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10 most beautiful women of the last century


Fashion changes, clothing, hairstyles, but all this does not affect the beauty of a woman. No matter how much time has passed, correct facial features, gorgeous hair and expressive eyes will not lose its charm even on portraits or photos. These women admired in the last century, but now it is impossible not to appreciate their beauty that catches the eye.

10. Cleo de Merod

She was a famous French dancer, famous for its beauty. Cleo was born in Paris, grew up dancing and first appeared on stage in 11 years. When she was 23 years old, it drew the attention of Leopold II, king of Belgium. Talked about the fact that they have a whirlwind romance, but the dancer has denied these rumors. She assured me that he received a huge bouquet of roses, and more nothing happened between them. Because of the rumors she was forced to leave Paris, but everywhere she was welcome. Beauty girl subdued and well-known artists who painted her portraits (Degas, Boldini, Toulouse-Lautrec). There were a lot of her photos and the images on the postcards Cleo went worldwide. She never married and never had children. About his life, Cleo told in his memoirs.

9. Yoni Bright

About this beauty is almost unknown. She shone on the stage of Broadway, although played the role of the second plan. The girl was struck by its beauty that made her the idol of his generation.

8. Maud Adams

She was able to become one of the highest paid Actresses of her time. Her mother was also an actress. This Mod is still a girl came on stage, already conquered the audience. She played many roles, but the most memorable was the image of Peter pan. This role made her a star of Broadway and brought huge money, about 20 thousand dollars a month. At the peak of her popularity, she decided to leave the scene. She many times offered to act in films, but the negotiations were unsuccessful. She helped the nuns gave them his estate. In the 1940s, the actress moved to his country home, where he died at the age of 80 years.

7. Mod Fili

It is a famous American actress who became famous on the stage and starred in a silent film. Her real name is Maude Mary hawk. She debuted on stage at age 3, and later performed on Broadway. Toured England, and in 1911 the first time she starred in the silent film. She also lectured, wrote plays. Died at the age of 88 years.

6. Grand Duchess Olga

Is the daughter of Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna. She was married at the age of 19 the Prince of Oldenburg. He was known for his homosexuality, so for 15 years of marriage, they never became husband and wife. They soon parted, a marriage was terminated. Later Olga married officer Nikolay kulikovskiy, after some time the son was born. The revolution broke the quiet life of the Romanov family. The Princess, then it's the mother of 2 children, didn't want to leave Russia, but she had to move to Denmark. Later, fleeing from the persecution of Stalin, moved to Canada. Died at the age of 78 years.

5. Lily Elsie

Her parents were a seamstress and a theater employee. Real name Lily Elsie Hodder. Her talent was manifested in early childhood, when she began performing, singing children's roles. But the real fame she was able to win after he appeared in the operetta "the Merry widow". It has become one of the most photographed women of the time, cards, it was sold throughout Europe. Later she married John Ian Balloch. Because of the constant illnesses she had to leave the theater. In 1916, the actress again took to the stage, where she was waiting for a real success. But later Lily still throws the theatre and moved to the village. Misunderstanding between husband and wife leads to divorce. Because of this, the actress begin bouts of depression and other health problems.

4. The girl from the island of Luzon

Among the images of the last century, captivates with its beauty and this woman from the Philippine island of Luzon. In it we see a woman, dressed in traditional Malay style, which has influenced American fashion.

3. Anna Pavlova

The legendary dancer was born in St. Petersburg, the son of a washerwoman and a soldier. When she was 8 years old, she went to the ballet "Sleeping beauty" and realized that only wants to be a ballerina. At age 10 she was accepted into ballet school but after the exam was accepted into the troupe of the Mariinsky theatre. She was entrusted with responsible roles in the classical ballets, and she soon became one of the leading dancers. She toured a lot, been to America, England, Japan, Australia, traveled throughout Europe. Her husband was Victor Dandre, a powerful businessman. At first he acted as her patron, i.e. rented her an apartment, gave gifts and drove to restaurants. But soon she decided to end the relationship because I did not believe that they have a future. However, Victor soon after the breakup, broke, owed a huge sum of money, which ended up in prison. Ex-girlfriend, learning of this, gave money for bail and called for him in Paris. He secretly flew from Russia, and they got married. Late husband was all domestic issues, led the accounting, conducted a business meeting. Ballerina died early, before they reach their 50th, because they refused surgery after she was diagnosed with "pleurisy".

2. Mary Pickford

The aspiring actress, which was given the name Gladys, was born in the family handyman and seamstress. Her father was an alcoholic and died when she was 6 years old. She had a brother and sister who later also became actors. Mother to feed the children, kept the house. To earn some money, she and the children played in the theater, and 7 –year-old Gladys first came on the scene. For a long time the whole family was playing in cheap melodramas. Soon 15-year-old girl managed to get to the famous producer David Belasco, who advised her to take a pseudonym. Later she went to the Studio where they started acting in movies. Actress, in spite of his position, was far from helpless, she had great business acumen that helped her establish the company.

1. Agnes Ayres

This career silent film actress beginning at the age of 16, when she landed the role in the crowd. Trying to break into the art world, she met the actress Ellis Joyce. She noticed that the girl looks similar to her and helped her to a significant role. Later it was waiting for the real success after she became interested in Jesse LaSky, who gave her a lead role. Theirs was a romance. But soon the relationship ended, its popularity also waned. Her life cannot be called easy, because she had to endure the loss of property and status, divorce, and then losing custody of her daughter. But she made an important contribution to the film industry.

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