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10 best TV shows about space


Genre fiction has always been popular and with time its popularity is increasing. In it there are space battles, and battles with high-tech weapons, and dizzying special effects, and much more. Curiosity at all times served as an attraction to a new person. Because absolutely everyone is interested to see new planets, new life forms, new weapons, etc. and therefore have created a fantastic genre. At the moment there are a lot of movies and TV series of this genre. But attention, in the first place, deserve the 10 best science fiction series.

10. Firefly

Captain Reynolds during the intergalactic war was defeated, fighting on the weak side. Now he is forced to roam the universe on his ship performing the carriage of contraband. The crew of serenity led by captain Reynolds, is made up of speculators, periodically breaking the law. They are not a disciplined team, but rather a family. But it is for them. So they find new adventures and get into different situations. And, sometimes they can be very difficult, they can always find a way even the most difficult situation.

9. Killjoys

The two mercenaries Dutch and John are taken for the various tasks. They are a team of professionals. Dutch martial arts master and is able to defeat a crowd of enemies. John is an excellent technician, able to work wonders with any device. Companions are traveling on your ship, controlled by artificial intelligence throughout the cosmos. And that's another job. John charge to kill the criminal. But the problem appears when John learns that the culprit is his brother. The team gets an enormous task to cover up the offender and take his team, but not so simple...

8. Dark matter

Somewhere in the universe there is an abandoned spaceship not the usual team that wakes up after hibernation. The crew of this ship could not remember when and how I got to the ship. Now, in order to survive, they have to work together. Obstacles and dangers at every step. This is a very dangerous journey filled with betrayal, revenge, and secrets.

7. Hundred

In the result of a terrible nuclear war had destroyed the entire civilization. After 97 years after the war, in orbit of the Earth is located the space ship is the last refuge of humanity. On Board this ship are those who managed to survive those terrible events, arranged by the man himself. Once the spaceship to Earth a capsule filled with a hundred juvenile delinquents.

6. Call

War of aliens and earthlings turns town Land into a ruin. Not without huge losses on both sides. In the fighting on the Ground gets a lot of alien machines. The soldiers realize the futility of this cruel extermination of each other and challenge their own commanders. This leads to a truce between mankind and their enemies. 15 years after the armistice, Joseph Nolan with his adoptive alien daughter Irissou hits in his native St. Louis, where he assumes the role of protector of the local population. From that moment his life will take place in town called the Challenge, which is inhabited by representatives of the six races, leading the fight against the forces that threaten this town.

5. Space

Vodovoz "Canterbury" to fulfill another mission for the transportation of ice from Saturn's rings. Suddenly the crew spots a distress signal from an unknown ship. Upon arrival at the place where he was sent a distress signal, "Canterbury" discovers an empty ship, in which there is absolutely none. The situation becomes much worse when the mission turns into a race for survival. Meanwhile, at the station of Ceres detective is looking for the missing person. The investigation of the detective leads him to an empty ship, which had previously been discovered by a team of "Canterbury". Things are even more difficult when the identified customers of this crime.

4. Outside

Molly watts — an astronaut. Its long mission in orbit coming to an end. She has a meeting with her beloved husband and son. Builds future plans for life. But on returning home something goes wrong. Molly says that her family has changed greatly, and she already is not the same. With her husband, she having frequent quarrels and conflicts. But they retain their relationship for the sake of his son. All this in the end leads to depression Molly and flash a new flame of love between spouses. My husband tries to help her, but her condition is deteriorating day by day. After a visit to the doctor, it becomes clear that Molly is already a few months pregnant. Now the family have to figure out something settled inside Molly watts for a few years in orbit

3. Star trek: enterprise

Humanity is taking its first steps in space exploration. For this purpose was created the first space Shuttle "enterprise", designed to study the most distant reaches of space. On its way the crew headed by captain Archer will meet a lot of difficulties and trials. Once, the team will be forced to take part in an intergalactic war, preventing the capture of the planet Earth. It was at this point the crew will realize that the fragmented planet is weak and it is necessary to create the United Federation of planets. The problem is that not all planets are friendly to earthlings.

2. Lost in space

The Robinsons are sent on a long journey to another planet through a huge distance. But due to unforeseen circumstances, the crew of straying from the route and it turns out a few dozen light-years from its target. Now they have to spend a long time on the ship, struggling with despair and fear. Everyone blames each other in an event that still complicates the situation. But there awaits them an unexpected meeting for which they are to unite.

1. Battlestar Galactica

The Cylons attack the colonies of Kobol. Battlestar Galactica accompanied by miraculously surviving civilian fleet leaves dangerous territory. Humanity forms an army from the remnants of their forces for their resistance to the Cylon forces. But for the victory of humanity, the crew of the ship must go in search of the 13th colony of Kobol, mention of which is stored only in ancient legends.

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