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10 most cute animals that can kill you


The average person knows very little about the animal world. He does not know the conditions in which many animals live, what they eat, what way of life conduct. But perhaps most importantly, what you should know – are they safe for humans. It's not always cute appearance ensures that the animal will behave benevolently. Of course, if you live in a city apartment, and the only animal that you found on the way – the neighbor's Chihuahua, you can assume that knowledge is useless. Do not be so categorical. Who knows what will happen in the future. Maybe you are leaving for permanent residence to another city or country, go on a journey. When you encounter these animals, just be careful. Below is the list of 10 most cute animals that can kill you. Avoid meetings with them, they are not so friendly as they seem.

10. Elephant

Despite the impressive size, elephants to most people, are kind and lovely animals. In fact, elephants have a complicated character. They are very smart, they have a good memory, easy to remember their abusers, and then revenge them. Elephants are often outbreaks of aggression, rage. As the man himself provokes an attack. One should not approach these animals. In anger the elephant is very scary. He tramples on people, cars, houses, grabs people with its trunk and hits the ground. They quickly move, to run away will not work. The weight of the elephants ranges from 2 to 6 tons, depending on the species. Often there are more large animals. We know many tragic cases, many people died in the meeting with this cute animals. So, in the beginning of the century the elephant nicknamed Osama bin Laden, attacked the Indian village, killed people, destroyed their homes. This happened five years before he was killed.

9. Tasmanian devil

This animal can be found only on the island of Tasmania. Maximum height – 80 inches, maximum weight is 12 pounds. His appearance is deceiving, kind of a funny animal, but its fangs are impressive. Have a grumpy and fierce nature, at the slightest threat of going berserk. Their stings are very strong, the Tasmanian devil bites through a trap made of metal. It is a cruel animal. However, recently Tasmanian devils have become to have as Pets. But this is not as safe as it seems.

8. Sea leopard

This kind of seal, which got its name due to its exotic color and ferocious nature. Body length usually does not exceed 4 meters and a weight of 400 pounds. The distribution of the Antarctic sea. It feeds on warm-blooded animals, will easily overcome penguin, do not disdain even their brethren in other seals. There are many cases of attacks by leopard seals on people, usually employees of research stations or fishermen. They attack man during underwater expeditions, overturned boat. It is unknown how leopard seals perceive humans as food or as an unusual object of hunting. We know one thing: the cute and innocent exterior lies a cold-blooded killer.

7. Thick Lori

These animals live in tropical forests. This little creature reaches a height of 38 inches, and its weight is 1.5 kg. Tolstoy Lori big eyes, he looks like a plush toy. Looks are deceiving, this is the most poisonous mammal in the world. One sting can cause anaphylactic shock and even death. The teeth are very sharp. But most accidents with Lori provoke the people themselves. These poor animals are used for religious rites, for the manufacture of drugs. They are often brought in as Pets. The animals are protected as you can. By the way, this species is recognized as endangered. All of the above actions in relation to Lori are illegal.

6. Anteater

Anteaters are mammals, their size depends on the type. They live in South and Central America. Their weight ranges from 400 grams to 30 kilograms, height from 15 centimeters to 1.8 meters. Elongated muzzle looks very touching, the animal gives the impression of a harmless. The animal feeds on ants and termites. It seems that for a person it poses no danger. But the anteater large and sharp claws. If they sense danger, will be protected. Many people have become victim to the sharp claws of the anteater, some died. Within the reserve is inhabited by anteaters, the accident happened. They attacked an employee of the reserve, from the received traumas the man died.

5. Swan

If exotic animals should be afraid of the swans to be afraid, no one will. Besides, about these birds is composed of many beautiful legends. Swans – the symbol of love. Habitat – Eurasia, Australia, South Africa. Their weight is 15 pounds, wingspan – 2 meters. Swans attack people not just because, in most cases, nearby their nest. They desperately protect their children. So after a meeting with angry bird very few people manage to survive. It flaps its wings, and strikes with a beak. But usually they warn about the attack. So, if you have a chance to be saved, use it.

4. Panda

These cuties will not leave anyone indifferent, but do not forget that they belong to the bear family. They are very large. Maximum height – 1.8 meters. Maximum weight is 160 pounds. Habitat – Central China. Their unusual color attracts people's attention. This is a favorite cartoon character – clumsy, clumsy, but very kind. People often provoke the attack pandas. Besides, this animal is rarely found in nature. Usually all accidents happen in zoos or sanctuaries when people try to touch or photograph the animal. They have strong teeth, they are physically well developed. People will not be able to cope with the Panda. Don't forget that this cute animal is a bear.

3. The poison dart frog

Little frog, not exceeding 2.5 centimeters in length. Bright color, pleasant voice. How can people think that this is small exotic animal is dangerous to life. Habitat – Central and South America. The skin of the poison dart frog secretes poison. This is the most toxic animals on earth. Poison of one individual is enough to kill 20 people. It is sufficient to take the poison frog in hand, as the poison begins to penetrate into the human body through wounds, small scratches, and mucous membranes. The worst thing is that the antidote to him there. Death can occur within 20 minutes.

2. Puffer fish

The famous puffer fish will not hurt you if you don't try to eat it. She lives in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific ocean. It is not very large in size, in length usually reaches 40 cm. In Japan the puffer fish is a traditional dish, use it to tickle your nerves. Fish contains a substance tetrodotoxin. Most of it in the liver, gall bladder, skin. You need to prepare it a special way, only then it will do no harm. There's no cure, but brave souls willing to taste it, not less of it. Most likely, a plate of puffer fish looks quite appetizing.

1. Dolphin

Species of dolphins many, but the most popular is the bottlenose Dolphin. They are very large, reach a length of 4.5 meters. Habitat – warm temperate waters of the World ocean. People perceive them as friendly animals. This stereotype formed because of TV. Dolphins often become the heroes of the movies, there are good-natured and sweet. In fact, they are completely different. They can save a drowning person, but they can also drown. A lone fisherman can become a victim of the dolphins, they "play" with it to death. Meeting dolphins in the open sea is unlikely to end well for you than good. To save itself, be careful not only with dolphins but also other animals. Even a house cat can cause severe injury, not to speak about wild animals.

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