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10 most unusual and crazy festivals in the world


Each person spends most of his life at work, so he just needs positive energy and proper rest. In many countries, the government made sure people had special days of the year. Not just formal events, which issued a well-deserved weekend, and a really fun, intriguing and amazing holidays, to rally together the entire nation and inspiring a national idea.

Many countries have colorful festivals, which can be incomprehensible to other nationalities, but, nevertheless, collected a significant number of fans. We recommend the tourists who are going to visit a particular place. Once a Grand and unusual shows, you will receive incomparable emotions of a lifetime – and it's even better than a few forged photos in the Instagram.

Now, fast forward to the world Jamboree and highlight the TOP 10 most exciting mass events.

10. Koperzhynska cheese race UK

Britain has repeatedly distinguished for its unusual holidays and events. "Cheese race", which is held on the last Monday of spring, is considered dangerous and truly gambling day. Many participants going on a steep hill, where they are given a large head of cheese weighing about 500 g (as in more ancient times could reach 18 kilos!). Further, the signal can run his cheese and have to run to catch up and catch.

In the dangerous pursuit of some active runners can get severe injury to the musculoskeletal system, so the event is always on duty ambulance.

9. Holi India

This unusual holiday covers many countries of the world, what man wouldn't want to spend the day in bright colors and fiery emotions? Traditionally, Holi is celebrated after the March full moon (e.g. Nepal and India). Within a few years, the celebration was transferred to other European countries as a way of warm welcoming of spring.

In advance is preparing for the event. On the streets in the full moon bonfires are lit up that are designed to clean the environment from negative vibrations and evil spirits. Bonfires are a symbol of God's destruction of Holika, which symbolizes the evil inclination. On the morning after the "burning of" Holika people go out and throw at each other colored powder, pour water, literally the shaping of art on the body of another person. All this is accompanied by tumultuous singing and dancing, General fun. Remarkably for India, the day erased, and caste stratification.

8. La Tomatina Spain

Eccentric Spain shows how to have some fun. On the day of Tomatina, which is celebrated annually in the town of buñol, people gather from different corners of the planet, that is, the event is considered international.

The festival aims to cast aside other people's juicy and flavorful tomatoes. On the streets unfolds a real epic tomato, and the ripe flesh, flooding the street, nearby cars and cafes, at home. Because of the magnitude and specificity of the festival, the authorities imposed restrictions: lasts 1 hour and prohibited mutilation and the fight against "peaceful" shelling tomatoes, in a massacre not a part of any other items except tomatoes. By the way, is sponsoring the event, the local authority, delivering on a holiday for free more than 100 tons of ripe vegetables.

7. Holiday naked Japan

It would seem that this is very frivolous and eccentric holiday can emerge only in a modern society. However, it is noted he was already 767 years. In a certain Church going men aged 23-43 years, which is wearing only a loincloth. The amount involved reaches 3 thousand. The purpose of the event is to attract success and good luck, and naked men perform in the role of generators – if they touch then all the bad will go and good will come.

The participants of Hadaka Matsuri out of the temple and will have a solemn procession through the streets of the city where people try to touch them.

Interestingly, the event is held in February so involved courage not to take. And some quite helping of sake, taken by the "for courage".

6. CitronFrance

Real citrus day is held on the French Riviera, attracting tourists from different corners of the planet. On the eve of the city of Menton is decorated with various balloons, lanterns and other compositions prepared from citrus (limes, oranges, grapefruits, switty, lemons, etc.). As a rule, on the feast arrives several hundred participants, making it large, bright and very funny.

In addition to the scenery of people are expecting interesting concerts, and various Amateur and, of course, eating delicious citrus fruits to strengthen the immune system.

5. Herring day Russia

Surprisingly, a celebration of this delicious and popular fish is carried out in Norway, and in Russia (Kaliningrad). The festival is celebrated annually and attracts people from different corners of Russia, where he for some reason has not yet gained popularity. On the second Saturday of April is organized colourful procession through the local streets. Around appear spontaneous local food and restaurant, where the chefs offer a variety of food from fish to any taste and purse. In the evening full and happy citizens expect themed gala.

4. Day drunksMexico

Quite a young holiday tradition of its celebration appeared only in 2005 with the filing of local Internet bloggers. The community believed that it was wrong to discredit drinkers – they also in its mass deserve a separate holiday on which everything is allowed and permissible. The official authorities, of course, has nothing to do with the event at which the city may 20, turns into a total booze and mass disgusting. However, gradually the festival captures everything and more followers, despite specific and sometimes unfortunate consequences.

3. Day red Holland

The world famous festival, where every red-haired person can feel "in their element". The event annually brings together more than 5 thousand red people from several dozen countries. At the end of the festival issued a commemorative photo-album which contains a lot of wonderful and fun shots redheads. The local authority supports and sponsors the festival, held on 1-2 September, in order to unite the citizens and, of course, to replenish the budget at the expense of mass tourism.

Interestingly, the tradition only in the 21st century when a local artist gave a cry, looking for the redhead to create portraiture. Responded to the announcement, more than a hundred of wanting, that over the years transformed into a major holiday. Those wishing to attend the event expect a massive picnics, photo shoots, fashion shows, galas and workshops.

2. Monkey Banquet Thailand

Exotic resort in the country is evident even in its events. For tourists one of the brightest and unusual impressions will be the celebration organized for the monkeys. In the small town of Lopburi locals cook the feast for the primates. On average, count on a few hundred "participants" rich table attracts a far greater number of tailed guests. Monkeys offers exotic fruits and vegetables, cereals, a variety of local sweets and desserts. Even drink the whole thing can be a delicious soda. According to the data, for celebrating emit about 2 tons of Goodies. Desirable end of the event is the fact that a well-fed and arrogant primates start throwing leftover food at each other and the audience that only pleases people.

1. San Fermin Spain

And again Spain surprised us crazy event, which lasts from 6 to 14 July. Dedicated to the Martyr St. Fermin.

During the festival the locals of the town of Pampelonne and tourists every morning (about 8 hours) going to look at running of the bulls wild bulls. Angry animals are available for tournament participants that have to skedaddle from them that is urine to a certain safe sites. The distance of the race is 875 meters. The event is really crazy, as participants can receive severe injuries from the horns of angry bull. Despite the danger, the festival is massively and very successfully, accompanied by alcoholic libation and music.

Yes, tourists do have to visit – days like this are remembered for a long time, especially if you managed to not only be an obedient spectator, but an active participant in the folly. It is important to soberly assess their chances and not to fall into total chaos, which often accompanied such events.

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