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10 most high-profile trials of the stars


Famous people are forced to live under the gun cameras of the paparazzi. The slightest change in appearance, quarrels with the other half or other stars, the birth of children exposed to the public. But this does not mean that celebrities behave perfectly and are an example for many. On the contrary, they live the way they want and not care what other people think. At least some of them. Someone caught driving under the influence, someone not averse to indulge in drugs, and that's not all offences committed by them. There are stars that are famous throughout the world with more serious matters. Especially for you, top 10 most high-profile trials of the stars.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay began her career quite early, already in three years she became a model, a little later invited her to appear in commercials and even in movies. Fame turned the girl's head, and at some point she was addicted to drugs. Since then, the star's name appeared often in the scandalous Chronicles. In 2007, Lindsay was given a suspended sentence. For three years she was convicted of driving under the influence and cocaine possession. In 2011, the actress was accused of stealing the necklace. In 2012, Lohan was in an accident, she knocked down a pedestrian, but instead to help the injured man, she fled the scene. Over 32 years she made a lot of crimes. However, she managed to avoid imprisonment. Currently, Lindsay has finally come to his senses and behaves well.

9. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson's career developed rapidly. When he was 20 years old, he became the world champion in the heavyweight division. No other person has reached such heights in this age. Mike's childhood was not trouble-free, and this influenced his further life. Mike Tyson often had problems with the law. The first term he received for the rape, then he sat in jail for three years. It happened in 1992. And in 1997 Mike went to jail. This time he attacked people after the accident. He was sentenced to 9 months. The last thing, "iron Mike" was an easy offence to the previous two. He was arrested drunk behind the wheel of a car, in the car they found the cocaine. He had been in prison for only a day.

8. Snoop Dogg

Famous American rapper during his studies at the Polytechnic College has contacted the bad company. Almost immediately he was convicted for possession and sale of drugs. It would seem that the rapper was to be spared any desire to deal with illegal substances in the future. But no, many of the songs Snoop Dogg is about criminal life, his creative works in the form of gangsta rap. Not so long ago was again caught with drugs, now Snoop is hardly engaged in their sale, but how to live without them, he apparently is not. Not all crimes of the rapper have a relationship to drugs. So in 2006, he was arrested for cheeky behavior. Then Snoop and his pals were not allowed in the VIP hall of the airport, they were very noisy and disturbing others. In response, the offended company ransacked. But the next day the troublemakers were released.

7. Chris Brown

Chris brown accused in the brutal beating of his girlfriend Rihanna. The girl doesn't like to remember this case, went to her very much. Then Chris was sentenced to probation. He got 5 years and obliged to work 1400 hours. Recently, he again brought the case. This time a certain young lady sued the friends of Chris for rape, but he was also involved in this case. The girl talked about the fact that Chris had invited her to his home after the concert. His apartment was something unimaginable: alcohol, drugs, men with guns. Girl raped friends of brown, and he helped them in this, he lured the victim into a room and did nothing when she screamed for help. The lawyer of the victim warned Chris about the seriousness of the case, it also requires compensation of $ 17 million in favour of the victim.

6. Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly is a famous American singer, the audience know him as R. Kelly. He was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment against underage girls. Was filed a lot of lawsuits, but conclusive evidence of guilt Robert was not. So the singer often went unscathed. He seduced a 14-year-old young singer aliyah. He later had an affair with a 15-year-old girl lived at home and never released. At first the girl was arranged a similar relationship, but when Kelly began systematically to beat her, she escaped and filed for him in court. Robert said a girl with all he had sex, pre-watered alcohol. Often the events he filmed. But as soon as the girls received the compensation, the case was closed by agreement of the parties.

5. Vitas

In 2013, Vitas was involved in an accident. This high-profile case often reported in the press, but the testimony of the witnesses absolutely do not agree with the statements of the press service of Vitas. Then he knocked the girl on the bike. Instead of trying to help the injured singer started to threaten her with a gun. Later it turned out that it was a dummy. When we arrived the traffic police, the man was locked in the car. From the medical examination he refused. Vitas is not the first time detained for driving a car while intoxicated, but before at least there were no casualties.

4. Michael Jackson

The trial of singer lasted more than 2 years. He was charged with statutory rape of a teenager who was his neighbour. Michael often invited him to his guests, were served alcohol. According to witnesses, he was committed against boy's sexual acts. It was not the only case. The singer attributed the seven abuse of minors. He acted for the scheme. After the death of Michael Jackson was sued another victim. He says that lived for a long time with the singer, went on tour with him and was regularly subjected to sexual violence.

3. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton with 13 years began to attend secular parties. The girl was all about what can only dream of. The name of the rich heiress and then glimpsed in the scandalous chronicle. Paris Hilton didn't already know how to entertain themselves and discovered the drugs. Her new Hobbies became marijuana and alcohol. Soon the girl was detained by police. She was driving a car while intoxicated. Besides in the car they found drugs. Paris was sentenced to 45 days.

2. Jane Fonda

The life of the famous social activist, actress and model Jane Fonda was bright enough. She admitted that he was addicted to drugs, group sex. Her behavior is a decent call can not be sure. Surprisingly, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle that has developed its own direction of aerobics, in 1970, was arrested for drug trafficking. This incident had no consequences, career Funds were not injured.

1. Phil Rudd

Phil is on the list of the best drummers on the magazine Classic Rock. Was part of the band AC/DC. But the famous drummer was famous not only for their musical abilities. In 2014 in New Zealand, he was accused of the murder. Under the version of law enforcement, Phil hired two men to kill. The next day the charges were dropped, but while the police conducted a search in his house, they found many interesting things. After Phil Rudd was accused of drug possession and death threats.

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