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10 of the most unattractive women in the world of show business in the opinion of men


Beautiful appearance and attractive figure is very important for stars of show business if she wants to make a bright career. For "commodity" type stars consult to the famous designers, have a team of stylists and makeup artists, lost in the gym and sitting on a diet. However, as there are always exceptions. Some girls just don't care about their appearance because they believe in your talent and are willing to share what they are with the public. In the end, the actress needs to amaze with their skillful play, policies, ability to negotiate, and the singer's ability to sing well. Not the most beautiful popular girls have long ceased to feel embarrassed about image and appearance.

Let's look at the TOP 10 famous divas who do not delight the sophisticated gentleman. Note that men attributed to unattractive girls and who display vulgar behavior, or abusing artificial ways to change appearance (plastic surgery, fillers, etc.).

10. Miley Cyrus

Still to 24 years the girl has done a very good career, and lit up like a TV star, and as a sought-after actress, and as an incendiary pop singer. Her career began at Disney, where the image Miley was quite wild as a teenager. Still the male half of the fans do not perceive a girl feminine, Mature and sexy. To change the situation Cyrus switched to a smooth stylish clothes, grew his hair and acting more "feminine". However, according to the survey, the opinions of men change so quickly – in their eyes funny Miley left Hannah Montana.

9. Kristen Stewart

The famous actress made a Saga about vampires, which is a very long held the first position in the ratings of films. There Kristen appeared in the role of downtrodden, awkward and rather "greyish" the girl who fell in love with the handsome vampire. Despite the ordinary appearance, the girl was well received the show business for his mild nature and cute features, and interviews the star was embarrassed to give. The last time Stewart was seriously liberating – cut hair, repainted in vibrant colour, and even declared their lesbian tendencies. Of course, femininity in the eyes of the male such actions are not added. Kristen is considered sufficiently serious, cold and sometimes vulgar girl, not recognizing her gentle and sweet Bella, he could love gallant and conservative vampire Edward.

8. Courtney Love

The famous singer lived quite interesting and full of exciting life events. Discreet appearance did not prevent Courtney to "pin down" an enviable groom – himself Kurt Cobain. It is known that the woman was fond of illegal substances (drugs), for which she was repeatedly arrested. Bad habits, chaotic schedule and turbulent life is reflected in the appearance singer, with the result that the latter began to look unkempt and early aging. Dull and unwillingness to look after themselves alienating a male audience, but the rock star, it seems, of little concern to the attention of the opposite sex, she still realizes himself in his career.

7. Renee Zellweger

Popular and talented actress knows about their shortcomings since childhood and uses them expertly in his career. For example, for the sake of "Bridget Jones's Diary" the French are not afraid to gain a few extra pounds, playing clumsy and a running girl. For style and charm Renee was saying good-bye is not bright enough external data to a certain point. In recent years, the star "suffered" multiple plastic surgeries, which, although added the young actress, but took lovely and attractive features. Journalists hypocritically touted new look Zellweger, but men do not spend – in a new false face gives it charm and femininity.

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous Jewish actress has a characteristic ethnic features, curly hair and a large crooked nose. Instead of having to go under the surgeon's knife or depression due to appearance, Sarah made her unattractive appearance highlight. This has made the actress truly iconic and memorable roles, so fans of the stars abound. Of course, objectively men notice a little rude face and ugly nose, so the TOP beauties Sara absented. But each appearance has its own demand, so Parker does not complain about lack of privacy. Remember vaguely colleague Barbara Streisand is a famous singer and actress has conquered hundreds of men's hearts with the same ordinary appearance.

5. Donatella Versace

The woman had enormous success in the world of fashion, leading the popular eponymous brand. Nevertheless men do not believe that the appearance of the elderly Donatella a little bit corresponds to the image of the Italian fashion house. It is known that the designer of the abuse of harmful habits (drugs, alcohol, Smoking), which led to rapid skin aging and visual aging. In the pursuit of youth Versace resorted to the services of expensive plastic surgeons, but many things are bad for appearance – his mouth looks too wide, eyes narrowed, and his nose was at all strange shape. Whatever the exquisite taste of the designer, but the attraction for men, it definitely is not.

4. Tilda Swinton

A popular actress has a very unusual appearance, that did not stop her quality and talent to play the role in the movie "Chronicles of Narnia" and "Hotel "Grand Budapest". Men believe that women have the skin tone is too pale, which only emphasize the bleached hair. In the end, the Tilde looks a little unhealthy and dull. Haircut the actress also prefers a mannish – mostly short, and even shaved areas. Visual lack of eyebrows and the severe cut of the outfits experienced not excite the male gaze.

3. Tori Spelling

The actress shoots in the 90's, playing in one of the world's most popular TV series "Beverly hills, 90210". Tori has a specific appearance – advanced chin, the eyes are set far away, giving the actress some mujaadalah. Some men even allow snide jokes aside appearance spelling, however, it seems the star was not hurt – she perfectly realizes itself in career, active in films, and in between he writes books.

2. Helena Bonham Carter

Helena, having a personal connection with Director Burton, gained access to the main female roles of his fabulous and dangerous films. This allowed the actress to gain the love of fans and the desirable popularity. Helena is well remembered because of the role of Bellatrix in the movies about Harry Potter, where he played quite a bright witch, clearly pleased with himself. However, men's appearance Carter was not convinced, as almost all of the roles Helena look scary and repel lovers of classic female beauty.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

That's really who can not be called even slightly attractive is the famous "cat woman" (and in fact it is not about the film). Resembling the beloved beast, Jocelyn had several plastic surgeries that she allegedly allowed to acquire feline features. Celebrity so carried away by the changes that still can't stop and managed to pull on a change in the appearance of more than 4 million dollars. In the end, the appearance of the woman repel the opposite sex, causing disgust. Despite this, journalists sometimes notice a woman in the company of men, however, suspect that they are using her for financial gain.

Some girls do not have beautiful appearance of nature, and others mutilated themselves plastic surgery. Only one thing is important – it overrides their talent and creativity in ordinary appearance?

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