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10 most interesting facts about America and Americans


United States of America – perhaps the most discussed country in the world. With America tied up a whole bunch of different stereotypes, everyone has their own idea about this country, often somewhat distorted. As they say, better to see once. In today's article we offer you ten interesting facts about America collected only from trusted sources. Here you are sure to catch something interesting, learn something new and maybe fairly surprised by something. Start!

10. More than 65% of the population suffers from excess weight

At first glance this figure may seem high, but statistics is relentless. In fairness, this includes people with minimal deviations from norm of weight (20 kg), so while not everything is so sad. People whose weight is over a hundredweight in America about 30 %. For anybody not a secret that this stems from two interconnected factors – fast food (its really too much) and a sedentary lifestyle. By the way, many people mistakenly believe that the Americans – the fattest nation. The problem of obesity is relevant today almost everywhere, including in Russia. To be honest, chubby aunt and uncle have really enough.

9. In Las Vegas on 8 citizens account 1 slot machine

Given that only registered residents in Las Vegas more than 600 000, it is easy to calculate and the number of one-armed bandits. Them obtained no less than 75 000. One can only imagine the daily profit of the owners of the gambling business in Nevada, if each machine is set up for payments only 85 % of the cash flow. But this is only in theory. In fact, casinos often arrange a robbery in broad daylight. However, daily by the machines of Las Vegas sits a huge number of players. Because here, as nowhere else in the world, is the assortment of slot machines absolutely for every taste.

8. In the United States invented the first car entered into mass production

Amid news that Americans are first going to establish mass production of flying cars, delve into the history and remember the days when cars still drove on the ground. You must be very surprised to learn that speech now will go not about "Ford". After all, the first mass-produced car belonged to the Marche Oldsmobile. In 1901, the year the designers of the plant produced 425 cars model Curved Dash. This is a double open car with single cylinder engine equipped with a bronze (!) the carb. Legendary comrade named Henry and his partners took over two years later, in 1903.

7. The United States Declaration of independence drafted on paper made of hemp

It is really true fact. In the Network there are many photos of the first copy of the Declaration. The document is a sheet of hemp paper. It by hand in calligraphy written all the paragraphs, according to which the colonies of North America now declared independent from great Britain. Below the signatures of all interested persons, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert Livingston. The date of the adoption of the Declaration is considered to be July 4, 1776 – the day that officially began the history of the American state under the name of the United States.

6. Russia sold Alaska to the States for only 7.2 million dollars

It happened ambiguous event 150 years ago when the government of the Russian Empire and the United States reached an agreement on the transfer of Alaska to the Americans. The amount of the check amounted to $ 7 200 000$. Translated into today's dollar exchange rate is about 124 000 000. Considering that the area of the current 49th state is 1 500 000 square kilometres, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Alaska was sold for a pittance. For example, France in war was forced to sell Louisiana to America and then for a lot of money. Also in new York is the place to be the County courthouse. So, it is only one cost the U.S. Treasury more than the entire of Alaska.

5. The United States has no official language

Strange but true – such a superpower as the United States of America does not have its own state language. Though it is well known that 80 % of the population speaks English from birth, and in 27 States this language is spelled out as an official at the state level is not recorded. The US government considers the adoption of English as the official anti-democratic step, destroying individual freedom. The fact that in his time the inhabitants of America became a huge number of immigrants who to this day prefer to communicate not only in English but in their native language. Just as within the USA is spread over 50 languages including Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian.

4. Philadelphia was the first capital of the United States

Remember, above we touched upon the subject of the Declaration of independence? So, I signed this important document not just anywhere, but in Philadelphia. Now is not difficult to guess why this city was awarded the honorary title of the first capital of the United States. It is curious that dominated Philadelphia in America twice, from 1776 to 1783 and from 1790 to 1800. By the way, the city excels not only in honorary titles. For example, here in the twentieth century for the first time in the United States, the mayor was chosen as African American. And the sister city of Philadelphia in Russia is Nizhny Novgorod. Such cases.

3. The US leads in the number of citizens who received the Nobel prize

This fact casts doubt on the well-known stereotype that Americans are not the most distant people in the world. In fact, here the situation is exactly the same as with fat men. For example, the famous bodybuilders in America too. That Nobel prize winners a lot (about 100 people). For comparison, the Soviet Union and Russia for two people only 21. But the fact that American hundreds of a certain percentage of citizens is the natives of other States (including Russia), that's another conversation. However, at the time of receiving the honorary award these people in the pocket was an American passport.

2. USA is the first country where the Internet was born

Actually, nothing surprising, given the fact that this country was designed and the first digital computer. As for the Internet, the official birthday of the world wide web is considered to be 21 October 1969. This day was held the first communication session through the network nodes "ARPANET". Paragraphs "a" and "b" for the first Internet signal was made by the California and Stanford universities. Each successfully transmitted symbol experts confirmed over the phone. First Internet message contained only 2 letters (LO). More can not count, because RAM in those computers was 24 KB.

1. Americans consume more ice cream than any other nation in the world

By the way, here's another side reason that face US puffy cheeks. While in most countries ice cream is a seasonal dessert, in America it was a treat looking the other way. Here it is bought regardless of the weather, the mood and especially the amount of sugar it contained. Americans just love ice cream. On average, each U.S. citizen consumes up to 30 pounds of cold fun in the year. In addition, America is rife with ice cream containers with a volume of 1.22 liters for family gatherings.

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