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10 the newest and coolest comedies 2018


Hey, how about we sit back with popcorn and Cola and have a good laugh? I would like now to be in the movie? If to both questions the answer is "Yes", then... you should already be in the cinema. And certainly up to date. Well, with those who, for whatever reason, happens to wide screen not so often, we'll talk about what to watch, when they do get out to the cinema. So, present the best Comedy of 2018, including innovations that have not died down in the box. Here's 10 reasons to pay a visit to the cinema in the near future.

10. Who's our dad, dude?

Opens our hit parade film, made by the classical canons of American Comedy. Crude jokes, flavored with a touch of vulgarity and absurd – Oh yeah, here this is enough. However, the Director's intention the writers leaves no other chance but to develop the thoughts in the direction of below the belt. The plot tells us about two brothers, informal and eccentric mother which inspired the boys that their father supposedly died. Well, it was what a woman to resort to such tactics, as throughout the film the brothers find out a very delicate and interesting details about the life of the mother, actually led to their birth. The heroes have to figure out who is still their dad and they will definitely have someone to choose from.

9. The point of separation

Not a new concept and our next picture, also taken in the United States. The boy named johnny a hefty pain in the anus, preventing him to work a regular job. He decides to create a Park of challenging entertainment: the embodiment of this idea will be mutually beneficial between them and the visitors. One – emotions and adrenaline, others – money. However, the rides in the Park johnny really did not like roller coasters, trampolines, or Ferris wheel. Whether it is to leave the Darts in the neighbor or even to singe his friend in the truest sense of the word! The most idiotic and odd ideas are encouraged and immediately implemented. If you, dear reader, remember, "Jackass," on MTV, then you know what it's about. In fact, the main role in "the Point" johnny Knoxville takes.

8. It's only the beginning

Yeah, part Comedy US definitely take the leading position. And here's another film with Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones on the first plans will make you smile, and sometimes laugh. In the story the character of Freeman is a Duke – a former lawyer who was off major criminals from deserved punishment. The old man bulk of free time and money, so it comes off in full. However, in the riotous life of luxury pensioner interferes with a former FBI agent who settled literally in the house. Between neighbors erupts in a flash of hatred, implemented in constant insults and digs. However, the enemies are forced to unite to clamp down on criminal gang that hunts just for the souls of our heroes.

7. Dangerous business

This story tells us about a man named Harold. He rather excelled in this life, and the proof is occupied by the hero place in a large pharmaceutical company. One day Harold fell the task to control the transaction for the transfer of party drugs. All anything, Yes only meeting agreed on the time at which decent people are already snoring in bed. Not surprisingly, at the appointed hour and the place was just the same dishonest citizens. It turns out that a reputable firm did trades left with different drugs. In the end, the deal covers the FBI, but the criminals manage to escape with hostages. Good night, Harold!

6. Eight friends of Oushena

Apparently, here we will have a simple plot, similar in many ways to the one that develops in the famous trilogy of ocean's eleven male. Except that then takes over the sister of the famous movers and shakers. It cobble together a unique team of eight thieves, each of which has an individual skill. Together they are able to organize a robbery is not worse than the ocean with his friends. Since the plot is unlikely to surprise someone, you can be sure that the bet is placed on entertainment. Just look at the cast. Here you Sandra bullock, Anne Hathaway, cate Blanchett and even Rihanna!

5. Richard says goodbye

Richard is a Professor at one of the prestigious departments of the College. Students try not to miss his lectures, as the narrator of Richard is simply stunning. However, such respect goes to the Professor uneasy: he devotes the lion's share of his life, and everyday things calculated down to the minute. Colleagues don't understand how you can so deeply to surrender to the beloved. And once Richard felt bad. Appeal to the doctor revealed that the hero is terminally ill, and the exact period of the remaining life may not be called one. Then the Professor and had a ball – because he was already all the same what to do and what actions to make people mad. Curious will be the film, Richard is johnny Depp.

4. Holiday planner

At this time we have to appreciate Comedy from France. The storyline is banal to the obscene (no, not in the film, all in the framework of morality). Before us is a character named Max, who for a quarter century, suits all kinds of parties, festivals and weddings. From orders there is no release, things are planned for the month ahead – in short, a portrait of the ideal organizer. Among other clients were the beloved couple, asked max holding her wedding. As the hero coming to perform their work with full responsibility, and this time he has carefully thought through every detail. However, before the actual celebration happened that could hardly be foreseen, and that put all the action at the risk. What? That's the reason to look this new!

3. In short

In short, it's a really unusual and interesting plot. The film shows the not so distant future where the problem of overpopulation of the planet comes to the fore. Now, scientists from Norway have developed a technology with which you can implement, it would seem that kindergarten decision of pressing question. And... let's reduce people! Thus, it is literally 2-3 generations of mankind will take significantly less space. Then, as usual, quickly found volunteers in the form of a boy and a girl who are tired of boring regular life, and they agree to the experiment to reduce its size. The implications of technology are quite astonishing.

2. Deadpool-2

It would be no less surprising if in such a successful first part of "Deadpool" is not followed by a logical continue, agree? Though the audience had to languish 2 years waiting, but it seems worth it. Favourite man in red will continue to burn with Napalm, uttering streams of black humor that is the hallmark of the hero. While the creators do not hurry with the disclosure of the storyline the second part, it's clear that no other characters from Marvel it is not expected. However, that the "Deadpool 2" will be cool, no doubt – the film team simply has no right to make a Comedy one iota less hilarious than the initial episode. Waiting, sir.

1. Night games

Well, finally we left an exciting and mysterious story about a group of young people led by the hero named Max. He is a big fan of quests, and once a week for friends happy new intelligent entertainment. Once the team decided to organize a quest, which will be featured gangsters, prisoners and the police. So when one of the puzzle stages to the guys burst into criminals and kidnap Brooks (max's brother), one is not much surprised. However, if all goes according to script? Soon the confused friends gradually turns to panic – the bandits are real, and now the rules of the quest change significantly, and the result is not quite fully depends on the team.

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