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The most beautiful actors Russia: top-10


Famous beauties constantly compete and compete, although not admit it. Tops the ratings, everyone wants to be in the first place. It is widely believed that the representatives of a strong half of mankind in this matter is more restrained. Visual appeal for them is not as important as success, wealth, self-realization. However, lists for evaluation of male beauty, also exist. Although the most desirable for many remain brad pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, in Russia too it is a lot of handsome men. And Russian celebrities are in no way inferior in beauty and sexuality foreign. They have no end of female fans admire them all: young, girls and ladies. We present to your attention the top 10 most beautiful Russian actors.

10. Alexey Vorobyov

Alexey Vorobyov singer, actor, Director and just a beautiful man. From childhood he was interested in music and became known for his vocal talent. In 2006 Vorobyov, first tried his hand in films, he landed a role in the TV series "Dreams of Alice". But the real popularity brought him the role of Sergei Zvonareva in a Comedy series "Girls". Model looks Alexei brought to mind more than one girl. Thanks to regular sessions at the gym, the figure of the actor is perfect. Sparrows does not have puritanical views, and often it shows. So in the film "stand Up and fight" he appeared before the audience completely naked. He had blue eyes and brown hair – a typical Slavic appearance, but the attractiveness Vorobyov is not exaggerated.

9. Stanislav Bondarenko

Stanislav Bondarenko, 33 years old, but he was involved in a large number of projects. Mostly he plays a handsome serial. "Give my love", "provincial", "Kiss of Fate" — a lover of such series, probably secretly sigh for Stanislav. Even those who are not particularly interested in, I pay tribute to visual appeal Bondarenko. Yes, brunettes with brown eyes has always excited women. In addition, Stas plays a noble, handsome, notorious scum, real men and bandits. Romantic role and an attractive appearance, and the army of its fans is increasing every day.

8. Alexander Petrov

Alexander began acting in 2010, his first role was a cameo. But soon the actor said, young man, starred in several TV series and movies. But the love of many women he brought to the role of a pilot in the series "Embracing the sky" and bandit in the film "urban jungle". Now Petrov without exaggeration can be called a successful actor, as his diverse. He looks quite interesting, it is not a cute or pretty. But Petrov has something much more catchy – charisma, masculinity. Because of this, he attracts the love of many women.

7. Danila Kozlovsky

Kozlovsky fans no less. Another actor with the perfect model looks. His first role was the role of a sixth grade student in the TV series "Simple truth". Daniel graduated from the Academy of theatrical arts in St. Petersburg. For some time he was busy in theatre and starred in films. But the role in the film "Garpastum" was for him decisive. He received the award for best actor. Now Danila is very popular. He's one of the few Russian actors, who starred in a Hollywood blockbuster. So he his appearance has conquered not only the Russian girls, most likely he has groupies and abroad. No wonder, because Danila Kozlovsky is very beautiful.

6. Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir was an ordinary Soviet schoolboy. In 9th grade he became interested in the theatre. In the early 80-ies Mashkov went to drama school in Novosibirsk, but was deleted. The young man never had exemplary behavior. After several attempts to get an acting education, Vladimir still managed to do it. In 1994, Mashkov became famous thanks to the film "Moscow nights" and "Limit". Filmography of actor commands respect. He starred in Hollywood films. He is also a theater Director. Vladimir is very handsome. It without a doubt can be called the epitome of masculinity, and an unattainable dream for many Russian women.

5. Daniil Strakhov

At school, Daniel began to get involved in theatre. He was educated, worked in a Moscow theater. Starred in the television series. Became famous thanks to the TV series "Poor Nastya". Viewers fell in love with an attractive actor. He has a very attractive, proper and aristocratic facial features. Perhaps because of its bright appearance, Daniel often had starring roles in many films and television series. One of the fans even called him "the best gene pool of Russia". Fears thanks the fans for the nice words, but it is already 18 years in the world there is one woman – his wife.

4. Mark Bogatyrev

Mark, probably, forever will remain in memory of fans of max Laurel from the popular series "Kitchen". Mark wanted to get a profession of an actor, but my mom persistently asked him to come down from heaven to earth. Then Bogatyrev decided to enroll in economic faculty. But fate decreed otherwise, he came to the casting of the film, where got acquainted with Nikita Efremov. A new friend came to the Moscow art theatre, mark also decided to try. While studying Brand had a hard time, he supported himself independently, he worked as a security guard and a driver. Mark participated in different projects, but everyone knows him as a womanizer Maxim Lavrov. Here are just a handsome actor, such a prospect is not happy, he wants to do serious roles.

3. Paul Priluchny

After the popular series "C", Paul Priluchny turned the head of many Russian girls. Fate was not merciful to the beautiful guy. His father died early. To 14 years professionally was engaged in Boxing, but decided to leave it, swapped at ballet school. Soon he had to abandon this idea, Paul just didn't have the money. Priluchny graduated from the acting school. His first significant role in the film "the game" brought him popularity. The actor is married and has two children, so fans can not count on that. And yet Paul does not consider himself beautiful.

2. Vladimir Yaglych

Vladimir was in the world of cinema by chance. The girl he loved, raved about the study in theatre. As a result, the Aglic did, was educated and became a successful actor. The first role of Vladimir, brought him fame. He starred in "the Nameless height", "My Prechistenka". Aglic is the idol of many women. It reminds of a Russian hero of the tale. It is a courageous, reliable, discreet, a real man.

1. Denis Shvedov

Denis never dreamt of becoming an actor, he was engaged in Rugby. However, he had to retire due to severe injuries. Then he decided to get acting training. The Swedes studied at the Higher Theatrical school after he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theatres. In parallel, he starred in movies and TV series. Played the role of Lieutenant in the TV series "Major". Most of the roles Shvedova is an independent brutal macho. Indeed, the actor rowdy appearance. But bullies are known to be very like good girls.

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