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10 most beautiful models in the UK


Centerfolds UK feature a unique combination of a characteristic of the English nobility and free spirit. Every day, they attract the eye of passers-by on the covers of fashion magazines and fashion shows. They admire famous photographers and their inexplicable charm makes them the natural gaps incredibly attractive. To find an explanation for the fact that England was home to some of the most beautiful models in the fashion industry is possible by cross-breeding. London, the British capital is a multicultural city, so in the blood of the Brits, you can discover African American and Asian roots.

10. Kelly Brook

Kelly brook is one of the most famous models in England. Everything else the girl is a talented actress. During modeling career, Kelly received the title of sexiest woman in the UK, appearing on the cover of famous men's magazines. Such a resounding success the girl achieved it through his mother, who persuaded sixteen-year-old Kelly to participate in a local beauty contest. After winning, she attracted the attention of fashion agents who immediately offered her cooperation in several major fashion companies.

9. The Chammas Of Kohistani

The chammas of Kohistani became the first girl of Muslim origin, who received the title of "Miss United Kingdom". At that time she was only eighteen years old. Born in the capital of Uzbekistan, the Chammas and her parents because of the volatile situation in the country had several times to move. Eventually together with the family of the girl settled in England. Due to strict national features Hamasa was under attack from the press about the upcoming fashion show, despite that the girl managed to get around forty other contestants and win.

8. Lucy Katherine Pinder

Lucy Katherine Pinder began her career as a model in the distant two thousand and third year. It was then that the girl caught in the lens of famous photographer Lee Earle, who predicted her a great future in the fashion industry. The girl is in fourth place in the ranking of the biggest breast among the celebrities. Several times has been criticized for participating in Nude photo shoots. Today, Lucy is an acclaimed TV star and writer. Soon Ms. Pinder along with the famous British publishing house prepares to release a book.

7. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia may Jagger has an ineffable beauty and charm. Perhaps it was the fact that the girl is the daughter of worldwide famous Mick Jagger and super model Jerry Hall. Due to his charisma, of Georgia, without help from the influential parents managed to get a contract with one of the most popular modeling agencies. In two thousand twelfth year, Ms. Jagger took part in the closing ceremony of the Olympic games along with other well-known models.

6. Nicole Neal

Nicole Neal is known worldwide not only as an incredibly attractive British model, and dancer. Thanks to his talent the girl for a short period of time managed to play in four dance movies. The unique combination of pretty appearance and magnificent forms helped to win the love of many photographers, regularly offering Nicole appears on the cover of famous glossy magazine.

5. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is one of the most influential supermodels in the fashion industry. Aramaische the origin of the model began modeling career at the age of fifteen. Naomi Campbell the first black woman who managed to get on the cover of such prestigious fashion publications as English Voque and Time. Was the heroine a few clips of Michael Jackson, who idolized Naomi for her beauty. Because of its aggressive behavior, the model received the name in the press – a Black Panther.

4. Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn, which today is one of the most successful and sought after models, was spotted by a fashion agent in a conventional supermarket in the two thousand and sixth year. Soon she became part of a major fashion Agency, located in the heart of England – London. Popularity among the public Jordan received after participating in the fashion show of lingerie Victoria's Secrets.

3. Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan, today is known not only for her successful modeling career, but also as a very talented actress and TV presenter. Thanks to his charisma and charm girl for ten years, forced all the Brits to run to the television to see her in the title role of the famous English television series. In two thousand thirteenth year the girl received the title of sexiest women in the world. Today Helen and has two beautiful daughters with famous English footballer Scott Sinclair.

2. Kate Moss

Kate moss is a perfect example that sometimes it is only necessary to be in the right place at the right time. In the nineties, the fashion world was obsessed with androgyny. Blurry view of male and female was incredibly popular. Kate moss was the epitome of the spirit of the time. Thanks to the fashionable company of Calvin Klein, she was the highest paid model. Due to problems with drugs, incredibly popular Kate unconsciously spawned a new trend called "heroin chic". All designers of the world have used for their campaigns of thin models, which produced the impression of always hanging out in clubs teenagers.

1. Mischa Anne Barton

Mischa Anne Barton is a girl who managed to embody a successful model and a very talented actress. Thanks to its Irish roots, the Briton immediately attracted the attention of the public to his work in Broadway productions in new York, where she and her family moved at the age of five years. Later the girl began to invite the world-famous photographers to participate in advertising campaigns of famous brands. However, the wider public Mischa Anne Barton is primarily known as Marissa Cooper, the heroine of the TV series for teenagers "Lonely hearts".

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