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10 most famous monuments of Russian


To the question "how well do you know your country" the answer is that, well, of course I've traveled each and every secret area, beat a ton of museums and pinned on the fridge a lot of bright magnets. But Russia's cultural heritage is so rich that it is physically impossible to fix in his mind and memory. So to list even 10 the most famous monuments or sculptures for the average man it seems a daunting task.

We believe it is our duty to enlighten the younger generation and in such a condensed form to present 10 cultural finds, which can be proud of our mother Russia. They are all built on the occasion of important historical events or represent the rich and wide soul of Russian people. This is not the drawings or the installation of thin air in modern art museums. Protect cultural heritage and prevent any attempts of vandalism, it's not rewritten the true story – the key to a healthy and thinking society.

10. The Monument "The Motherland Calls" In Volgograd

Popular design marked the center of the whole ensemble dedicated to the heroes of the battle of Stalingrad, which stands proudly on the Mamaev Kurgan. The sculpture looks impressive and intimidating, as if showing the enemy that with ill intentions to his native land is better not to meddle. The monument "the Motherland Calls" confident settled at the eleventh position in the list of Guinness world records as one of the highest on the planet. At night, the sculpture lights the numerous searchlights, which creates a visual picture not worse than the infamous Eiffel tower. In height it reaches about 85-87 meters. It is even received military "nickname" "Height 102". By the way, in the years of the famous battle there took place the most brutal battles and the deeds of heroes and immortalized in the monument.

9. The Monument "Millennium Of Russia" In Veliky Novgorod

Cultural heritage created in 60-ies of the 19th century, coinciding with the anniversary of the ancient Russian state. Agree, a thousand years, said not every country, so the monument has enormous cultural, historical and tourist value. Externally, it mimics the huge bell (the top shows the spherical shape, which symbolizes the power, the emblem of monarchical power). A great monument to the Russian Federation reaches fifteen meters in height.

8. The monument-obelisk "Conquerors of space" in Moscow

The building was delivered in the capital in the 60-ies of the 20th century and embodies the success of the Soviet researchers in the conquest of outer space. Powerful obelisk reaches a height of 107 meters, weighs about 250 tons, and on its facing left pane of specially made from titanium, which personally invited Korolev. Externally, the structure depicts a rocket that leaves a powerful trail. Type design "leaning tower" is almost unique (similar to the famous leaning tower of Pisa). On the facade a metal engraved verse verse glorifying our astronauts. The construction is on pustynnoi region, near the entrance to the exhibition of achievements of national economy. The monument is dedicated to the active technological development in 1957 when the USSR launched the first in the world artificial satellite.

7. The Monument To St. George Moscow

Very symbolic statue as Saint George kills the tip of the spear a snake – a symbol of human vices, lies, cunning and betrayal. That is why design is one of the main among the memorial complex of the capital on Poklonnaya hill. Is a cultural monument in the Victory Park and is a granite fountain, fountains raznorazni surrounded by smaller ones, which beat the jets straight up. Around the statue are tiles that lists the stations, points of entry and the capital.

6. Monument "The Bronze Horseman" In Saint Petersburg

The beautiful bronze statue erected in the Senate square in St. PETERSBURG. The official opening took place in the year 82 of the 18th century – it was the first urban monument. Initially it was assumed that he dedicated to the great Russian king Peter. But was later given the name "the bronze Horseman", which inspired the eponymous poem by the beloved folk writer Pushkin. The sculpture was created by Etienne Falconet, on behalf of the ruling of Catherine II. Inspired by sculptor, Colonel Pyotr Melissino (looks like king Peter), which was kept on the rack of a horse. The head of the bronze "Peter" created by the pupil of Falcone, and the Russian sculptor Gordeev blind snake – a symbol of the enemy forces.

5. Monument "Alyosha" Leninsky district of Murmansk city

The memorial complex dedicated to soldiers-defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Second World war. The basis for the design is a statue of a soldier in a raincoat, who has a shoulder you can see the machine. The height of the monument is just over 35 meters plus 7 meters on a pedestal. The weight of a hollow figure reaches more than 5 thousand tons! The size of the statue "Alyosha" second only to "the Motherland". You can look at it in the Leninsky district – place, eye-catching countrymen and tourists.

4. The Monument "Worker And Kolkhoz Woman"In Moscow

The monument is a symbol of the Soviet era, and a favorite tourist attraction. It is a sculpture of two statues (the worker and Kolkhoznitsa), which is raised over the head of the famous hammer and sickle. The author of the project – Vera Mukhina, and the concept was laid by the architect Boris Iofan. Originally was supposed to put a monument in Paris, for which he was transported in parts 28 and more cars. Made the construction of stainless steel and reaches a height of about 25 meters. Located on Prospekt Mira. For the first build took 1 month (employees work in 3 shifts, resting only for 3 hours a day). Again in Paris he has already gathered over 11 days. By the way, that this building is a famous symbol of "Mosfilm".

3. Monument mammoths Khanty-Mansiysk

Opened for the first time 11 years ago in Khanty-Mansiysk. Erected a statue in honor of the anniversary of 425 years to the capital district. It is located in the famous Archeopark. The design includes eleven small sculptures (large mammoth in size is more than eight meters, a small about three). Made of bronze, due to which the total weight is about 70 tons. Engineers have achieved the establishment of the monument in full size.

2. The Monument "Peter I"Moscow

Construction is timed to the anniversary of three hundred years of Russian fleet. The author of the project – famous architect Zurab Tsereteli. Established a cultural masterpiece on an artificial island at the junction of the bypass channel to the Moskva river (near the confectionery factory). The opening of the monument coincided with a Grand celebration – the anniversary of the 850th anniversary of the capital. The total height of the composition is 98 metres (one of the highest in the world and in Russia in particular).

1. The monument of "Sunken ships" Sevastopol

Erected on the Central promenade of the Primorsky Boulevard (Sevastopol Bay), the monument annually attracts many tourists and expatriates who take pride in the warlike exploits of the inhabitants of the hero city. The site was marked on the Soviet coat of arms of Sevastopol, is an honor and a symbol of the city, its business card. A height of sculpture is greater than 16 meters.

Here are amazing historical monuments keeps the Russian land. The younger generation should know their history, respect the heroes of the country and ordinary hard-working hands that built the majestic city and now cultural centers.

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