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10 the most fashionable swimsuits for summer 2018


Swimsuit is the main subject of summer wardrobe. In 2018, the designers offer a wide variety of models in different styles and colors. In the trend of unusual fabrics and their combinations, original designs, elegant finish, lace and fringe, a riot of colors, retro patterns.

The summer season is particularly remembered bathing suits with bold cutouts and sheer elements. Women with curvaceous couturier offer kits with shorts, skirts and other additional details. And for those who cannot handle the scorching sun created special costumes with long sleeves and an elongated hem.

10. Fused cutouts

One-piece swimsuit with slits at the peak of popularity. The advantage of this style is that it will help to emphasize any part of the body and hide the flaws. The main thing – to consider all the details. Side cutouts visually slim the waist and lengthen the legs. To highlight the hips can be using open areas in the lower cut sets. Swimsuit with v-neck cut on the back gives the image of elegance and sophistication. Fashion fusion styles with a deep neckline and additional decorative elements in this area, as well as "ragged" products. These swimsuits are stylish, with bright contrasting prints in the same color palette.

9. Tankini

For owners of rounded shapes in the selection model tankini. They differ in riding a long top or a mini dress. The bottom is made in the style of swimming trunks or short shorts. Fashion tankini with horizontal ruffles surround that shape the bust and conceal the extra inches in the abdomen. Also popular costumes with ruffles in different asymmetry and drape. They allow you to adjust the body line. Tops without straps, with zippers, odors, embroidery and other decorative elements – the main and most beautiful part of this swimsuit.

8. Striped

On the pedestal more than one season lasts a striped print. In fashion all the variations: horizontal and vertical lines, asymmetry and a clear geometry, the chaotic stripes, patterns, Zebra, and tiger. The color palette is also varied. But particularly popular on the runway shows won the black and white stripes and contrasting hues. Beautiful shapes will Shine under the sun when choosing a Monokini, where the bodice and panties are connected by harness bands. The famous collection of swimsuits is also not without this print. The combination of horizontal and vertical elements in different parts emphasize the advantages of any shape.

7. Retro polka dot

In the wardrobe of fashionistas returned the peas. Large and small, bright and contrast. The style of bygone eras recalls kyndiah beginning of the last century and gives the image a special glamour. The trend of swim-shorts with a high rise bodice and balconette. This top, combined with the push-up will add volume to the bust and accentuate a feminine shoulder line. The most current colors – blue, black or pink fabric with white polka dots, a combination of yellow with blue, Magenta with bright green, red and blue with white. Continuous swimming costumes with a similar print, decorated with flounces, lace, and ruffles, also in fashion.

6. With a bright print

Rich colors and unusual patterns adorned the summer collections of famous designers. Bright prints attract attention and suit bold girls. At the peak of popularity blossoming in the tissues of flowers and unusual ornaments, geometric shapes, eye-catching decals, eclectic, broken natural patterns. Poisonous color 90 is also returned to the podium. Light green, acid yellow, hot pink and all their combinations can beautify the entire product or parts of it.

5. On one shoulder

The fragility and tenderness is reflected in the styles of one shoulder. This option is suitable for owners of both broad and sloping shoulders. Sporty presents swimsuits with one strap which can be complemented by contrasting lines, the parallel cut-outs or sheer panels. More feminine look suits decorated with volume flowers, ruches, braids or other details along the strap. The most fashionable swimwear, with one or several large frill extending from the chest line up and slung over the shoulder or covering the body in a circle.

4. Bikini with bandeau bodice

Separate swimwear top bandeau fit the girls with forms of "hourglass". In such kits the bodice is strapless or one with a thin tie at the neck. Youth models are full of bright patterns and fresh colors. For those whose proportions are not in harmony, created a bikini with contrast upper and lower part. They allow you to balance the volumes of the hips and shoulders. Monochrome sets will highlight the curves of the slim and fit bodies. the trend bottoms and strapless bandeau decorated with lines at the seams and floral print. Option in polka dot is also a win-win. Owner of a beautiful chest can emphasize their dignity bandeau with corset lacing, ruffles or a flounce cascading light. And for those who are deprived in this part of the body, suitable options with a fluffy fringe.

3. Lace

Original look swimwear lace in romantic style. The fashionable – knit, heathered yarn. The advantage of these products in plethora of textures and patterns of plants, geometric shapes and other elements. Color scheme lace swimwear is also diverse: from muted pastel tones to the bright and colorful palette. It is interesting to look at these sets the gradation change pattern, or abstract drawings. Decor lace costumes are buboes, fringe, ruffles, flounces, bows of ribbon, beads. Very stylish look sets, decorated with natural shells and stones.

2. Denim

To emphasize the boldness and youthfulness designers offer bathing suits of jeans. This material has never lost its relevance, especially in the summer wardrobe items. Denim swimwear presented in different styles and styles. High-waisted bikini, one piece, Monokini and tankini. In the trend sets, complemented by delicate white lace, embroidery, oversized buttons. For the brave there is the select ripped jeans and lace up at the neckline or on the sides. Elegant look suits with bandeau contrast stitch. Whited jeans or a bathing suit bodice will help to focus attention on the most expressive parts of the body, giving them additional volume.

1. With lacing

In the new summer season lace is again in trend. And this could not affect the beach closet. Swimwear with a similar trim accentuate the femininity and sexuality. The most popular model – with lacing in the neckline area. Moreover, the longer the better. Continuous bathing suits with long sleeves and a laced front cutout at the top of the fashion glory. Cover from top of bust line almost to the navel and below popular as ever. The only caveat, this style is suitable only for confident owners of beautiful Breasts. Lacing on the sides is also in fashion. Thanks to it you can adjust the size of the product, and even to adjust the body line. Beautiful and sophisticated looks of the cover in the back. It also allows you to pull the waist and bust area. Also popular are separate swimwear with lace-up in which she serves as a decor element.

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