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The 10 most affectionate and kind cat breeds


The majority of people cats are associated with independent animal that will not constantly sit in front of the owner. The cat, unlike dogs, are independent and wilful. Not as in dire need of human interaction. But there are some breeds that can't stand loneliness and every moment are ready to turn near the owner. In character these rocks are somewhat similar to dogs. If you think cats are selfish creatures who only love themselves, it is not so. There are some breeds that are very affectionate and kind. They can't be alone, because you start to miss the host events. Especially good if you have children, these cats will be with them constantly to play.

10. Persian cat

Persian cats are one of the most loving breeds. The Persian is quiet and balanced character. Persian cats are real homebodies. They prefer more time to spend with the master, comfortably seated on his lap. The Persians strongly tied to all members of the family. Adult animals are phlegmatic in nature. Kittens, on the contrary, a very active and energetic. Persian cats do not meow almost. If they need something from the owner, the animals prefer to go everywhere with him and take a long look in the face. The Persians never show aggression. And if they don't like someone, the animals are just trying to keep the man away.

9. British longhair cat

Kittens British longhair cats are very active. The kittens run and play. With age the animal becomes calmer. They become hard to bring emotions. But if the cat is offended, then she's hiding somewhere and long to appear. The British quickly find a common language with children and other Pets. They also adapt quickly in a new place. Excessive petting British longhair likes, but nevertheless, always prefers to sit near the owner. This breed is suitable for people who have small children. Cats enjoy playing with children.

8. Ragdoll

The name of the breed Ragdoll means "rag doll." If you know the characteristics of cats of this breed, we can understand a meaning of the name. The fact that they can relax the muscles that really are similar to a soft toy. Cats of this breed are calm docile nature. If you want a cat who will constantly sit with you, you should pay attention to ragdoll. The most favorite place of the cat on the lap of the owner. Ragdolls are one of the most affectionate breeds of cats. If the animal is leave it alone, then the cat starts to MOPE. Even a short separation with the owner of the pet takes very seriously.

7. Burmese

The birthplace of this breed is Mama. Previously, Burmese cats were considered sacred animals and lived in temples. Burmese cats are active and love to play. But with age, like most cats, they prefer to sleep or just lie. Because of its calm nature of Burmese cats quickly get along with other animals and children. Unlike their counterparts, do not hide from strangers and always very friendly. These affectionate and kind cat will become real friends. They prefer not to create conflicts with other animals. To scare the cat can only be a strong noise. In this case the animal prefers to hide and wait until the house will not be quiet.

6. Exotic Shorthair

One of the most unusual breeds of cats is Shorthair exotic. For the first time the breed was developed in America by crossing the Persian and the American Shorthair. The nature of short-haired exotics docile and calm. They do not show aggression and get along with all the household. Even with other animals. Cat loving, fast untrainable and highly intelligent. Exotic very playful and curious. In addition, it is a very affectionate cat. But despite his docile nature and sweet face, exotics are the real hunters. They love to hunt small rodents and birds.

5. The Singapura cat

At home in Singapore cats of this breed are called young lions. Cats from the first look to conquer its huge green eyes. But not only for the nice appearance of the breed caught the fancy of cat people all over the world. Cats are calm and docile nature. And Pets are very affectionate. They quickly get along with other cats or dogs. For the love of the owner of the animal reciprocates, destroying small rodents. Singapore cats are very curious. They need somewhere to climb and get into all the closets in the house.

4. Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is a little Cheetah or leopard. Cats of this breed are among the most beautiful because of the color of the fur. Bengals are very active animals. They will not sit still. They need somewhere to climb and run. Of all breeds, Bengal cats are most quickly learn. A light and balanced nature makes them excellent Pets. Unlike most breeds, the Bengals do not allocate Pets in the family and love to all households equally. Another feature of this cat is its love of water. Bengal cats love to bathe.

3. Savannah

Another breed of cats, which in color resembles a Cheetah is Savannah. Savannah is one of the largest cats. Cats can jump to a height of 3 meters. In addition, as the Bengal, Savannah also loves to swim. Savannah is very active and in a small apartment, the animal will be closely. Therefore, a pet will have to walk like a dog. But despite its size, Savannah is very calm and affectionate cat towards the household. Another feature of this breed is the love of children. Children can squeeze and is constantly playing with the cat, she is just a joy.

2. Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats have a truly Royal grandeur. The nature of Abyssinian cats are more like dogs than the typical cats. Even adult animals are very mobile and can't sit still. Besides, they like dogs, love to swim. Cats are very much attached to the man, and difficult to tolerate separation. Pet ready day and night to walk for the owner. Abyssinians are very affectionate and kind cat. They are very responsive and react quickly to the changing mood of the owner.

1. Maine Coon

Maine coons – the largest breed of all breeds. Maine coons prefer to keep a distance with strangers. Cats of this breed are very smart. They can learn to open the door, and they can even be accustom to the toilet. Animals are curious and can sit near the window, considering what happens on the street. It is a quiet docile cat. Pets are very affectionate and quickly become attached to the person. Quickly get along with children and other Pets. Aggression manifest only in the most extreme cases, if they feel danger. In General, it is an affectionate and good Pets.

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