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10 most unfortunate horoscope signs of the zodiac


Why is one a success and the glory, and the other and then find themselves in dangerous situations and become victims and hostages of failure? You can call it coincidence, but you can delve into the study of astrology and try to find the answer to your question. The signs of the zodiac constellations through which the sun passes throughout the year. Their number is twelve. Attitude to astrology, many are quite skeptical, however, through the study of planets and their influence on the person, you can tell exactly who is born under a lucky star , who is one of the most unfortunate signs of the zodiac. If you find yourself on one of the lines of the rating, don't worry and remember that each person is the blacksmith of his own happiness.

10. Leo

Those born under the constellation of Leo is ambitious, bright, always in the spotlight. They used to bathe in the glory, crave admiration. For the lions, the important social status. They have everything to gain happiness. However, people of this zodiac sign do not tolerate criticism, can't lose. Every defeat hurts their ego. In moments of despair and turn in on themselves, and the offer of assistance is perceived as a mockery. Lion character can handle not everyone. This zodiac sign brings such quality as pride. Because of it the lions are the worst affected, losing loved ones and true friends.

9. Sagittarius

Born under the constellation of Sagittarius creative, active, talented individuals. However, there is this sign of quality, which affect himself and others. Sagittarians are by nature pravdoruba. They were not familiar with the tact, so they say the truth always in the face and in the form in which it can be quite hurt or offend people. Do not tolerate gossip and flattery. This sign is inherent in the spirit of bettertv. At work, they boldly defend a raise, and in the struggle for justice are ready for more, so they often secured the glory of the brawlers. Sagittarians crave the recognition of your value, innocence, if you do not receive this, they become deeply unhappy.

8. Aries

Another sign providing people with a difficult past and a difficult character. Rams used to be the first in everything, achieving their goals swiftly and aggressively. These people do not sit still, they need to move constantly to study something new, to develop. The downside of these qualities of character is the ill-considered actions. For them the relevant advice to count to 10 before we say or do, but they are this advice is not followed, because not like other people's advice. With unenviable frequency find themselves in a difficult situation. Bad at reading people, so often disappointed.

7. Libra

In the soul of weights, there is no peace and harmony. Their mood is changeable, and in their decisions they often go to extremes. Slowness and even a certain laziness inherent in the scales. Before you make a decision they weigh all the pros and cons, you will be convinced of the correct choice and only then take action. The problem of weights is that in romantic relationships, they operate on the same principle, and choosing a mate, are guided not primarily by the heart and cold mind. Often have multiple loyalties that are trying to save for a long time, but it does not feel happy.

6. Taurus

Not to say that the bulls are losers in life, but they often do not notice the gifts and pass them. Blame their laziness and stubbornness. Those born under this sign are too dependent on material condition and to feel happy just in the pocket if enough money. They are able to earn and provide for ourselves. The owners of by nature, taureans are often unhappy in love, a plague for his jealousy himself and partner. Failure on the love front survive long enough, you can start drinking alcohol and seizing their misery with a huge amount of food. Easily fall into dejection, prone to schizophrenia, and clinical depression.

5. Aquarius

The most independent and original zodiac sign. Aquarius is endowed with a sharp mind and fine sense of humor. The apparent activity and sociability is hiding a deep inner peace that Aquarians are carefully concealed from outsiders. They love to dream, to think, to analyze. Appreciate freedom like no other, do not tolerate limitations. That is why is unhappy in the relationship. Often unable to choose between family and friends, trying to sit on two chairs. It seems that people don't understand them, so they can join in the quarrel and to behave aggressively in society. It is a sign of unrecognized geniuses, who weren't born at the time.

4. Scorpio

Born leaders. Scorpio is one of the brightest and most complex signs of the zodiac. He is the patron God of war Mars. He gives the Scorpions a strong, uncompromising and quick-tempered character. Life with the Scorpion resembles a volcano which at any moment can Wake up. Representatives of this sign are sensitive and vindictive. Like his character, can sting, waiting for the right moment when the victim least expects. Conflict and often break up if something doesn't go according to plan. Will suffer, but apparently not betray my pain. Scorpions can use their energy to boiling achieve strength and power, and can direct it on self-destruction.

3. Virgin

Perfectionists and pedants who seek the ideal in any area of your life. Through the thorns to the stars, just hard and focused they are to their goal. Virgo do not live and bear his cross, complaining about the burden of responsibility that lies on their shoulders. Rarely admit that they do it for you. The victim role is consciously chosen, believing that only hard work and hard work to achieve something. Virgo smart and will not communicate with people whose intellectual level below their own. For representatives of the sign Virgo love means sacrifice. In relationships they are not able to enjoy. To a greater extent than other signs tend to be pessimistic.

2. Fish

Geniuses of introspection and self-flagellation. They suffer from the contradictions of their desires. Fish talented, but lazy and irresponsible, so often buried his talent in the ground. They easily relate to money, forgive debts, helping friends and family without waiting for reciprocal generosity. Among the representatives of this sign are many introverts who prefer the cruel reality his dream world. This is one of the most emotionally unstable characters. They are often thoughts of suicide, but, as a rule, more fantasy is not reached, but the addiction to alcohol and drugs a very real danger for people of this zodiac sign.

1. Cancer

If you see someone who constantly doubts themselves, their abilities, opportunities, to be sure, here is a typical cancer. The suspiciousness of this zodiac sign is breaking all records. Among them rare leadership. Crawfish have a sweet temper, because of which the representatives of this sign of the zodiac act as second fiddle not only at work but also in family and with friends. I want to be equal, but are unable to realize their desire. It makes them unhappy. In a relationship with a loved one prone to fits of jealousy, which is partly a consequence of low self-esteem. Cancers–people who have difficulty finding joy in life.

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