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10 most needed items in case of a zombie Apocalypse


We believe that many science fiction writers were in some sense prophets, and the stories contained in their books, are already starting to come true. This leads to the logical thought – and maybe a zombie Apocalypse, not so much "crazy" as it seemed? May bug scientists and physicians will lead to the fact that the Earth will spread the virus that causes rotting of the flesh and the gradual disruption of the brain. In fact, in history there are examples of diseases (dysarthria, leprosy, and others) in which people have become something like zombies. And if a sick person is socially dangerous?

In any case, we must be ready for everything: to every epidemic, the invasion of alien creatures, zombies and other mystical creatures. And if the Apocalypse with ghouls really happens, then we will know what are the 10 necessities you need to have.

10. Durable clothing

So, you have found refuge, it's time to think about the constant clothing that would withstand fluctuations in various temperatures, wind, rain and other precipitation. But most importantly it should be durable to protect from the bite of an infected person. The tighter the clothes, the longer they will last in the conditions when in search of a new outfit. She should be moderately heavy, not to constrain and not to restrain the rate of movement when you will quickly escape from zombies. It is optimal to find a protective vest and unloading with multiple tactical pockets have a lightweight helmet or even a baseball cap, as well as protection for the elbows and knees, which will protect the joints from damage and overload. On a cool time in a backpack, place a versatile jacket that will warm and protect from the weather. Don't forget a pair of mittens and socks for winter – many places will not take, but in the cold will greatly help.

9. Backpack

All the survival gear in the pockets will not fit, therefore, strategically important things better put in a sturdy and roomy backpack. It is optimal to take a bag climber that can hold the temperature. It is desirable that it also had a built-in drinking system, which will significantly save time in the rapid movement to the next shelter. Let the material of the backpack will be durable and of high quality to move through a wooded area it did not explode, and you lose any such necessary and valuable things for survival. Even if the Apocalypse comes, you will always be able to use the device for Hiking, picnic with family or fishing, therefore, will not lose.

8. Knife

Folding knife-multitool will help you out in difficult situations. It will allow the cans to open and deconstruct the rope, and clothing cut, and the enemy to defend. Choose good camping knife that doesn't take up much space and does not weigh down your pocket. In advance learn how to handle knives, which will allow quick movement to defend themselves from sudden enemy. These are skills you will need in the future, if in a dark alley suddenly attacked the thieves or the local chavs. And from the clumsy zombies and it will be not difficult to defend, especially if we aim right in the head.

7. Medicines

Personal first aid kit should be available to each member of the group of survivors, because you never know at what point you can split up. In harsh conditions you don't think about cough and diarrhea, but the most important medication you must have. The antibiotics will stop the infection and serious infection, the pain meds will save you from various types of pain and cramps, enzymes and sorbents will protect the stomach and intestines in a chaotic and unbalanced nutrition. Can also capture electronic thermometer, elastic bandage and cotton-gauze bandage for emergency release of chemicals (what is possible in terms of abandoned plants and factories). Don't waste precious time on the alcohol – vodka is unable to specify in any supermarket. One universal healing ointment would be sufficient.

6. Water

Water – our everything. If you think that way there will be springs and stalls with purified water, then you are very mistaken. When the plants cease to give energy, the flow of drinking fluid runs out and will have to get it yourself. So think not so much about containers and cans with the stock, how much of easy and practical water-treatment filters. Some manufacturers produce a small bottle (capacity up to litres) with integrated filter that allows you to get water in any sources and don't be afraid to pick up bacteria or fungi.

5. The supply of provisions

Optimally find food on the way from one refuge to another as the food supply is always limited. If you attacked alone a supermarket or convenience store, you do not waste time on gluttony and consider a strategic supply of provisions. Type in packages canned fish and meat, dry sausage, nut bars, cookies, instant oatmeal and soups (for their preparation put in a backpack and boiler). The more the food will remind you of "army rations", the better. Products should be as carbohydrate and calories and also have a long shelf life.

4. Flashlight

In the limited lighting, the flashlight is an indispensable attribute. Those who have night stay on the lookout, can illuminate the environment, preventing the approach of enemies. Also, a flashlight will help to blind the enemy, to charge the electronic device. Choose a device with a foldable design, making it compact. Well, if the flashlight is recharged by solar energy – that is, will not fail you in the time of lack of the mains or in case of wear of the batteries. Please note that the housing unit was waterproof as well as resistant to damage and corrosion.

3. Firearms

After watching the TV series, we see that the best weapons against zombies are chainsaws, fittings, pipes, baseball bats, Katanas and crossbows. The first question – where to take a specific vehicle in a chaotic move? The second question – how are you going to move quickly with dimensional weapons, which, moreover, tends to deform from the collision with the obstacle. Whatever may be said – in the event of the Apocalypse you need to have in the Arsenal of a good firearms with a loaded magazine. Of course, aim will have only the head, but still uneconomical to put a few bullets. But such a weapon is very compact and does not affect maneuverability.

2. Compass

Little helper won't take up much space in your backpack. If GPS still catch a miracle or mobile working, can help you to determine the geolocation. However, this situation won't last forever, so prepare in advance with the compass (in the face of rapid dashes to find it in a residential house or shop will be difficult). Compass and map will help you to get out of any natural shelters like forests, deserts or fields.

1. Comfortable shoes

Taking care of strong and durable clothes, we can't forget about footwear. It should also serve as all seasons, since the space for an extra pair in the backpack remains. Stay demi boots-all-terrain vehicles with a durable sole and very comfortable Shoe. They should not contain extraneous elements like hook-closure and rivets, to RUB, to squeeze the foot. The material – leather or rubber, which will protect the feet from the wet environment.

Here are the essential items needs to prepare people in case of a zombie Apocalypse. A lot of places they won't take, but gives confidence that you will quickly adapt to any unpredictable situation.

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