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10 of the dirtiest items in the house


Many people are not even aware that the items that you often use them during the day, are dangerous to health. On such things, collects a lot of bacteria that become the cause of various diseases. Look at the 10 dirtiest items in the house that people often forget during the harvest, as well as useful suggestions for cleaning them up.

10. Keyboard

Pollution, sweat, dust particles, crumbs provide a wonderful environment for the development of bacteria on computer mice and keyboards. To avoid this problem, it is necessary not to forget to wash hands after returning from the street and also stop eating in front of the computer. You should also regularly clean the keyboard. If you work at a computer all day, cleaning should be arranged as often as possible. Often to clean the keyboard it is necessary in cases when all family members use one computer.

9. Keys

Bacteria on the keys are usually as much as the lift call buttons. People usually do not wash such items, but they are not very clean the pockets, often fall on the street and in the hallways. Coming back from the street, wipe the keys with antibacterial wipes. So bacteria is not spread around the living room, it is better to store such items in a special housekeeper. Do not give keys to children to convince them to play: kids almost always pull these things in my mouth.

8. Toothbrush

People brush their teeth daily to remove food debris and plaque, but they almost never pay attention to regular care toothbrushes. As a result, this subject quickly there is a large number of bacteria. Every few months brush for cleaning the teeth need to be replaced. It should be kept in a vertical position.

Toothbrushes recommended as often as possible to decontaminate: to do this, many use the alcohol mouthwash. Just lower the subject in the disinfectant and wait half a minute. Instead of conditioner you can use regular boiling water, but in this case, the toothbrush will need to keep it longer: about two minutes.

7. Carpets

The surface of the carpets are plush, and bacteria is very convenient for them to accumulate. The products are also particles of dead skin. To clean carpets very conveniently with the help of vacuum cleaners. To get rid of dust, dirt, you can use a mixture of water and ammonia. Dampen a medium brush and thoroughly clean the surface of the carpet. Then you will need to carefully ventilate the room and wait for drying.

To clean carpets using ordinary baking soda. It is used as a solution or in dry form. This remedy not only cleanse the surface but also updates the color of the product.

6. Mobile phones

During the day this device is in various dirty places: on tables, in pockets, and so on. On mobile phones a lot of bacteria. They should be decontaminated at least once per 7 days: to do this, you can use antibacterial hand sanitizer and a piece of microfibre fabric. The device is less polluted, you can apply a special case. Select for your special place in the backpack or bag.

5. Blind for the bathroom

Moist environment is very well suited for active reproduction of microbes. On the curtains for bathrooms is often mold. However, most often, the hostess forget about these products or think that the soap that gets on them, enough for a good cleaning. It is not so: such curtains should be washed monthly. Vinyl curtains can be washed in the washing machine (without drying and pressing at a temperature of 40 degrees). The polyester products are cleaned with sponges.

4. Entrance hall

This room is very dirty, because a large number of bacteria from the street in the first place is here. It is also worth noting that Pets are very fond of the hallways and spread the dirt out throughout the apartment: the carpets, furniture and so on.

To minimize the amount of dirt in the hallway, you need to use a special Mat. The man entered from the street should be first to stand on it and take off my shoes, and after that it will be possible to go further. Weekly wash with hot water and special cleaning products. Floors in hallway should be cleaned every day: you can use any disinfectant.

3. The drain hole in the sink

The drainage holes are very dirty quickly. Housewives usually notice it only when there is an unpleasant odor or clog the drain. However, to clean the drain as often as necessary. This can be used, for example, a mixture of a teaspoon of baking soda and half a Cup of hot water. Pour it in the drain hole, wait about half an hour and rinse it with hot water (the jet should be quite powerful).

2. The purse and money

Money always accumulates a large amount of bacteria (especially in the old bills, which are often used and passed through many hands). People exchange germs when paying in stores. To avoid Contracting any disease, wash your hands after all contact with money or wipe the skin with a special sanitizer. Do not put the money on the bed, on the table: scroll to the purse is a special place and wipe it regularly with disinfectant wipes.

1. Dishwasher and washing machine

Few people know that such devices that help to keep the house clean themselves very dirty quickly. Strainer, seals, door, camera, cars need every day to wipe dry, otherwise these elements can appear in the mold. From time to time wash the space between the strips, the lower part of the door device. After use open the machine and wait for some time so it had time to dry completely.

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