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Top 10 best hair dyes


The main criteria that speak in favor of funds for hair coloring are: durability, uniformity, relevance and ease of use.

On the basis of these characteristics we have compiled a list of the best hair dyes – the 2015 ranking, which can help in the selection of products.

10. Garnier Color Naturals

Garnier Color Naturals is one of the best inexpensive means of colouring at home. The structure of paint consists of three kinds of organic oils that protect hair from the aggressive effects of colour, and at the same time nourish and regenerate hair. Blend well applied, and the dyeing obtained is uniform color, completely eliminating the gray. The paint is quite resistant and does not fade for several weeks. Garnier Color Naturals offers a 30 tint variations.

9. Estel Professional

Estel Professional is one of the best professional products for colouring. The products are rich vitamin composition, which includes a complex of keratin, with reducing effect. Therapeutic ingredients such as green tea and guarana moisturize and nourish each hair strand and gives a healthy appearance. In addition to the nutritional impact of Estel Professional provides permanent color with a uniform color distribution. The effect of light and saturation is maintained until 4-6 weeks. All palette are 74 different shades and natural colors. Paint is more suitable for professional use in hairdressing salons and beauty salons.

8. Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance refers to a series of professional dye and provides the result tone on tone. The cream color does not contain ammonia, and therefore has a sharp and unpleasant smell. Different series from the others, more bright, saturated and sparkling shades. The mixture is evenly distributed and the result is a perfect colour close to natural. The therapeutic composition restores the hair structure from the inside and gives them a healthy look. The color saturation is maintained for several weeks. Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance has a wide palette, so you can easily find the right shade.

7. L'oréal Casting creame gloss

LOreal Casting creame gloss is the best shampoo and cream paint. It does not damage hair, completely fills the gray hair. Thanks bee uterine milk, which is part of, nourishes and restores the structure of the strands. LOreal Casting creame gloss provides a bright, rich and uniform color. The tool is well kept and not washed off up to 6 weeks. As the products do not contain ammonia, it has a nice, mild smell. The whole series is quite excellent and consists of 28 shades. Suitable for both home use and in salons.

6. Series Londa Londacolor

Series Londa Londacolor presents the best means for the care and beauty treatments for women's hair. Paint Londa are resistant and color saturation. The tool copes well with gray strands and evenly stain the entire length. The disadvantages include the presence of ammonia and odor. Sparing the paint is not harmful. Londa Londacolor represented 91 tinge that makes it easy to find the right color.

5. Schwarzkopf Palette

Schwarzkopf Palette – one of the best budget options among the means for painting. The series is represented by two lines: the mousse and cream paint. Both instruments do well with the function of staining and 100% eliminate gray hair. The mixture fits well, and at the end of the coloring is rich and uniform color. Muscovy consistency is more easy to apply and has a pleasant light aroma – paint is present the ammonia smell. The product line has good resistance and maintains a bright color in a few weeks. Also the product Schwarzkopf Palette presents a rich and varied palette.

4. Wella Wellaton

Series Wella Wellaton one of the ten best assets for painting for durability. Wella is represented by two types: cream paint and paint-mousse. Both products are pretty high quality. They are good paints over a gray hair, provides vibrant, intense color for long. Paint and mousse lies evenly along the entire length of the strands and provide a smooth shade. In the paint contains organic oils that care for hair and look after them. With regular use damaged hair structure recovering, and the strands become smooth. The tool is ideal for use at home, and can also be applied independently. The whole palette from Wella Wellaton are 32 shades.

3. L'oreal Excellence Creme

L'oreal Excellence Creme is one of the best care cream-colors at the end of last year. Before painting apply a special serum that protects strands from harmful effects. Pro-keratin care for every hair and restores the structure. The product is present in the weak ammonia odor, but overall the scent is pleasant. After use, there is a sense of dryness of a head skin, there is a uniform and lustrous hue, the hair becomes soft and silky. Function gray coverage L'oreal Excellence Creme works well. Also the paint is long lasting and does not fade. There are hints all levels and for every taste. Ideal for independent use.

2. Garnier Olia

Garnier Olia is one of the most gentle tools for hair coloring. In the no ammonia and includes four kinds of flower oils: sunflower, Camellia, limnantesa Alba and passion fruit. Shampoo product has a pleasant subtle scent. Garnier Olia offers 24 shades, all of them are resistant and saturation. If you make a painting is not in the salon, you may have problems with uniform distribution of coloring pigment. Therefore, the application of best left to professionals, or at least not try to apply the mixture on your own. If properly applied, the color is uniform and conforms to the analog on the box.

1. C:EHKO Color Explosion

C:EHKO Color Explosion – the best hair dye by the end of 2015. The dye is part of a series of professional that you can use at home. C:EHKO Color Explosion, as shown by the test results, has good stability and reliable quality, reasonable price. In addition, the tool is evenly distributed across the surface and not flowing. The color is even and corresponds to the tone shown on the product packaging. Sparing the paint does not harm the hair, and included in the composition of keratin protein and almond care for them and restore the structure. A huge selection of colors (about 100) will allow you to select a color for every taste.

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