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10 most hated characters in the history of the series


Not every hero of the series manages to earn the audience's love. Depends on what audience award and how to earn its character on the show? It often happens that a viewer is annoying good and bright character, but moviegoers like a negative and arrogant character. Let's consider 10 of the most annoying characters of the series.

10. Jules from the TV series "Cougar Town"

Jules is a beautiful, energetic and smart. What is her problem? The woman is extremely active and Intrusive. It surrounds the excessive care of his son and his friends, who do not even need. Jules replay, wanting to be on the "same wavelength" with his son and people of his generation, it seems unnatural in youth. Activity Jules obviously does not go in her favor, she is "bothering" others with their advice and desire total control. The heroine confuses the viewer obsession, maybe that's why it falls in the list of most hated characters.

9. Karen from the TV series "Shameless"

Schoolgirl with a changeable nature and easy accessibility, Karen enters into a relationship with Phillip who begins to constantly nag, cheat, and manipulate them. Lipp's in love with Karen and would do anything for her, especially when the young man discovers that she is pregnant. Karen enjoys people and for that, the audience starts to hate her. She only thinks about herself and even throws her own child, leaving him in the care of his mother. The girl is impulsive and thoughtless, so do not find understanding from the audience.

8. Lana from the TV series "Smallville"

Good and pretty babe Lana is annoying most of the viewers of the show for their responsiveness and courage. The girl popular among the young people, she was cute, the characters of the series. However, the audience feel that Lana replay. Some of her selfless acts remain unclear to the viewers. Lana is too perfect and perfect in every way. She is an excellent student and her behavior is always subject to certain rules. The girl is studious and clever, but the love of the audience and failed to win.

7. Andrea from the TV series "the Walking dead"

This character is constantly "pissed off" viewers because she likes to take over the lot. The woman loved to lead, but she found it difficult to bear the responsibility for all members of the group. Andrea was taking on more than he could perform, so she regularly has let down his band. Character too likes to stand out and wants to show his superiority. But the viewer feels that the girl is not right – you can't use someone else's weakness and someone else's trust for your own exaltation. The girl can not take care of their own security, so why is she always strive to take a leading position – this question remains unclear for the majority of film enthusiasts.

6. Rita from Dexter

Initially, the character of Dexter, a cute and lovely Rita, delighted the audience with his appearance in the frame. But, unfortunately, the image of the heroine from season to season changing. Tender and vulnerable girl, the third season of the show was the grumpy woman. The character of Rita was heavy, she began to find occasions for quarrels with your spouse – the main character of the series. The wedding had negative effect on Rita, who has lost the audience's love and trust.

5. Joffrey from the television show "Game of thrones"

Perhaps one of the most memorable and nasty characters "Game of thrones" Prince Joffrey became one of the most negative characters. He is a coward, who unjustly came to power. The hero is tough and ruthless, and he is stupid and impulsive – these qualities can not have the person with power. Joffrey's vile and petty, his negative traits can be listed endlessly. The hero behaves like a hurt little boy who wants to take revenge on the world for mocking him. The death of Joffrey was made to rejoice many viewers, tired of his evil "pranks". Many movie buffs noted on the forums of the series that the hero received a well-deserved painful death.

4. Wesley from "Star trek: the Next generation"

Smug and arrogant young man who overestimates his capabilities, because he is lucky. Wesley saves a spaceship by accident, coincidence, and not their skill, perhaps that is why it is so not like the viewers. The guy goes easy. He's too sure of himself, engaged in self-admiration, it is not up to the other members of the crew. Heroes like Wesley, the audience is not respected.

3. Ted from the TV series "How I met your mother"

This character is arrogant and childish, he is careless and selfish about his relations with girls, and has earned the dislike of the viewers. Despite the fact that the Ted – plot-character, to love and accept. The immaturity of the hero kills him in the eyes of others.

2. Janice from the TV series "the Sopranos"

Character that is spoiled and arrogant, selfish, annoyed for a long time not only members of his family, from which she constantly pulls money, but viewers who do not tolerate lazy and disorderly characters. Janice is behaving like a child, she had always been allowed all that she wants, so in adult life the girl requires care of the self from others. Janice is not able to take care of herself, she can only "sit on the neck" of their relatives. At the same time, she hates her family and wants to live without them, however, she herself understands that this is impossible.

1. Skyler from "breaking bad"

From a strong woman who knows how to act to protect his own family, Skyler with each season became more and more nervous and alienated from her husband. The woman lost the trust to your loved one, she became a cold-blooded to Walter. Bold and decisive Skyler began to withdraw into themselves, she had to get to the truth. The woman decided to find out what happens in her family she is estranged from her husband, went to the betrayal – were ready to do anything to break up with Walter. The heroine was paranoid, she began to lose touch with reality.

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