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10 most beautiful and unique places of the Crimea


Almost each area has attractions and is famous for its unique buildings and natural phenomena. Crimea – a veritable goldmine of such. It is noteworthy that the most spectacular places of the Peninsula created by nature and man cherishes them as precious gift. In Crimea really are so many amazing types that to choose ten was extremely difficult. However, we tried and still made your ranking of the 10 most beautiful places in the Crimea. It's time to start!

10. The Uchan-Su Waterfall

The locals call this waterfall as "flying water". You'll Uchan-su in a picturesque place called AI-Petri (will cover this separately, but later). As for the unofficial name of a waterfall, the reason for this was the following. The fact that the water in the Wuchang-su runs down the mountain at the very beginning, while the main thread beating the ground with a fairly decent height. In the end, it turns out that the waterfall really flies. Stunner opens the eyes of the people in April during snowmelt. However, no less a breathtaking view of the falls becomes winter, freezing completely.

9. Lake koyashske

Another awesome place is located near the southern part of the Kerch Peninsula. Lake koyashske is the salt on the territory of Crimea. Over the water here, even the rise of the so-called salt icebergs very bizarre configuration. However, in our list of the lake they were not because of this. The main feature Kojashsky of the reservoir is that in the summer the water becomes pink. The intensity of the shade depends on the temperature. The reason for such an extraordinary transformation is under water. Pink lake is due to algae, which in summer aktiviziruyutsya. Agree, impressive.

8. A Cup of love

In such a romantic name is hidden apart from the sea, the pond, the architect of which was made by mother nature. Ringed rock, a natural water reservoir has long been a landmark and an object of interest for young couples. The point is, that one day was born a legend according to which guy a girl will have to wait for family happiness, if their hands are not open at the joint jump in "the bowl." For some reason people are very willing to believe in omens, so the couple will certainly test your relationship strength thus, as soon will appear near the pond. By the way, the water here is quite cold, but crystal clear.

7. Bay of Balaclava

Another natural Caprice, become famous Crimean town. The Balaklava Bay was formed between two mountains and extends as much as 1.5 kilometers. However, this is not a closed reservoir. From the sea to the Bay there is the entrance, but it is very narrow and not even always noticeable. Due to its configuration, the Bay of Balaclava is a place of shelter during the storm, as it in any case, the wave will not rise. Best review on the Bay can be seen from the top of a small mountain, located on the Eastern shore of Balaklava. By the way, there you can find the ruins of an ancient Genoese fortress called Cembalo.

6. Vorontsov Palace

This Palace as if materialized in the Crimea from the legendary video game Assassin's Creed. Kidding of course, and that the grandiose buildings have a very specific story. Count Vorontsov, being the Governor-General of Novorossiysk territory, ordered to build a Palace, but not ordinary, and sophisticated. I wanted the count to have been in the building of the English strictness and with it the luxury associated to Indian palaces. We can say that the architects coped with the task at 100. The Grand Palace in Alupka is amazing and makes you move in some fairy tale, because at the sight of this building a sense of reality disappears in all seriousness.

5. AI-Petri

Remember the first point of our route, right? So we got to the AI-Petri. The place is a sort of complex of rocks that randomly rise above Yalta. The pearl is the top of the mountain AI-Petri, which offers a truly wonderful view of the picturesque green meadows. In addition, in the morning on top of possible to enjoy a dense fog, completely covering the area. Directly from Yalta to AI-Petri cable car operates. Local strongly recommend to use it only up, because simply you can not deprive yourself a chance to walk around the foot of the mountain range, enjoying unique landscapes.

4. Nikitsky Botanical garden

Nature's creations are perfect, however, man is also something that is subject to, and thanks to his hard work, natural gifts from around the world can be gathered in one place. So came the masterpiece called "Nikitsky Botanical garden". About 200 years ago Christians Steven decided to bring in the Crimea unique plants from around the world who have never grown on this land. Contrary to expectations, the acclimatization of plants was successful, they caught on. Today stevena continues, and in the Nikitsky garden you can admire many unique species of flora as a California Sequoia, bamboo, Eastern pine and arbutus. All in all, the garden has 30 thousand species of plants.

3. Marble cave

In 1987, cavers from Simferopol discovered a huge cave consisting of many compartments. Almost immediately after scientific research it was decided to turn a unique find in a tourist site. Fast enough was made of the installation and conduction of electricity, and in 1989, the Marble cave welcomed its first guests. The uniqueness of this natural phenomenon not only in the fact that the cave is located at the level of 920 meters from the sea. Inside visitors will see stalactites and stalagmites of unusual configuration, as well as an abundance of minerals and different rocks. The cave is so huge that is divided into 10 halls with a unique exhibition in each of them.

2. Swallow's nest

The famous building on the edge of Aurora rock, on the southern shore of the Peninsula, is considered one of the symbols of the Crimea. Miniature white stone Palace seemingly floats above the sea. Previously, he served as a country residence, while today the house is located the restaurant "swallow's nest". Here you can taste delicious dishes and enjoy spectacular seascapes. Almost every tourist who has visited in Crimea, there's a picture on the background of this place. You can get here by public transport and by taxi, however it is best to feel the atmosphere of the "Swallow's nest" get on the boat.

1. Tarkhankut

Crowned by our beautiful stars out of the wild Peninsula called Tarkhankut. This is a unique place, the main architect of which was made by nature itself. Giant dangerous rocks and clear sea. In General, more nothing. Often during surf strong waves bring small pieces of rocks, thus forming a new, unique rock of fantastic beauty. Also on the Peninsula there are unique caves, many of which are still not explored by man. Attractions Tarkhankut is considered famous "Bowl of love", as well as the rock "Turtle", which really looks like a big animal, looking to the sea surface.

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