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10 most polluted cities in Europe to 2018


Europe is a model of meticulous, clean, beautiful and well-kept streets, the clear blue sky and the azure beaches. Avid tourists visit every year one or another European country with beautiful architecture. However, in the EU there is a lot of cities, the problems which annually cause an outflow of tourists. Anyone in travel do not want to deal with the discomfort, dirt, poor air, poor water quality, debris and other attributes of dirty cities. To avoid the broken impressions, are advised not to visit some European cities, which this year was recognized as the worst in terms of ecology and comfort.

10. Kiev, Ukraine

Recently, the situation with the environment and cleanliness on the streets of the Ukrainian capital is getting worse. In winter tourists say dirty snow gray on the main roads of the city that nobody is in a hurry to clean up. Frozen icicles can fall on the head of everyone, but they shoot them down from the roof with great reluctance. And all year round in a row, the Europeans note the piles of debris on the streets of Kiev, who persistently ignored and not taken out on time. This summer in the city for several days was recorded the strongest air pollution by formaldehyde.

9. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The main problem of Plovdiv is the center of the city's many industrial companies that heavily pollute the air. Exactly 10 years ago the city was the worst in Europe for air quality. Then it took a number of measures to address this problem, and the situation improved a little, but now everything is repeated. And because Plovdiv is an important economic factor in Bulgaria, it is almost impossible to completely eradicate the problem of environmental pollution by harmful industrial waste.

8. Krakow, Poland

Krakow one of the largest cities of Poland, is the real University capital of the country. Charm from the beautiful city with charming architecture only darkens very polluted air and poor water quality. But we must pay tribute to the authorities, they are well aware of the environmental problems and try to do everything to rectify the situation. Recently, Krakow has purchased a large number of buses running on electricity and not on fuel, has increased the number of trams and did a long tram line. Also, the city implemented a transition program for water and Central heating instead of traditional coal.

7. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The harsh winter air pollution in clean Sarajevo becomes very high. The fact that almost all houses are heated solely by coal or wood. Environmentalists say that if this continues further, eventually the air pollution will lead to health problems among citizens. Eye-catching in a large number of harmful substances can through the lungs into the bloodstream. This problem is inherent in many cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

6. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest a city of incredible contrasts. Gothic building with insanely beautiful architectural solutions coexist with the ruins and abandoned houses, staring at tourists with its black broken Windows. But that's not the saddest thing is that you can meet in the Romanian capital. The fact that everywhere, even in the heart of the city, you can find piles of garbage. People throw cigarette butts right at his feet, not bothering to inform to the nearest bins. Empty plastic bottles mixed with used paper and vegetable peelings can go straight from the Windows of houses on the asphalt. Every year it pushes people away from visiting this amazing city with a dark fantasy atmosphere.

5. Turin, Italy

The dirtiest city in Italy is, of course, Turin. The amount of fine dust particles PM10 exceeds norm here several thousand times. And people are forced to breathe this dust every day. The concentration of dirty streets centered around one of the Central metro stations called Rebaudengo. You need to move away from the polished main streets and you'll come to the dusty grey blocks, where hammered jam urns you can even find rats lacomedia waste that is not cleaned on time.

4. Tirana, Albania

Albania one of the poorest countries in Europe. The devastation and lack of money are already being felt at entry into the country, when they see very bad dilapidated roads. In the capital Tirana always very hot and quite dirty. Dust, huge amount of gases and debris everywhere spoil the impression of the city, which is in good condition could be very cosy and nice. But you have to give credit to the Albanians, they are very careful to all stray animals stray dogs and cats microchipped and look well-groomed.

3. Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje is really a cultural phenomenon. After walking around the city, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful food, the incredible beauty of hotels, memorials and monuments, and colorful market. And it would have been nice, but against this background, any tourist will notice a huge amount of dirt and debris. Various graffiti, overflowing bins and dirty house the most common thing for Skopje. To meet the trash can at every step, and it does not add to the city's appeal, and raises many questions have meticulous travelers.

2. Naples, Italy

Many avid travelers already know that even the residents of Naples jokingly called it the "city of dirt". Despite the fact that the city centre is fairly attractive place for travelers, the authorities are working to clear the main road from the mountains of debris. So walk around the neighborhood can be spoiled by the seemingly endless bottles, wrappers and other dirt. In addition, the people themselves suffer from dust and exhaust fumes, but none of the environmental problems not yet completely solved.

1. Tetovo, Macedonia

Here is an unusual city. Tetovo looks nice, however, any striking sights in the city. However, there is a sad statistics, significantly highlighting Tetovo from a number of other European cities, this city breaks all records in Europe according to the degree of air pollution. Purification, which is conducted periodically by the authorities, no results dust particles so tiny that they easily pass through all installed barriers. In this lies their danger to human health, therefore it is necessary this year to abandon the visit to Tetovo.

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