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10 of the largest music festivals in the world


The season of bright incendiary parties and music festivals in European countries is in full swing. Hurry up if you want to have time to visit the most biggest and interesting event, for which Europe attracts tourists from all over the world. You may be lucky enough to quickly get a ticket since they just fly at the speed of light. Still – such a unique opportunity to combine a lot of nightlife, snacks and drinks, an impromptu beach dance floor, bright costumes and themed costumes, as well as many new acquaintances. But the feature of such festivals is, of course, meet with their favorite artists, and even with many, because these festivals last for several days, pampering guests new and familiar groups and solo performers.

Sit back and choose which of the 10 biggest music festivals on the planet you'd ever want to visit.

10. Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark

Considered one of the largest cultural musical event that annually start in Northern Europe. Tradition is still firmly rooted in 1971. Roskill in Denmark during that time visited the cult groups – Radiohead, Metallica, Nirvana and, of course, by Rastaman Bob Marley. And if, before the mid-90s, the project has attracted mainly residents of the local regions (Scandinavia), in recent years, it has international value and is a gathering place for tourists. Now the mass of feasting and partying collect tens of thousands of people. Modern listeners can hear not only rock music but also other areas. The festival programme included 8 days: the 4th preparatory camping and 4-th main part. The highlight of the project is also considered to be the annual "race Nude".

9. Exit Novi Sad, Serbia

The authors of the festival 18 years ago by three students that led to the development of one of the largest open-airs in the South-East of the continent. Here come the veterans of rock and metal, and modern DJs. In recent years, the Exit takes place not only in Serbia, but also in Romania, Croatia and Montenegro. But the country-the founder gathers around 35 thousand visitors annually. By the way, the festival has political and social implications – highlights a massive student protests, riots, hippies, etc. the Event is traditionally carried out in July, it lasts for 4 days.

8. Calvi on the RocksCorsica, France

Fashion France not far behind neighboring States, establishing your cool festival that gathers music lovers in the world for 15 years. Here is also coming electronic music artists, DJs directions trance, deep house, drum and bass, dubstep and other fashion trends. This major event is not just open space, but on the beautiful Corsican beaches (by the way, the weather is often "treats" festival of the sun and lack of precipitation). A great place to meet new people and enjoy contemporary music. The festival lasts for 6 days.

7. Sziget Budapest, Hungary

The project is in the capital of Hungary every year since 1993. It also collects one of the mass publics in Europe (sometimes the figure is half a million fans). Locals and tourists are expected to not only modern music but also an introduction to other types of art – theatre performances, masterpieces of cinematography, art exhibitions and dance performances. Lovers of personal growth can also visit education and training. Sziget is traditionally held on the island of óbuda and lasts a week. Offers traditional camping, recreation area, fun Park, riding the ships.

6. Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux, Switzerland

For lovers of classical music, jazz festival on the shores of picturesque lake Geneva is the best option summer vacation. The event gathers every year about 200 thousand visitors and is the second most visited jazz festival in the world (first held in Montreal). Here come not only the world of jazz performers, but also stars of other classic genres. Spend 2 weeks Nirvana at the foot of the Alps, an introduction to high culture, this soulful live music.

5. FlowHelsinki, Finland

Annually the event is organized not on some specially equipped space, not even on a great beach, and inside this abandoned power plant, which is located near the city of Helsinki. The organizers rely on the environmental focus of the project, so careful planning of the repertoire of guest stars, and food vendors and their suppliers are checked for organic products. According to the authors of the festival, Flow has to be carbon-neutral. Traditionally held in August and lasts 3 days.

4. Secret Garden PartyCambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Unfortunately, if you have still not visited this large-scale festival, opportunities will ever occur – for a number of reasons it canceled. Previously visitors could spend loud days in the British wilderness, enjoying the trendy music and watching the sunset. The reputation of the festival was the variety, but the party was always well-prepared and interesting, and cozy luxury tents or trailers are allowed to relax after the program. The festival was held in July, lasting only 3 days.

3. OFF Katowice, Poland

Neighbor Poland has presented its youth festival is one of many that are held annually in the summer. The difference is that speech is transferred in a picturesque region South of Katowice. The first festival was held 12 years ago and since then gained popularity, contributing to the musical education of young people and the creation of close social contacts "offline". The event takes place in August and pleases fans of 3 days.

2. Fuji RockNiigata, Japan

Japan does not lag behind the European colleagues and has put forward its own unique festival, which takes place on the green ski slopes. The picturesque hills of the resort town of Naeba place 7 main scenes, which are competently connected by pedestrian walkways. The festival also has the world's largest gondola lift. Fuji Rock, held annually in late July and lasts for 3 days, committed to becoming one of the cleanest events in the world.

1. Burning manNevada, USA

The famous art festival on a planetary scale takes place each year not just anywhere, but in the desert of black Rock, located in Nevada. The popularity of the event has been gaining ever since 1986, when thousands of people flocked to the state in the pursuit of thrills. The festival will not take the money for the entrance, you come with tents and trailers to enjoy great music and art installations. The declared purpose of the event is an international acquaintance and friendship. Many have called the festival of the crazy, mixed with fire and dust, but that is the price for the opportunity to be themselves and to feel the full emancipation.

Here's a review of the hottest festivals on a global scale. Plan for vacation next year – can you manage to join the wave of musical madness?

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