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10 most beautiful Actresses of India


Bollywood is a world of bright colors, endless songs and dances, and, of course, the world of luxury and attractive beauties. Actress of this factory of dreams – women of the ordinary. They – the representatives of famous dynasties and girls from the provinces, broke into the Indian Olympus. They have conquered the catwalks, Shine on the red carpets of international film festivals, are persons of the most fashionable brands, win in the beauty contests. And in my country the real goddess, and their popularity is through the roof, but at the same time, it is women who take care of family, children, in their free time are not averse to communicate in social networks or playing video games. Who are they? Ten of the most brilliant Actresses of contemporary bollywood will be represented at your court.

10. Namrata of Shirodkar1972

Born January 22, 1972 in Mumbai. Prior to his career in the film industry of bollywood, was involved in modeling and participated in beauty contests. Has won the title "Miss India" in 1993. Its way into the film industry began with a small role in the film "When in love" (1998). Starred in more than twenty films. The most known films with its participation: "brotherhood" (1999), "True story" (1999), "the Call" (2000). For the latter was nominated for the award of the International Academy of Indian cinema.

In 2005 Namrata married actor Mahesana Woman. Currently not be removed, devoting himself entirely to family and children. The couple has a son, Gautam (2006) and daughter Sitara (2012).

9. Susan, Padamsi1987

Hometown Susan, Padamsi is Mumbai. Parents Susan famous theater actors. And his first steps the aspiring actress made it on the stage, taking part in productions by the father. In parallel was engaged in work in the advertising industry and fashion. First appeared on screen in 2009 in the film "rocket Singh – salesman of the year" where he played a major role, but the movie was not a commercial success. Beauty is not desperate, and went to conquer the southern part of the country. In 2010 he released two works with her participation: "Kanimozhi" (in Tamil) and "Orange is the color of love" (in the language Telugu). This game was well-received by critics.

To date, Satan continues to act in films. The most famous of her latest works "Masala" (2013) and "Disco Valley" (2015).

8. Sushmita sen1975

Sushmita sen was born in Hyderabad, her father was in the military. In his youth, strenuously to learn English and dreamed in the future to devote himself to journalism, but 1994 made significant changes in life Sushmita. She won two competitions and gets first title "Miss India" and then "Miss universe". Soon the beauty begins to receive invitations to star in movies. Her first step was painting "Dastak" (1996), and a real triumph takes place in 1999: the screens of the country leaves the Comedy "Wife number one". The actress becomes the winner of prestigious awards. Excellent tandem Sushmita sen was one of the most famous actors planet bollywood Shahrukha Khan, starring with him in the films "I'm with you" (2004) and "Wanted groom" (2010).

In addition to working in the film industry, she loves to draw and to write poetry. Sushmita is not married, has two adopted daughters.

7. Sonam Kapoor1985

Sonam Kapoor belongs to a generation of modern bollywood. She was born in Chembur in the family of direct relevance to the film industry of India.

After school he continued his education at the College of Singapore, and then for two years was engaged in studying of political science and Economics in London.

First film credits young Sonam became the "White nights" (2007) and "Delhi 6" (2009). Both films failed at the box office, but the actress has received positive reviews and several nominations.

The first really successful project was the film "I hate love story" (2010). Then followed a picture of "Aisha" (2010), "Thank you"(2011). The film "Ninja" 2016 earned her a cherished award bollywood Filmfare Award for best actress. Currently the actress is in demand, and in 2018, it has already played in three paintings.

In addition to filming in films, Sonam promotes products L'oreal leads microblog, does squash and basketball, he enjoys video games. In 2018, she got married.

6. Deepika Padukone1986

Popularity Dipika Padukone is gaining momentum from year to year. The future star was born in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen. The family moved to India when she was about a year. Her father in the past very famous badminton player. The daughter, in her youth also was fond of this sport. However, after school went to University to become a bachelor of arts in sociology. Beauty girl and perfect settings quickly attracted the attention of agents and career Dipika in the modeling business began to develop rapidly. She participates in fashion weeks, becoming the face of various well-known brands receive the title "model of the year".

Not long in coming and career of the actress. Debut film "Aishwarya" (2006) was a big commercial success. The bollywood actress made her debut in 2007 in "om Shanti Om", for which he received the first movie awards. It was further a variety of successful projects: "Love yesterday and today" (2009), "Cocktail" (2012), "Peak" (2015).

The actress was seen in the vastness of Hollywood, starring with VIN Diesel in the action movie "xxx: World domination" (2017).

Deepika Padukone is an active user of social networks. Currently Dating Indian actor Ranveer Singh.

5. Neha Sharmain 1987

Neha Sharma, a young and promising actress and model. Born in the town of Bhagalpur, where he graduated from high school. Her education she continued at the Institute of new Delhi in the faculty of design.

His early steps on the road to success in cinema neha did in the South of the country, teluscom starring in the blockbuster "Cheetah" (2007).

First bollywood project was the 2010 film "crook: it's Good to be bad", where the partner of the young stars became a famous Indian film actor Emraan Hamsi. Followed by successful work in the film "Our love story" (2012), "how cool we are" (2012), "Without you 2" (2016).

Neha Sharma multilateral. Among her Hobbies remains the development of clothing design. Actress a great dancer in different styles: from classic to hip-hop and salsa.

4. Bipasha Bass1979

Born in Delhi in 1979, her parents are Bengalis. As a child, played basketball and dreamed of becoming a doctor, then an accountant. After school he entered the faculty of management, but in the life of Bipasha fate stepped in: a meeting with a modeling agent. From the age of sixteen began the successful promotion of young beauties in the world of advertising and fashion. She participated in many modeling competitions, including international level and was invited to new York for commercial vehicles. Prospects to gain a foothold at the global level has become increasingly clear, but the Bass Bipasha chose to return to his native country.

And here in her life once again fate stepped in, and beauty began to Shine on the stage of bollywood. Already part in the first film, "sinister stranger" (2001) brought her recognition and success. Most of the films of the actress are hits and have a high box office. Here are some of the most famous works: "the Mystery" (2002), "jism" (2003), "no entry" (2005), "This pair was created by God" (2008), "alone"(2015). It is noteworthy that the actress prefers thrillers and horror films, where her exquisite beauty looks especially fascinating.

In 2016, was married to actor Karan Singh Grover.

3. Dia Mirzawas born in 1981

Dia Mirza was born in 1981, on December 9, in the family of German and Bengali. Place of birth actress – Hyderabad. After high school, went on to conquer the world business model, in parallel to afford a higher education. Dia – bachelor of arts. He took an active part in beauty contests and won the title "Miss Asia and Oceania" in 2000, and in 2001, screens out the first film with her participation. It was the musical "You're in my heart". This was followed by "Understand each other" (2003), "a Married woman" (2005), "Fight club" (2006), "Sacrifice" (2009), "me, you and the Ghost" (2010). Today the actress had more than forty works.

Dia Mirza is fond of horse riding, pottery, theatre, writes articles for publications, and is actively involved in charity events.

2. Bus Shahabadi1986

Bus Shahabadi was born in the city of Mumbai in an artistic family: her mother was an actress and his father a producer, so the girl you see yourself exclusively in the world of the film industry.

First appeared on screen in 2009 in the film "with you", where she played a pregnant teenage girl. This was followed by the Comedy "Cool!" (2010) and the romance "me, I'm just me" (2013). Participated in the films in Telugu: "Action 3D" (2013), "Gaddam Gang" (2015).

In 2009, she married television actor Mohit Vaibhava the parents. The marriage lasted less than a year.

1. Aishwarya Raiborn in 1973

One of the brightest stars in Indian firmament was born in a wealthy family in the city of Mangalore on 1 November 1973. Early childhood main hobby was music and dancing, was also involved in study of the English language. After high school, some time was a student at the College of the arts, but chose a more promising career as a model. The girl always had a rare beauty, so had received a lot of proposals for advertising of different brands, and in 1994 she won the crown "Miss world". He starred in the video of the Pepsi company, her face appeared on the cover of Vogue.

Her journey into the world of the film business began in 1997. Game of the actress in the movie "Tandem" was well received by critics positively. Then followed work in the films "Innocent lies" (1998) and "Forever yours" (1999). Name Aishwarya gaining popularity in the vastness of bollywood. Its project partners are renowned actors-men: Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar.

The actress is actively removed and in Hollywood films. The most successful were the films "Bride and prejudice" (2004), "mistress of spices" (2005), "the Last Legion" (2006). Just its track record of approximately fifty films.

Spouse film stars popular actor Abhishek Bachchan. Together they have a daughter Aradhya (2011).

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