Lyudmila Krylova

This couple was considered one of the strongest, which is quite rare in a creative environment. How to tell the actors themselves: it was love at first sight. The first years of family life Oleg and Ludmila were very happy. Together they coped with the lack of money, diseases of children, household disorder. Their marriage lasted 35 years.

The reason for their breakup was Roman Tabakov with his student Marina Suginoi, which was younger than the actor almost 30 years. Oleg Pavlovich about 10 years had to be torn between family and secret passion, and when his children came of age, he decided to confess everything to his wife. The divorce was very difficult, the former spouses did not communicate until the death of the apostles.

4. Andrei Konchalovsky and Natalya Arinbasarova

He, despite his ordinary appearance, always popular with the opposite sex. Natalia Arinbasarova he conquered sparkling humor, erudition and talent. The lovers did not delay the registration of the relationship, but the passion of Andrei Konchalovsky to the most beautiful wife went off, so he began to deprive their attention and Natalya, and son, Yegor. Deciding not to tolerate the indifference of a spouse, Arinbasarova after 4 years of marriage left her husband.

Despite past wrongs, the former couple has maintained a friendly relationship and communicate to this day.

3. Iosif Kobzon, Lyudmila Gurchenko

This marriage lasted very long. The two brightest individuals it was difficult to get along together. A series of conflicts led to the fact that after a breakup, the artists did not speak, and called his marriage a big mistake.

2. Natalya Andreichenko and Maksim Dunayevsky

From the first chords Natalia fell in love with the songs of Dunayevsky, and then in their Creator. But in the process of family life two Bohemian personalities it was difficult to be faithful to each other. Mutual infidelity put an end to family life.

1. Lolita and Alexander Tsekalo

At first glance, the Lolita and cekalo inspired each other deep antipathy. However, a little later, the resentment turned into passionate love. Their duet was probably the brightest creative Union of Russian pop music of the nineties. While the family life of artists was hardly a role model. Conflicts, mutual infidelity led to the collapse of not only marriage, but also a famous Cabaret Duo the Academy.

Their divorce was painful for both. But now Alexander and Lolita are in formal marriages, and according to them, the family life they have formed quite well.

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