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The 10 most unexpected Hollywood divorces


Divorces in Hollywood – the phenomenon quite ordinary and everyday. Every week some Hollywood couple decides to divorce. Some marriages can not withstand even a year. In most cases, the cause of the divorce point to the "incompatibility of character". And we can only guess what actually was the cause of the breakup. But sometimes the news about the latest divorce among Hollywood stars literally shocked the public.

Such pairs seem to be an exemplary one and married for decades. They are called the most beautiful and the most robust. Therefore, when information appears about divorce for many it comes as a surprise. For example, the divorce of Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie discussing so far. And many still can't believe it. After all, as I want to believe in true love that overcomes all obstacles. But, unfortunately, in life everything is much more prosaic.

10. Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer

Russell Crowe met his future wife on the set of the film "Crossroads" in 1989. But then nothing happened. In 2001, fate once again brought young people. And in 2003 the couple were married. After nine years of marriage, the press began to appear the rumors that Crowe and Spencer are getting a divorce. But the couple has not confirmed nor denied the information. From an interview with the actors it was clear that the couple is experiencing not the best times. Although they are often seen together, they both argued that tie them to their only children. In 2012 Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer have divorced.

9. Ashton Kutcher and demi Moore

Second husband of demi Moore after Bruce Willis was Ashton Kutcher. Demi after the wedding even took his name. And who would have thought that the marriage is not strong. Ashton admitted that fell in love with demi when I was a teenager and first saw the film with her participation. Several years later, the dream Kutcher came true. But a few years after the wedding, the couple started having problems. Around Kutcher were constantly around young girls. And he began to change. First demi turn a blind eye, but when another girlfriend of Ashton sold the information about the affair to the press with it, demi broke down and filed for divorce.

8. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

One of the most harmonious couples in Hollywood was considered couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The couple married in 2004. Their marriage lasted seven years. In 2011, Lopez and Anthony decided to divorce. In marriage were born two children. There were a lot of rumors about the cause of the divorce. Couple claims that the decision is mutual. But then came the information that in 2009, Anthony cheated on Jennifer with a flight attendant. Although she tried to forget everything even for a long time were in therapy, but was never able to forgive her husband infidelity. But for the public the news of the divorce came as a real shock.

7. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

Hollywood has always been considered a strong couple Griffith-Banderas. But even the strongest couples go through difficult times. And now, after 18 years, the couple decide to divorce. The actors met while working on the film "Two is too". It was love at first sight. But all good things come to an end. After 18 years of marriage Melanie decided to file for divorce. The tabloids claimed that the reason was the jealousy of Melanie. Indeed, near the handsome Banderas always been young girls. Although Antonio never caught red-handed, Melanie did not stop from filing for divorce.

6. Clint Eastwood and Dina Eastwood

With his wife, Clint Eastwood has lived a long 17 years. The couple married in 1996. In the same year, Dinah gave birth to daughter Morgan. Spouse was younger Clint on for 35 years. However, this age difference did not prevent the couple to live together for almost twenty years. The cause of divorce began as usual "irreconcilable differences". But rumor has it that Clint Eastwood had an affair with Erica Fisher. Eric confirmed that indeed meets the actor. Noticed them together, and then Dean finally decided to part with the actor. In 2013, the girl filed for divorce.

5. Nick cannon and Mariah Carey

The couple met on the set of the clip soul diva "Bye Bye". In early 2008, the couple married. Married to actor Nick cannon, Mariah has lived for six years. After began to appear the rumors about divorce, many fans of the singer long did not believe it and thought that it's just a family crisis. Moreover, in 2014, it began to appear the rumors about the problems in pairs. But the couple argued that this is not true. But a few months later the couple officially announced that filed for divorce. The initiator of the divorce became Nick. Still not known exactly why such a step. The couple has two children, and, as they say, don't hold grudges on each other.

4. Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr

The love story of Orlando bloom and Miranda Kerr were like a fairy tale. They met in 2006 during a fashion show in new York. Through the year the couple started Dating. And four years later played a fabulous wedding. A pair of bloom-Kerr was considered one of the most beautiful. In marriage they had a son. But every fairy tale ever comes to an end. In 2013, it became known that the couple had filed for divorce. Among the reasons cited treason Miranda with Justin Bieber, the career decline of a bloom (after all, Miranda saw only the wife of a successful man) and lack of time together due to busy schedule.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

In 2014, the world has heard the news that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin after ten years of marriage, decided to end the relationship. Meeting future spouses occurred in 2002 when Gwyneth was going through a difficult period in life. The actress father died. At one of the concerts of Coldplay, where Chris is the vocalist, Gwyneth went backstage to get an autograph from a performer. Who would have thought that the meeting will end. In the last few years of marriage are increasingly began to appear the news that the couple live together only because of children. Chris is having an affair with groupies, and Gwyneth does her career. In the end, the couple got a divorce.

2. Heidi Klum and Forces

Model and musician began Dating in 2003. And in 2005 they were married. Their marriage was a model for many. No one even could not think that the couple a few years after the wedding, the problems begin. So the news about the divorce was a real shock for many. At first there were rumors that the reason for the divorce – in a serious and violent nature of Power. But then came the information that Heidi had an affair with a bodyguard. Although the model claimed that the affair began after the divorce from Shiloh.

1. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

This couple adored by millions of fans around the world. The hot Italian Monica Bellucci and handsome Frenchman Vincent Cassel will forever go down in history as the hottest couple of Hollywood. But in 2013, it became known that Monica and Vincent decided to divorce. The couple says it was a mutual decision and evil they don't hold each other. Just love outdated. One of the reasons for the divorce was that Monica didn't want to leave his native Italy, and Vincent Paris. After a divorce, former spouses remain good relationship. And 25 August 2018 Vincent Cassel married model Tina Kunaki. Monica Bellucci, in turn, declared that in her life appeared a man to love.

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