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10 the laziest horoscope signs of the zodiac


We all sometimes lazy. It's inevitable, right? Sometimes everyone wants to push back all of its duties and unfinished business and just relax. So, when these periods of laziness happen according to astrologers? The first and the option – at the time of the passing of the moon.

The moon is receding, when making its final orbit around another moving planet in the sign. This process ends when the Moon goes into another sign. The duration of periods of inactivity and laziness can last from several minutes to one day, and during this time everyone can slow down in performance of work and take time to rest and reflect. Usually this is a good reason to sleep well. However, not all signs of the zodiac could so easily get out of this period. What are the signs the most lazy?

10. Taurus

Not many will argue that the Bulls often like to lie on the couch, doing chores favorite lazy, instead of working on any complicated task. But this does not mean that they do not like to work. Taurus knows that in order to provide yourself a good rest, you need to work productively.

The bulls just can't afford moments of laziness, if you are sure that the case is not brought to an end. Only reached full sufficiency in everything, they realize that the time has come to stay.

9. Aries

Striving for perfection Aries can sometimes face moments of weakness and this is absolutely normal – after all, people need moments of relaxation. And though Aries is not always like it, they are able to control their laziness and do not give yourself to fall into complete apathy, just because a lofty goal is still not achieved. Such people are convinced that if you try, you will never fail.

You soberly assess the situation and sometimes allow myself to be lazy, to be normal. You are able to enjoy the simple pleasure of working towards goals, but also You are able to get pleasant feelings from simple lying on the sofa.

8. Fish

Fish love to plan, but when it comes time to implement their plans, not always taking over. They like to dream, but hard work sometimes causes people of this sign only a greater desire to be lazy.

Most of the time Fish would prefer to avoid something that they find too difficult or unpleasant. They may start to worry and doubt conceived, that I prefer not to think about it, taking a different kind of entertainment. The other part of them believes that in any case everything will be fine and prefer to do nothing.

7. Virgin

Even the mention that You will be limited in the actions probably makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. You love your freedom, so travel and nature tours bring you the most pleasure. You are hardworking and you need to be passionate about their work that brings pleasure. Heavy hard work can make you feel restricted in your life.

Of course, you are willing to work, but you do not aim to improve their skills and volunteer to stay late at work, spending extra time. As a virgin, you value your freedom and like to do only what you need. Someone will have to work hard to achieve your goal, while your mind is miles ahead.

6. Aquarius

Aquarians love to postpone things for later and come up with amazing entertainment. That's fine, but there is a line between recreational and frivolous view of life. Breaks are important, but they should not become permanent. This is often where the problem lies Aquarius, however, they remain the soul of the company and is able to always raise mood of my friends.

People under this sign still need to be productive, because no one can just abandon their responsibilities when life gets too real. It is useful to learn to be flexible. Allow yourself the balance between life and leisure. Your time spent at work will make the vacation that much sweeter and more enjoyable.

5. Cancer

Cancers tend to be lazy sometimes, however, they are very impulsive. Sometimes these changes in activity works well for them, but in other cases it can be even worse, disrupting the ability of self-discipline. In this lies the main problem of people under this sign. Illuminating any idea of Raki as fast to lose interest in it, so often in a hurry to do everything "here and now"

At other times, too lazy so exciting Cancers, it is difficult to force myself to rise again and to begin to act. It was probably for the best, because everyone sooner or later, need time to relax.

4. Scorpio

When Scorpios dedicate themselves to something, they are able to achieve great results. But such people are exposed to extremely low motivation which are much in the way on the way to achieving the goal. Fish often experience the feeling that because of laziness they are in the party longer than necessary.

People under this zodiac sign also tend to get lost in the simple things, like saying, "they can get lost in three pines" or, for example, long look in the refrigerator, not knowing that I want to take. Often this is a special way to avoid their responsibilities that seriously affect their mind. It is important to remember – in the end, the work should be completed. So why not do it sooner than later?

3. Leo

It may seem that the Lions are very lazy people and for them there is nothing better than to spend time relaxing. This is partly true, but not always. The lions are not lazy, they think about everything before you act. "Measure twice and cut once"- it's about them. These people initially consider all actions and therefore sometimes very slow.

But the Lions are busy calculating their actions. Sometimes it's so nice to relax on the comfortable sofa and spend the whole day doing lazy business and is nothing serious.

2. Gemini

You may be surprised to see the Twins in the lazy list of zodiac signs. In the end, people under this sign like to fight for their beliefs and be a true humanist, and both items require a lot of work and dedication, so the Twins are much easier to provide moral support. The reason some laziness stems from the fact that the Twins are not a fan of any boring work, which will have to face, problems can significantly affect well-being. If You really want to start to help the world, it's time to consistently do the work, not only providing verbal support.

1. Libra

Libra just can't live without being the most charming and beloved society. Creative and talented, You love to be the center of attention and enjoying it, so hard work that requires a lot of wasted effort, not to Scale.

Laziness is listed as an official weakness of the zodiac sign Libra, which makes them a Prime candidate for one of the laziest, if not the laziest of the zodiac signs. You are curious and creative, and it's a great quality to become a real star, which you probably are, but without any classic hard work, supporting financial and physical condition, you will only be able to watch the "behind the scenes".

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