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10 most beautiful castles in the world


What you have is the word castle? Oh yeah, we are now about a Grand structure, and not about what is hanging on the door of the barn. Probably in your head flashed a strict strength (definitely with towers and ditches water), to approach which is practically impossible. In General, you are right, this is the essence of the locks. However, not always such buildings represent a tasteless building, devoid of architectural sophistication. That is why for you today we have selected 10 most beautiful castles in the world, looking at who you will forever part with the above-mentioned stereotype.

10. Peles, Romania

The history of this castle, in the North-West of Sinai, sends us to the XIX century. In 1872, a Carol I as king of Romania, was inspired by the nostalgia of his native Germany and bought the land for a summer residence. The king liked the plan of the castle for the authorship of Johann Schultz. In fact, in its original form Peles is to this day (of course, with elements of restoration). Today, this majestic and at the same time sophisticated, the castle is open for visiting tour groups. Touch the history from Wednesday to Sunday in any month except November. The huge size of the building comprises 168 rooms of which the gaze of the tourist is available only 35.

9. Hohenzollern, Germany

Huge Palace-fortress Hohenzollern is located on top of the eponymous mountain in Baden-württemberg, which is 50 kilometers South of Stuttgart. The history of the castle itself dates back to distant ages. The first mention of the building dates back to 1267, but in 1423 the castle was completely destroyed. Survived anything, so from the first castle remained only the manuscript. To 1460 was rebuilt a new castle, but it was waited by a sad fate. In the absence of strategic importance, the fortress was not used, and by the end of the XVIII century, Germany was in ruins. Today our eyes appears the third building of the castle, built in the period from 1850 to 1867 years. This tourist attraction, which every year average is visited by about 300 thousand people.

8. Chillon castle, Switzerland

Chillon castle is a real gem of the Swiss Riviera. The building first appears in the annals in the year 1160, but some information consider building to the IX century. Over its long history the castle of Chillon was a defensive fortress, a prison, and a Museum (which, incidentally, is from the beginning of XIX century and to this day). The uniqueness of the building is that it consists of two dozens of elements, each of which were built at different times. More surprising is the fact that Many of them looks very holistically and harmoniously. Modernization of the fortress began in the second half of the XIII century, and outlines, familiar to the eyes of modern man, castle took in the XV century.

7. Beaumaris, Wales

Literally, the name "Beaumaris" translates as "beautiful marsh". It is not known what was meant by the marsh, but the castle itself is really beautiful and majestic. The construction of the castle began in 1295 on the initiative of king Edward I. For 35 years, the building was never completed, and then the king simply ran out of money due to the outbreak of the Scottish campaign. Subsequently, Beaumaris still completed. It is noteworthy that the design of the castle is missing the donjon (Central tower). The building is surrounded by a moat and has two rows of towers and walls that well enough defended him at the time. It should be noted that Beaumaris has been preserved to our days in excellent condition.

6. Chapultepec, Mexico

Unlike some of their colleagues Chapultepec castle was originally destined for a noble operation. The first stone of the building was laid in 1785 with the submission of the king of Bernardo de Gálvez, but construction costs were prohibitive even for his Majesty, whereupon the king ordered to put the unfinished castle at the auction. In 1806 the Palace was purchased by the government of Mexico, and from 1833 to 1939, served as the residence of the first persons of the country. In parallel, the building at different times housed the higher military Academy, and the national Observatory. Today, the castle is the main Museum of Mexico.

5. White Heron castle, Japan

He's Himeji castle. This Palace is one of the oldest remaining in Japan to the present day. His story begins in 1333, when he laid the Foundation stone of the future masterpiece of modern Japanese architecture. Compared to white Heron in the title, the castle owes its elegance, elegance of forms and grace – these qualities are inherent and well-known bird. In its history, Himeji changed more than a dozen owners. The most extensive upgrading was carried out with the Toyotomi family in the XVII century, when were built the main elements of modern design. At the same time the neighborhood was developed actually in the maze for enemies with a lot of dead ends and circular motion. However, in case such a clever idea and has not been tested.

4. Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mont Saint Michel is actually an island-fortress, because in addition to the buildings of the Abbey here really nothing. Although stop. On the island there are the most powerful in Europe the tides that each year attracts tourists not less than the fortress. As the only buildings on Mont Saint-Michel, it is an old Benedictine Abbey built in the middle ages. The Shrine building is striking not only for its beauty but size. The area of the Palace is 55 000 square meters. Despite the fact that in 1790 the Abbey lost its status as a spiritual center, today the monastery operates a daily service can take part by anyone.

3. Chambord, France

One of the most famous castles in France was erected in the XVI century (presumably between 1519 and 1547), becoming one of the most ambitious construction projects of the Renaissance. To assess the scale of the Palace, just look at the following figures. 156 meters – the length of the facade, 117 metres wide. Inside the castle is located 426 rooms and over 800 ornaments in the form of sculptures and capitals. The spans are connected through the 77 stairs. Also, the Palace is located 282 the fireplace. And again. 220 000 – it is the number of tons of stone required for the construction of the miracle of French architecture. To say that Chambord is impressive – so just keep quiet. A must see for everyone at least once in your life.

2. Ashford, Ireland

Ireland is rich not only for its whisky, but also medieval castles. Unfortunately, many of them over time simply in ruins, but some feel quite good, despite its age. One of those is the famous Ashford castle, was build in 1228. In its nearly 800-year history, the Palace changed a lot of guests, with whom he was transformed, expanded, modernized, dilapidated and even at times partially destroyed. Anyway, today is a truly luxury building is a five-star hotel, the walls of which were such personalities as John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, Prince Edward, and many guests of the first magnitude.

1. Neuschwanstein, Germany

Well, we finish today's journey in Germany, where the Neuschwanstein castle. The building of the XIX century (second half) gracefully rises in the town of füssen, in southwest Bavaria. The initiator of the construction was Ludwig II, who wished to see instead of rocks "fairy Palace". The king so thoroughly controlled the process (any drawing had to be confirmed personally) that people simply began to consider the castle his personal creation. Well, I think Ludwig turned out perfectly, the Palace really looks as if descended from the pages of a fairy tale. Today this beautiful building is a Museum to visit which can be anyone.

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