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The 10 most beautiful airports in the world in which I want to linger


Airport – a public place associated with a huge concentration of people and technology. Therefore, a terminal building must meet the first standard of usability. But what if your imagination doesn't want to be limited to the strict corridors and the gray, soulless infrastructure elements of the air dock? Well, then welcome to our Board! Because the moment we go on a great journey through the most beautiful airports in the world. We'll visit the place where practicality and modernity the best way to combine the architectural art. Let's get started!

10. Beijing international airport (China)

Unofficially, this airport is called the "gateway to China". Beautiful, isn't it? No less impressionable and made the very air of the harbour. In addition to the configuration of a giant dragon Beijing aircraft pier is famous for something else. The fact that the construction of the airport was used a unique technology of construction of the roof. Complex tiered roof is made of metal and glass, in fact it is a kind of mesh, in a special way refracting the sun's rays. Get a very spectacular sight – the ceiling of the airport in clear weather turns into a scattering of rays yellow and red spectra.

9. The Madrid-Barajas Airport (Spain)

Travel to Sunny Spain where we give a landing at the airport of Madrid-Barajas. Here also while waiting for the plane can get aesthetic pleasure – again the case in the roof of the terminal building. Perforations are distributed in a special way, because of what the light is refracted and miraculously scattered all over the airport. The roof is finished with bamboo, and the support pylons its bright yellow color and unusual shape. As a result, the building creates a unique atmosphere of harmony and tranquility – exactly what you need in a crowded and busy airport.

8. Kansai international airport (Japan)

Of course, our list includes one of the most unusual airports in the world. The fact that Japanese air Marina Kansai is located... in the middle of the sea! The Japanese have built the airport on a specially built for the artificial island, the complex is not terrible neither a Typhoon. Kansai draws attention not only because of its location, because the airport symbolically made in the shape of an airplane wing. And if we believe the legend, the air dock near the coast of Osaka, you can even watch from space, like the famous Chinese wall.

7. Airport named after Heydar Aliyev in Baku (Azerbaijan)

There was a place in our ranking and a berth in the post-Soviet space. However, the aircraft of the harbour in Baku and will be the one appearing here. And, of course, unique. State of the art performance of the airport named after Heydar Aliyev makes you attract the eye of thousands of tourists daily. The elegant curves of the building exterior, beautiful interior trim, and special hexagonal holes in the roof for the penetration of natural light make the air dock is a work of art. Even inside there are trees, and infrastructure, is decorated in national style.

6. Marrakech Menara Airport (Morocco)

Every airport from our current list not only is beautiful but also unique. For example, the air gate of Marrakech-Menara is a bewildering combination of modern technology and the spirit of antiquity that permeated the city. If you don't know that before you the airport, for anything in life will not guess, because the aircraft mooring made in the form of the real Palace! Inside the terminal is filled with high-tech equipment and effects, but all the decorative elements pay tribute to the centuries-old traditions of Morocco. A fantastic spectacle!

5. Airport name Chhatrapati Shivaji (Mumbai)

For reference and clarity: Chhatrapati Shivaji is a national hero of India, in the seventeenth century organized the revolt against Muslim domination, and domination (success).

What airport is named in his honor, we see a building with luxury finish – a kind of national trait of Indians. Special attention deserve the pylons under the roof with a gorgeous illumination, made in the form of columns with so-called "peacock's tail" (closer to the ceiling is smooth, but noticeable extension of the pylon). Of course, the airport is the hallmark of not only Mumbai but the entire country.

4. Incheon (South Korea)

Seoul Incheon airport opened only 17 years old, however, from the very first day of work firmly settled in the lists of the most beautiful aircraft of the piers of the world. However, looking at the complex, understand what will give your position Korean engineering marvel not soon. The roof of the airport are complied with the use of traditional Korean culture arches. Inside, there is complete harmony of modern infrastructure (it has a casino, winter gardens and even a Golf course) with a long history in South Korea, which resemble a variety of finishes and decor items, made in national style.

3. Wellington Airport (New Zealand)

It's not the airport, and the subject of the exhibition of contemporary art! Yes, it happens. It would seem that a rigorous and practical terminal building cannot contain something in the spirit of "out of the ordinary". But there it was, after all, it took a team of engineers with a big imagination. In the end, the terminals outwardly slightly reminiscent of the great hewn stones. Inside the halls of the airport similar to the real caves it is angled, tiered roof. Well, this fantasy is happening in Wellington in 2004, when during the presentation the Lord of the rings inside and out appeared a giant figure of Gollum.

2. Dubai airport (UAE)

You must understand that when it comes to beauty and impressiveness of the architecture, somewhere there appears a representative of the Arab Emirates. Dubai international airport is a kind of the heart of the Asian and African regions, in terms of air transport. It looks luxuriously terminals, as expected in the Emirates. Cutting-edge technology, finishing and unusual materials create a fantastic atmosphere, and a scattering of objects of infrastructure (hotel, shopping Mall and recreation complex) was added practicality. "Dessert" beauty of the Dubai airport is considered to be a real palm forest.

1. Chek Lap Kok Airport (Hong Kong)

Very unusual to our eyes name hides an incredibly beautiful and functional Chinese airport. Maybe here is not to find a chic finish, braces, pylons and national features, but Chek lap Kok is beautiful in its own way. Here is a streamlined infrastructure that allows the passengers as comfortable as possible to pass all necessary procedures. Imagine, straight from the airport to the city you can easily take the Express! And yet the aesthetic component of the terminal there is a unique undulating roof. It is believed that its configuration does not get lost in the airport even the most inattentive and weary travelers.

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