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10 of the world's smallest Islands, where people live


Most of us live in apartments or private homes. All accustomed to the fact that the nearby jobs, schools, shops and other establishments necessary for our civilized life. How about to settle on the island? Yes, on a small piece of land half the size of red square and located in the water. No Cum, no "roundabout" across the road or the road itself. Yes there shops, if your neighbors in the best case will be only silent trees and the equally reticent (on a human language, at least) birds and animals. Not yet ready? Then let's just see how things are in the ten smallest Islands of the world, where now people live.

10. Island Bjarnarey, Iceland

This island is located near the southern coast of Iceland. Its dimensions are such that the person just under the strength will be around the whole area in one day. Bjarnarey cannot boast of the tumultuous life – from the vegetation on the surface of the island is just grass, of resident animals here either. The island would have long ago recognized the uninhabited, if not... a lone house, surrounded by legends. The history of construction is not known, exactly the same as someone who lives (and what, in the end, feeds) in the house today. There are suggestions that it during the breeding season petrels stop the hunters, arriving here by helicopter.

9. Mont-Saint-Michel, France

She is St Michael's mount. This island, located in the North-West coast of France, is essentially a fortress on the water. A small plot of land on the bottom surrounded by walls and towers, in the middle part of the island is the house and various buildings. The culmination and the main attraction of Mont Saint-Michel is considered to be a Benedictine Abbey. In addition to the spiritual and historical significance of the monastery is also a real decoration of the island – perhaps the sun is going down, Mont-Saint-Michel turns into a picturesque place, thanks to the illumination of the Abbey. Amazing island with many cultural values attracts the attention of from 1.5 to 2 million tourists from around the world.

8. Isle Dunbar, Honduras

As in the case with the island Bjarnarey, a piece of land called Dunbar contains on its surface just one building. However, further comparisons useless – after all, on a rocky Dunbar is a luxurious private Villa, which actually covers the entire territory of the tiny island. The owner of this extravagant home with the time felt that the six bedrooms he alone will be too much, and began to rent out their apartments as hotel. Needless to say, that the hotel-the island has good demand and is not empty – it's small, and seekers of unusual activities among tourists and diving enthusiasts always enough.

7. The island Gospa od Skrpjela, Montenegro

Again the island, which houses historical and spiritual monument. This time we are talking about Gospa od Skrpjela, which is located near the city of Perast in Montenegro. On the surface of the island has a Church of the Mother of God, built by hand in 1630 as a talisman for sailors in voyages and travels. However, after 47 years, the temple has suffered badly due to the earthquake, and the form in which the Church appears to our eyes today, it acquired only in 1722. The monastery is the only building on the island – indeed, it is difficult to place something else on a very narrow piece of land with an area of 3000 square meters.

6. The Island Of St. George, Montenegro

To visit the next island, we do not need to fly to another country and do not even need to change the region of a dislocation. What is really there, from Gospa od Skrpjela to the island of St. George is so at hand, that is the distance at desire it is possible to swim breaststroke. Here also is located the Shrine of another Benedictine Abbey, though the building is much more modest than in Mont Saint-Michel. Also the surface of the island is a small forest, it makes a very picturesque landscape. However to admire the view needs from afar – the island is barred to ordinary people.

5. The island on lake Galve, Lithuania

But on an island in the middle of lake Galve, very happy to see curious tourists. The reason for their appearance here is the old Trakai castle was built about 6 centuries ago. Indeed, it is now rare where you can see the real brick castle that seems straight out of a fairy tale, and even on a separate island! Besides the fact that the building itself is an architectural and historical monument, the castle there is also a Museum of Trakai, illustrating all the stages of life and development of this city. In addition, around the island-a castle, you can swim on the boat, enjoying a romantic evening and a superb view of the illuminated fortress.

4. The Island Of Pontikonisi, Greece

The famous plot of land in Greece has also found its place in our rating. Pontikonisi is the place where man is in perfect harmony with nature. The island has lots of greenery and trees, making it a real home for many birds and animals. The sushi is literally filled with different types of fish. Human footprint on the island is present in the form of a functioning monastery – the Holy monastery is exactly in the middle of a bus stop, surrounded by forest. By the way, the temple is associated with the second name of the island (the Mouse). The fact that the stone stairs leading to the monastery from a distance very similar to the mouse tail.

3. The Island Of Visovac, Croatia

As you can see, in most cases a miniature island is habitable due to literally one building. Often, a building is a temple. Visovac in Croatia is not an exception. The island has an almost perfect round in shape, and on its territory there is the Franciscan monastery. The Shrine is surrounded by dozens of cypress trees and other trees: together with the Ministers of the Church life on the island is shared by various birds and animals. In General, who else, if not the monks, can live on a separate piece of land, a coastline which is only half a kilometer (it is easy to calculate how many times a day you can work around Visovac along and across).

2. Isle Wilhelmstein, Germany

Is only one eye to look at the Isle of Wilhelmstein, as soon becomes clear, where we arrived to see another representative of our hit parade. Artificial plot of land in the form of a rectangle whose sides reconciled, it seems, to the centimeter. Also catches the eye austere building, erected right in the middle of the island. It's definitely nothing like German precision! The island was originally built as a fortress on the water. A man named Duke William of Schaumburg-Lippe with its help it is planned to defend his own County, and built there a military College. In fairness, the idea worked (the island really was able to repel the enemy), but after the death of William. Today it is a Museum.

1. Island lake Bled, Slovenia

Well, here we reached the most interesting. As, again, the Church in the woods? In fact, it is so on the island of lake Bled is located St. Mary's Church with the bell tower of the medieval buildings. Here every year attracts thousands of lovers to not only marry, but to marry, after that for 99 happy the steps leading to the temple. The uniqueness of this piece of land is an optical illusion that accompanies its contemplation. The fact is that if you look at the island, being on the same level with him, the feeling that he is simply hanging in the air! Enhanced visual effect in fog. Therefore, this island is also called "flying".

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