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10 of the best means of protection against mosquitoes


Summer is not only a magical three months of heat, holidays and sun. At the same time aktiviziruyutsya mosquitoes and other flying creatures, eager to bite you. In addition to the pain these creatures are able to deliver an even and nervous problems. After all, just a mosquito squeak can drive a man crazy, if not stop. In this regard, every vacationer or just walking the person must have a bug spray or some tool that will drive the hated bloodsuckers. This, by the way, today will be discussed. So, 10 of the best means of protection from mosquitoes.

10. Gardex Family

Series products Gardex Family represent a range of tools to protect from mosquitoes. This includes traditional sprays (regular and with aloe Vera), as well as repellent candles. Any means safe for children, suitable for the whole family. Sprays Gardex Family is intended for use during a holiday in the country and in other places in the open air with a low concentration of insects. As for repellent candles, they will not only serve as an effective remedy for the pesky bloodsuckers, but an accessory that just can not hurt at the evening table, or a romantic date. In addition, a line of Gardex Family includes a special balsam after bites if mosquitoes are still caught you.

9. Kontra gel

Simple and effective, and most importantly, time-tested means. Repellent gel Kontra extremely easy to use (only need to apply the cream on the bare places without the need to grind it) and carry (a small tube easily fits in any purse or backpack). Water based gel makes the product gentle and eliminates the nasty stickiness. In addition, the cream helps moisturize the skin. Attractive looks and price Kontra gel, however not all Internet pharmacies remedy available. The only downside of the cream is that it is not suitable for young children as well as pregnant women and people with sensitive skin.

8. Helix Raptor

If you do not want trouble with the smearing of his own body, then you have an innovative solution from Raptor. This tool is a special spiral that smolders, releasing detrimental to mosquito insecticide. In the basis of the product lies tightly compacted milled wood impregnated with d-allethrin (just highlight it with the corruption and provide protection from mosquitoes). It is worth to note that helix Raptor is designed only for use outdoors. Couples d-allethrin completely safe for the whole family and animals. Spiral decay very slowly, resulting in a tool that remains effective for 7 hours. The radius of evaporation of the active substance is 3 meters.

7. Mosquitall

Sprays and aerosols from Mosquitall are designed to protect you from mosquitoes by using unique bio-repellent IR 3535. The main advantage of this active substance is a complete safety of its application. Accordingly, the aerosols based on it is suitable for absolutely all skin types, including those with high sensitivity. Also, sprays can be applied to clothing. The absence in composition of the products Mosquitall parabens ensures that the spray will not leave a sticky and oily stains on any fabric. On top of that sprays for mosquitoes Mosquitall have a pleasant aroma. Aerosols retain protective activity within 4 hours of spraying.

6. Spray DEET

The contents of this spray will provide you with protection from mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers even in places large congregations of insects. Active insect repellent based on hydrocarbon is valid for 5 hours. The spray is equally effective when applied directly on skin or on clothing. The product is safe and leaves no sticky residue, and compact canister takes up little space and is always ready to be at hand at the right time. However, there are a few limitations in the operation of the aerosol. Repellant not recommended for pregnant women, young children, people with high skin sensitivity, and also not to put on synthetic clothes.

5. Plate Raid

If outdoors, along with the whole Arsenal of means of protection from annoying insects in the room (be it an apartment, your house or cottage) you can use almost anything. Of course, it is unlikely that you have a great desire to spray myself before bed with aerosols, so the market there are more comfortable and practical vehicle. For example, a plug-in vaporizer loaded with plates from the Raid. When plugging in aluminum base plate starts to heat up, resulting in evaporates detrimental to insects active substance. Remedy for a Raid specifically designed for use at night, so one plate is able to protect you from 8 to 12 hours.

4. Bugslock Bracelet

From bracelets Bugslock is an effective and stylish solution to the problem associated with nasty buzzing and bites. Perhaps the most comfortable and compact mosquito repellent in our current list. The product is a bracelet made of cotton material which is impregnated with repellent (citronella extract). This accessory will become an indispensable assistant for those who do not want to think about mosquitoes and do not want to mess with sprays. The bracelet will fit any member of your family – the product does not cause allergies and abrasions on the skin. In addition, the line from Bugslock represented by a large number of colors.

3. Aerosol OZZ

And yet the traditional mosquito repellent in the open countryside is considered to be aerosols. Cartridges from a company called OZZ deter you from mosquitoes and other flying insects. This aerosol is easy to apply on skin and clothes without leaving the slightest greasy or sticky residue. Valid for 3-4 hours, depending on the concentration of insects (you can use not only where the mosquitoes do not make it difficult on the fingers, but also where the damned flyers a swarm). Aerosols from OZZ have no contraindications and is safe for application even on children's skin. In addition, the compact spray fits anywhere.

2. Spray OFF

The range of sprays against mosquitoes OFF contains 2 products, the main active ingredient of which is a repellent DEET. The first tool is the spray OFF for the whole family. With him will be under the protection of all your loved ones whom you chose to share the rest of nature, including small children. When applied to the skin spray Family is active about 3 hours. As for the second product from the OFF, this spray is simply called Extreme. The concentration of diethyltoluamide here 2 times more than in the family vehicle. Accordingly, such a spray suitable for the places where insects too much. For example, the shore of a pond or small lake.

1. My sunshine

In General, from the name it becomes clear that it is a means of protection against mosquitoes made especially for the youngest travelers and vacationers. "My sunshine" is a repellent spray, which is based on the active ingredient IR3535. If you remember, just above we mentioned that bio-repellent as hypoallergenic and very safe. Well, how could it be otherwise, when we are talking about a very sensitive baby skin? Of course, the only way. However, the "Sun" will be equally effective when applied on baby clothes. The active repellent action here is 2 hours.

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