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10 the biggest scandals of the Olympic games


The Olympics is one of the most popular and biggest sporting events on the planet. Not surprisingly, scandals, terrorist attacks and various precedents are an inherent part of this event. And it's not always about numbers, because in reality the places are carefully protected by the specialized agencies and troops, as often arrive senior's personality and policies. Just do not forget that the scandals – it's even black, but still very powerful PR designed to advertise and perpetuate in history a particular event.

The most frequent precedents of the Olympic games associated with doping disqualifications, age, gender, or national restrictions, issues of money and corruption. And sometimes during large-scale projects are planned militant attacks and the assassination of important persons.

In today's collection, we have 10 of the most interesting and high-profile cases that took place at the Olympics for a long history.

10. Basketball championship

The story begins in the distant 1972, when the summer games were held a basketball championship. The United States at that time opposed to the Soviet Union in the struggle for "gold". In just a few seconds to complete the game the Americans led by 3 points. Tricky trainers of the Soviet team in the final seconds, took a timeout, but after a strange break, the players still did not manage to score. Of course, the Americans decided that victory on their side. But it turned out that the clock was not set correctly, so the match was continued, and there is already a Soviet basketball players pull their socks up and won by a margin of one point. The disappointment of the Americans was so great that they even refused the silver and called the results rigged game.

9. Black September

During the same summer Olympics athletes from Israel captured terrorists from the Palestinian group with the mysterious code "black September". In the ill-fated day he killed eleven people, including coaches, athletes and even a local police officer. The Israeli Prime Minister ordered the Committee for the defense carefully study the case, find and punish the perpetrators. According to the rumors, some of the terrorists still on the loose.

8. Underage gymnasts

At the summer Olympics in 2000, a remarkable young gymnast from China won the well-deserved bronze. The girl after the fact in 10 years was deprived of the medals, as it turned out, that at the time of the competition she was only 14 years old when permitted for admission 16. Interestingly, evidence of age for China were often. Therefore, at the 2008 Olympics, young Chinese gymnasts from the children's appearance has raised doubts among the Committee and was allowed to participate only after the presentation of documents confirming the existence of 16 years.

7. Athletes with superhuman strength

Among the fans and management was common rumor that during the cold war, the Germans were going to create a race of super athletes, which was raised by athletes on the doping and steroids. The theory received confirmation when they considered the case of gold medalist kreger. Subsequently, the girl admitted that on the background doping she developed depression, it was noted mood swings and other negative effects. This led to the fact that in the nineties a young girl resembled a strong man, with the result that she even had a sex change. After the treatment the newly-made man took the name Andreas. He continues to blame the leadership of the GDR in the realization of their dangerous experiments.

6. Fake tickets

A British magazine published the news that the Olympic Committee was allowed to put a surcharge on tickets by up to 20%. This is enough for the organizers to raise funds for current expenses of the Olympics. The restriction does not prevent fraudulent, speculative business to flourish – there's a black market of tickets. According to the news, the government of Serbia has put on sale more than a thousand counterfeit tickets with the promise that the purchase will also make the necessary passports. The Committee undertook to investigate this event.

5. Cheating scoreboard

"Unsportsmanlike conduct" received a new color in 1976, thanks to the swordsman from the Soviet Union Bore the Onishchenko. The guy fixed the sword in a special device, which had forced the bulb in the judgment unit (records hit) to flash each time the "inventor" itch. It was enough just to press a secret button on the connected device. A clever device I failed my Creator, when reacted at the point outright miss on purpose. That year was disqualified not only Boris, but also to the other members of the USSR team. According to the decision of the Soviet Committee Onishchenko has denied the previously received honors and medals, was disqualified for life. The former athlete after the precedent of retired and did not communicate with journalists.

4. Explosion in 1996 (a version of a political order)

In the middle of summer at the Atlanta Olympics there was an explosion, which injured 111 people and two were killed. As the investigation identified two versions, but in the end, accused the American Rudolph, who had previously been seen in such attacks (blew up a medical facility and a bar for homosexuals). The man went into hiding but was found and arrested 5 years later. Now Eric Rudolph is in prison where he is serving a life sentence with no chance of Amnesty or pardon. According to rumors, the man himself invented to organize the explosion, and he received an order from politicians.

3. Corruption scandal

Corruption at the Olympics – favorite moments for the savoring audience. One of the most famous cases recorded in 2002 at the winter Olympics. Then Committee members accused of bribery – say, got a kickback from the owners of the team to salt lake city just before the draw for the venues of the Olympics. During the scandal, 10 people were punished, but 10 more were fired. Allegations of corruption and fraud against Johnson and Welch, representatives of the Committee from salt lake city. The latter was later acquitted, and games held in this town.

2. Epilepsy from animated logo

Six years ago at the summer games happened new memorable event. The network posted an animated version of the logo of the event, and then a few hours recorded twelve epileptic seizures. The Committee was forced to remove animated logo from the official website. The charges were eventually presented not to the developers of logo, and would-be animators.

1. Fraud judges

Judicial twists and turns also not uncommon for the Olympics. For example, in 2002, a pair of figure skaters from Russia fell during a performance, but still beat the Canadians and received a gold medal for the short program. The victory of the athletes contested, as judges ratings had to punish for the fall. But the panel denied the existence of violations, after which she was accused of conspiracy, and the gold was awarded to the Canadians. After the scandal, the system of evaluation of the discipline "figure skating" Olympic performances reviewed.

Here are the sad, funny or serious incidents were registered during global sporting events, but this list is far from complete. Turns out not many athletes believe sincerely that the victory at the Olympics in his life, for what are ready to plow and sacrificing leisure.

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