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10 most interesting facts about cats


Love cats? If your answer is "Yes", then join. If you are shaking your head,... come on, who you trying to fool, everyone loves cats. Well. We know that these fluffy animals are sweet and gentle Pets who love their owners and food. What is known? We offer to your attention the ten most interesting facts about cats. Some of them are known to the owners of furry animals, some will be a real discovery, and a few more – it's just an interesting observation. Meow meow, shall we?

10. Cats after going to the toilet buried right claw, and cats — left

The fact that cats are the embodiment of cleanliness, will not surprise anyone. But the manner of manifestation of the cleanliness of the cat is different. It is unclear under what circumstances it was found, but the fact remains – Masha and cats prefer to bury excrement right foot, while the film brought and Vaska for such cases use of the left limb. This observation works on 99.9% and is a sure way to determine the cat is in front of you. So, if you want to know the gender of furry inhabitant of the yard, it is not necessary to grab the animals and conduct research in the area of the tail.

9. The surface of the nose cat is as unique as fingerprints in humans

Imagine each of our fingerprints is unique and different from all the other 7 billion. Surprisingly, with cats the situation is identical. Only here we are not talking about the claws or paw pads and the nose. Yes, Roger, not paws and tail – your documents, and nose! After all, he's the only one. If there was a cat in the police Department, the fingerprints of noses there would be in the course. After all, theoretically, in the presence of the image of the nasal relief you can calculate any furry thief. Stole, drank Valerian – in jail. Interesting, isn't it? By the way, the same applies to a dog's organs of smell.

8. Love cats more than dogs

If part of the uniqueness of the nasal surface of cats and dogs are equal in respect of human love on the palm of seals. And, something tells us, with a big advantage. If we compare the number of home Mukhtarov homemade Murzik, the difference is obvious. The reason is very corny – dogs require far more attention and care than cats (the key word here is "walk"). However, such arguments as "mimimi" and "seals-nyashki" also looks quite powerful... Especially when their own results in the child waiting for fluffy puppies on his birthday.

7. The cat can jump to a height 5 times greater than its own growth

I think cats are mewing woolen bags who have nothing to put against the human abilities? And as such you will be able to jump to the third floor? The fact that the cats have very strong hind legs, which tailed can instantly be at the correct height. And not so important, on a graceful cat talking or pot-bellied, lazy cat. All owners of fluffy jumpers are aware of this fact. See for themselves you can help a simple toy laser – believe me, the jump will be provided, even if this cat was not found.

6. With meowing cats never communicate with each other

If you have two cats, you definitely have noticed that when communicating with each other, they almost do not meow. This is not surprising, because cats have a rich Arsenal of other means of expression of feelings and emotions understandable for the relatives. Very much for these animals mean smells. However, the cat's mouth open often. Hissing, growling, screeching, clatter, chirping and purring – this is not a complete list of sounds which cats are perfectly understand each other. Perhaps the only exception here is meow mom in search of newborn kittens.

5. Cats have about 12 whiskers on each side

Remember children's drawings and cartoons, where traditionally when the cat image is used three whiskers on both sides? Perhaps there are people who still so believe. In fact, every cat has at least 20 plus moustache separated in half on each side. This is a mandatory attribute needed by the cat to determine the direction of air flow. For what? For example, the implementation of the right of the jump that will not lead to injury. Grouping is very important, because cats, as we remember, jump very high. Cat whiskers are extremely sensitive, so not worth the extra time to touch them, so as not to make the pet uncomfortable.

4. Cats can turn their ears 180 degrees

And here's another cat ability that is inconceivable to humans. And if someone tries to achieve a little wiggle ears, for cats it's completely normal. Because each auditory organ of these animals has thirty muscles, by which so deftly wielded the cat ears. Should we now be surprised angle equal to the horizon? Tailed actively use the hearing to obtain information and guidance. All saw listen closely cats? They can instantly prick up the ears, especially when it comes to danger.

3. Cats hide their claws, when relaxed

About it know all cat owners. Indeed, animals able to control their claws. Each owner is familiar pleasant minute, at night when he lies down to sleep, and next added a favorite pet. So, in this period, the cats completely relax, and their claws are hiding behind soft pads. Exactly the same occurs when the cat wants to gently touch their owner or to a small child – though in these cases the process of removing the claws cease to be natural, as in the minutes of joy and sleep.

2. Kittens also fall out baby teeth like humans

And now to your attention a phenomenon that is very uniting people and cats. It comes to teeth, and the parallel is, you can not only hold their numbers (in adult cats 30 teeth, only 2 less than man). Kittens, just like children, are born toothless and only after some time, the fluffy ball in a certain order begin to erupt teeth. Once the set of milk teeth is completed, it's time for their shifts on constants. During this period kittens can be rambunctious. Veterinarians suggest to buy small animal toys that can be chew – it will help the kitty to cope with the change of teeth.

1. Cats have a very short memory

If you think you suffer from forgetfulness, then any cat will only envy your phenomenal according to her memory. After a period of cat's memory is very small. To be precise, it is a kind of threshold is measured to two weeks. That is, cats are not seen within 14 days, I never remember that once were inseparable. The same applies to newly minted furry mom, for 2 weeks they cease to recognize their babies. Visual contact with the kittens is very important, so the first time it is advisable not to take infants to have a cat for a long time.

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