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10 of the most capricious stars of showbiz


As you know, often money and fame corrupts people. The popularity and universal adoration turns some of the stars of a small, cranky children. Strange requirements during concerts, tantrums, if something goes wrong. And this is only a small part of the Caprice, which comes to perform approximate "zazvezdilsya" stars.

10. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga became famous not only thanks to his talent, but eccentric and sometimes outrageous appearance. Someone can loves the singer, and someone to hate, but without a doubt this girl has an amazing voice. But sometimes Lady Gaga in their demands can bring anyone. For example, rumor has it that the singer is a real tyrant in a skirt and work with it very hard. She rips the evil in his subordinates, constantly yells and doesn't let go workers home for the night or directs contradictory instructions, which could not be addressed. So comments about the singer's ex-assistant.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has long ceased to appear in successful projects, flickering on movie screens. Her career is not as successful as they were a few years ago, but that does not stop the actress to behave like a spoiled star. That is the illness star and killed the talented star. The girl started to have problems with alcohol and drugs and in clubs and at parties, she began to appear more frequently than on the set. The scandalous behavior Lindsay is not passed by the paparazzi. In magazines constantly flashed pictures of Lindsay in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. Treatment for dependency was held at gunpoint journalists. Several times she was under arrest. Having started his career in a 3-year old Lindsay quickly went downhill. If not for the whimsical nature of the girl would be waiting for the glory.

8. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is known not only for its unique vocals, but also capricious behavior. She often throws tantrums in public places, when dissatisfied with something. In 2014, the stars got a Mickey mouse in Disneyland due to the fact that he refused to be photographed with her. The man went for lunch, when the diva decided to take a picture of him. When he refused, she started screaming. The police managed to smooth the conflict, and stole Mickey from an angry singer. And during the show "the Voice" diva constantly ordered the crew to reshoot all the shots where she looked fat. By the way, at that time she was not skinny and duplicates had to do a lot.

7. Madonna

Madonna, Queen of pop, has never been a simple character. But to reach the pinnacle of fame star disease overtook her. Special attention Madonna pays health. If she appears, the first thing he asks to change the toilet seat. In addition, it all carries its own washing machine. But most of all pop Queen takes good care of their vocal cords. In the room where Madonna should not be included in the air conditioning. Even if she appears in the room for a few minutes, turn off air conditioners. One day before the concert in the hall became so stifling that fans began to fall into a swoon, but even this does not make pop-Queen to turn on the air conditioning.

6. Beyonce

Another performer who wears a Royal title RnB diva is different and capricious nature. Beyonce is a perfectionist and while she makes everyone go all out in full force, so it is very difficult to work with. In her dressing room she requires two rooms. One must be decorated with only white furniture, but the temperature does not exceed 22 degrees. The second standing dressing table and set up special lighting. In addition, the star need toilet paper just a red hue. During the 2013 Super Bowl the organizers had to allocate a large sum of money for the arrangement of a mobile nursery for daughter of the singer blue ivy.

5. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has long been known not only as a socialite but also as a notorious brawler. Paris regularly visits night clubs, spends a lot of money while playing poker and hysterics at the soiree. Several times she was caught driving under the influence. She had to visit, even in prison. Among the requirements of a socialite for one day of shooting includes everything, ranging from hot delicacies such as lobster and ending with vodka, for a particular brand. Due to its whimsical nature and love to spend money her grandfather, owner of a chain of hotels world-renowned deprived of her inheritance and bequeathed it to charity.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Star, with a more petulant than Jennifer Lopez hard to find. Having spent his childhood in poverty and reaching world-wide popularity is not difficult to guess that the singer will be off in full. In rider star got a private jet and only the Deluxe rooms. Not only for her but for the entire Suite Jennifer. The singer also requires her to have personal specialist for eyebrow correction. In the room where the singer stops must be fresh white lilies. When the singer crosses the threshold of the boutique, it is closed to other visitors while Jennifer would leave him. In addition to all this, Jennifer loves fur. On the red carpet she once had false eyelashes made of real fur red Fox.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is famous for its strange claims, some of them simple layman could put in the shock. For example, the singer demands that her dressing room was two chairs in the form of eggs. One of the chairs needs to be with footrest. Drivers Manager star warns in advance that it is impossible not only to talk, but even to look at her in the rearview mirror. In the room where Katie stops during the tour, standing refrigerator with a transparent door. Dressing room should be a soft pink hue. Such demands are capricious stars have to fulfill the organizers of the concerts.

2. Selena Gomez

Young singer Selena Gomez has already managed to show to the organizers of the concerts of your capricious nature. In the dressing room of stars should always smell of incense, the star prefers the smell of incense and loves Japanese food. The singer refuses to speak, if in the dressing room there is no Japanese ramen noodle. The temperature in the dressing room should be 24 degrees. The diet of the stars painted on the entire week and the organizers need to follow only him to feed Selena and all her entourage. Meals the singer pays a lot of attention.

1. Britney Spears

Pop Princess Britney Spears loves pokapriznichat. She and the pop Princess. The room where Britney stops should be only white with white furniture. In addition, it took her long white candles in the rooms. Even the staff dressed in white. At a concert the singer has demanded to arrange for her own phone line. This is where the organizers had to work hard to please the capricious star. Together with the singer on tour sent a personal chef. Even drinking water Britney takes with him from home. Why not just have to do the organizers, to the star were happy.

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