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10 of the most unstable signs of the zodiac


Every day, each person intersects with dozens of others, some remain in his life for a long time, and many subsequently leave her for nothing or a ridiculous argument that could have been prevented. The zodiac signs come to the rescue and shed light on the demeanor of a person in a conflict situation, and also give a hint to counter scandal or decent out of it. The article will help you understand why, for example, girlfriend Aquarius did not return calls, and the Sagittarius boss scolded you in the office, and who in the end this new neighbor from across the hall, arranging the endless night beneath the window, Leo or simply Aries?

10. Cancer

Nature born under this sign of the zodiac, mostly peace-loving, understanding and faithful. They are not satisfied with the riots of universal scale, preferring to stay away from the problems of the world in a small space of their loved ones, but they require reciprocity and loyalty. If the Cancer will feel the lack of attention and love, or will you Harbor resentment, it will gradually be closed in his shell and sulk silently on people. He will want to fellowship, but first it will not start. With complete disregard for his depressed mood, indifference to it, you can get Cancer splash of negative emotions and tears. It is best to establish contact at the beginning: offended for long, if the time to stop the process warm word, because the Cancer being sensitive and compassionate.

9. Fish

Fish perfectly adapt to any conditions and situations, to easily find your contact with new people, possibly trying to avoid all sorts of confrontations. If, however, such was the place to be, that flash of anger and aggression in their performance you won't see, it's too ugly situation for those sensitive natures. Fish are likely to bear a grudge inside, engaged in self-torture for a long time to worry and analyze, to smoke a cigarette or drink a glass of something strong and gradually comes to.

Only in the most extreme situations, this sign can pour you a portion of hard-hitting statements, remember all your misdeeds and machinations, as it has an excellent memory for detail. And even go to meanness, inflicting the same wound, which he got. How to avoid it? Kind and considerate attitude: the Fish soul-searching, after a quarrel they feel uncomfortable and seek to smooth the corners.

8. Leo

The lion, being Regal special, in communication arrogant enough and straightforward. The audience's attention should be confined solely to his person. Praise him and be caressed. If anyone were to hurt this character or throw him to the scandal, accused of something, then unfortunate not to be envied. The Lion's reaction will be swift and address of the person insults will fly, and maybe tables with chairs, the atmosphere in the room strained to the limit. The rage will be so great and uncontrolled that the weak are just scared. For the Lion is a familiar way of behavior in conflict, he does not suffer too much: the pulse is usually normal. The result of an argument, the representatives of the sign can completely stop to chat with the offender, or to continue the conversation in a few minutes, as if nothing had happened. In any case, sorry Leo asks never. Even if you understand what was wrong, he returns to the subject of argument, maybe just the first to start a dialogue.

7. Gemini

People born under the zodiac sign Gemini, intellectuals with a strong character. However, the duality of their nature makes it impossible to understand how they will behave in a given situation. Sign quite accommodating, in most cases tries to avoid a showdown and empty transshipments, to do more significant things. If you just need to discuss with the Twins, be prepared for a long battle and probable defeat. The representative of the sign will give you many compelling arguments and great one-liners that in a few minutes you will have nothing to beat them, and Arsenal will still have enough harsh words. And in a moment of conflict Twins often remain quite calm and cool, while the opponent is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. So the best way to avoid quarrels is not to explain to the Twins how to live, believe me, they know, the more the two of them.

6. Taurus

Sign resistant and strong personalities, often not very conspicuous in the crowd and prefer a narrow circle of the closest people where they are comfortable and relaxed. If there are any quarrels and scandals, Taurus tries to avoid them, but can act with the initiative. However, do not forget that before you a bull, and then all will be not so harmless if you make him angry or hit him where it hurts long and hard. Yes, he has great patience, but when it ends, the Calf has nothing to keep from the desire to smash everything around to smithereens. The emotional intensity is so strong that it is recommended to wait out the flashes, to let him talk. Very often Taureans forgive the offender, but to restore the old relationship is unlikely.

5. Aquarius

Bright creative individuality and independent nature inherent in the Aquarius. He was not interested to stay in the banal world of thoughts and primitive disputes, this sign will be extremely great things, and in the resolution of any conflicts, it just applies the wonders of his diplomacy. If the person disliked him or the situation here will grow into a scandal, then Aquarius will prefer to go and will totally ignore the subject, immersed in his own thoughts. If still the representative of the mark involved in the dispute, it is usually for a significant reason, and then can't stop him, because he is a very knowledgeable and skilled in defending his point of view. Most likely then at some time he would stop in to chat, until I finally calm down, if you are familiar recently, it will just take you off contacts.

4. Virgin

Virgo – the sign of calm and endless patience. She can restrain themselves and listen to a long confession and carping long and humbly, evincing not the slightest displeasure in your direction. And even if it is at the limit, it will prefer to go into another room to give vent to emotions there, so as not to spoil the mood of the audience. However, be very careful with this option. If the maid harbored serious resentment or her Cup of patience is full, you will get a very toxic mix, because the development and course of conflict will be considered her in detail. She will revel in the scandal, causing sharp and very painful injections. She never starts first, and just waiting for the right moment to attack. After the conflict, you lose the trust of the virgin forever.

3. Scorpio

Temperamental and charismatic, strong and vindictive. Who is he? Of Course, Scorpio. The man who never gives up and goes to the end. Be afraid to stand in the way or accidentally insult the representative of this sign. The offender will get off. The sign of a very cruel and vindictive. Does not tolerate criticism. Sometimes he becomes the instigator of scandal, a pleasure and a burst of energy. If the Scorpion has caused hurt, we can begin the attack immediately, or hold the emotions inside, mentally to build up the revenge plan, and postpone the match for later. Very hot at a showdown and often do much hurt, especially in practice their stinging shots to the relatives. To connect with mark you can, if you have a sufficient degree of patience and tact, and even forgiven, but Scorpio never forgets.

2. Sagittarius

The fire of Sagittarius leads to various achievements in the field of society and, unfortunately, often pushes for a showdown in public. One of the most emotionally unstable characters, erupts immediately, and if somewhere in the rage of quarrels and conflicts, the main instigator usually is Sagittarius. Involved in the scandal Sagittarius with skill and taste, under the hot hand might be anyone: a stranger, and close. Just Sagittarius fulfills another role and trying to do it the most effectively. Accident poured a stream of sarcastic comments and angry outbursts, but do not take it to heart, a violent outburst quickly come to an end. Often the sign knows about his excessive temper is not the case and trying to control myself. If you still want to participate in the debate, to deal with Sagittarius, you can simply stock up on iron arguments and composure.

1. Aries

Fearless, stubborn and impulsive, Rams are ready to break out for any reason. The fire sign. Is accidentally hurt, to say superfluous word, and appears in front of you is a real monster, uncompromising and unruly, the matter may even reach the fight. They almost cease to control themselves, and all their thoughts and feelings are pulled out and everyone can hear about a lot of new and interesting. But the focus of the rams, so the ability to end the conflict. Very easily appeased. A minute after the flash is inadequate, realizing the ugliness of the situation, apologize and forget about it completely, continuing the communication friendly and warm. Just wait out the storm, and soon your friend will come back to you fun and sincere as before.

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