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The 10 most amazing landings of aircraft


Imagine for a moment that you are flying in a faulty plane in an unfamiliar area with minimal chances of survival. Add to that the failed engine or other unpleasant factors like hurricane, storm, ignition parts, or disconnected by the driver. It would seem that the situation is hopeless, and only, sweating, pressed into the back of the chair.

In fact, such situations often occur with aircraft, and then most daring and talented pilots have to use the skills and physical strength for a successful landing at the current location without casualties.

Today we look at the TOP 10 incredible landings of aircraft that made the history of flight bold pilots.

10. Race with death (1988)

Exactly on December 31 new year's eve pilot with the crew of the Tu-134 much hurry to celebrate the holiday, so began to approach the ground at steep glide path, despite the warnings of the devices on the speeding. Ignoring the instructions, the pilot released the chassis at a top speed of 460 km / h and the flaps, in contrast, were not touched. It is known that at the moment of landing the speed of the aircraft was 425 km at the allowable 330 (a new record). The length of the runway was insufficient for the ship, so he proceeded further, contrary to the desire of the crew to slow down. The liner stopped only five feet from the gathering ground. People were not injured, but the dashing pilots fully answered before the law for violation of instructions.

9. One flew over the volcano (1982)

In the ill-fated flight, the engines of the liner had begun to glow and inside spread of smoke choking smell of sulfur. That day in "Boeing-747" has been for more than 240 passengers and 15 crew members, but no one found that the plane flew directly over the crater of the volcano surrounded by hot ashes. Indonesian Galunggung decided to suddenly throw into the air abrasive particles of ash, which damaged the hull of the liner and got into the motor system. A huge ship with the engine off planned over water at night, and in the course of the mountains towered the coast of Java. The pilots had to quickly choose to put a liner in the ocean or great risk to reach the airport through the tops of the mountains. But the co-pilot and engineer were able to run three engines that, spitting out a pumice stone that took passengers to the airport.

8. The miracle of the taiga (2010)

Eight years ago the Tu-154 made an emergency landing in the Siberian wilderness. After 3.5 hours after takeoff, lost power, which led to the disabling of onboard devices and fuel pumps – the ability to control the wings disappeared. The fuselage was stored in the supply tank with more than 3 tons of supply of kerosene, but he was spent for 30 minutes of flight. The pilots lowered the ship at 3 km while in horizontal position with water level in the glass. Speed when committed to landing 100 km/h is exceeded, so the pilots landed the airliner in a small spruce, which was located on 160 meters on abandoned concrete runway. Surprisingly, there were no casualties. The plane was repaired in the forest alone, which allowed him to fly to Samara for a proper inspection.

7. Guzinski miracle (2009)

Heading to Seattle Airbus a-320 with 150 passengers have 1.5 minutes of flight hit a flock of birds that led to the malfunction of both engines. The ship has almost reached a height of 1 km, so the back could not. The first pilot directed the vessel on the Hudson river, known for its direct channel. Barely reached the water surface, he leveled the plane and plopped down into the river, glissera between the ice floes. In the ensuing crash landing, suffered only 6 people, 5 of which were incorrectly fastened. Saving the lives of the passengers military pilot Sullenberger, who successfully ran the "Phantom."

6. Leningrad (1963)

On a flight to Moscow, after takeoff, landing gear out of only 50%. Thus, the planned landing "on the belly" in the near Pulkovo airport. The plane circled over the runway, wasting fuel, at altitude 0.5 km. while the Crew tried to pole vault to unlock the system chassis. Suddenly lost the left engine, and the pilots rushed to the helm, defining the course on the runway. However, metering and other engine that led to the need for emergency landing of an aircraft on the waters of the Neva. The ill-fated ship, almost hooking a tow, quite gently down to the water, so no one was hurt.

5. Heavenly convertible (1988)

The old Boeing was going to Honolulu, when there are closed door has led to the destruction of elements of the hull plating. At a height of 7.3 km and a speed of 500 km / hour occurred decompression. Not for the weather dressed people (90 passengers) felt a strong flurry of ice-cold (-45ºC) wind. During the reduction 65 of them got frostbite and various injuries. The pilots put the boat in 12 minutes, deviating from the schedule for a minute. Unfortunately, at the time of damage of the fuselage, the flight attendant threw overboard the ill-fated ship.

4. Faulty chassis (2016)

Two years ago the plane Foker-100 landed in the center of the front of the chassis, save the lives of 121 people. Faulty landing gear mechanism has led to the fact that the commander flew the ship in conditions when the front Desk peeked out from the hatch only partially. After the grounding of the ship "fell" runway nose, and then another few hundred meters with a screech dragged on the concrete areas. Witnesses saw black smoke and sparks, which appeared due to severe friction. Thank God the fire did not happen, and even the hull escaped with minimal damage.

3. A plane without nose (2017)

Just a year ago the plane was heading to Ercan, when the bad weather (hail and strong wind) blew on the height of 1500 meters the bow section along with the cab windshield. The pilots lost the ability to look ahead, and the airport prepared for the next tragedy. Ukrainian pilot decided to take it over, slightly nakrani Board, which allowed through the side window to see the runway. With the help of competent managers of the airport the plane successfully landed, saving the lives of 127 people.

2. Landing without commander (1990)

The plane was heading to Malaga, and after a 13 minute flight fell badly mounted windshield. A flurry of air made commander of and partially threw him through the hole. The air pilot is pinned to the fuselage on the other side of the cab, and even his legs were blocked by the steering wheel and the panel. The wreckage of the door has damaged the radio and navigation panel. The flight attendant was holding the commander, that he flew overboard. The co-pilot sent a distress signal and made an emergency descent, managing to land the ship in Southampton. Injured only the commander (fractures, bruises, frostbite) and a brave flight attendant (dislocated shoulder, frostbite).

1. Amazing landing of Jumbo jet in a storm (2017)

It is no secret that in Dusseldorf often marked squally winds. The Airbus A380 last year was forced to land in such conditions to reduce the side gusts, the pilots made a landing at a selected angle. In the process of leveling a sharp gust of wind started to swing the ship around. The pilot barely coped with the rocking machine, aligning it with the wind speed of 22 m / s.

By these examples we see that there are in the world professionals who root passionately for the selected case and are responsible for the decisions taken.

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