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10 most dangerous roads in the world


Every day in the world accidents happen. The main reasons cited are lack of experience, failure to comply with traffic rules, driving under the influence. But there are such roads, the overcoming of which even an experienced driver is not always a virtue. Locals have no choice, they have to use them. They also attract tourists who love the adrenaline more than his life. Such roads are called highways of death. Below is the list of 10 most dangerous roads in the world.

10. Highway Halsema (Philippines)

Halsema highway runs through the Central Valley of Cordilleras. The highest point on the highway 11906 meters above sea level. The length of the road is 150 kilometers. The beginning of it is paved, but the unpaved road. She's winding a lot of turns, climbs and descents. In the rainy season to pass on it even harder. It is blurred, covered with mud and clay. Often occur landslides, falling rocks. Turn around and go back does not work, the road is one-sided. Compounding the situation, the fog and the lack of fences. Accidents happen here all the time.

9. Fairy meadows (Pakistan)

This road is very narrow. It is in the mountains at an altitude of 3 kilometers above sea level. So beautiful it was named by German climbers. Local residents don't share this opinion. The track is covered by pebbles mixed with mud. A lot of cliffs. Fences no. The road was made several hundred years ago. Since it is not repaired. As it is very narrow and fits only one car. Overcome the last kilometers on foot or by bike. It is the starting point for travelers who are going to conquer the mountain Nanga Parbat.

8. Zoji La Pass (India)

The road is located in the North-Western side of India. Connects the province of Karshi and Ladakh. Zordzhi La Pass is the pass. The highest point – 3528 metres above sea level. But it offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The road is narrow, so cars can move only in one direction. The movement is organized according to time: first, the transport goes in the same direction, after a certain time to another. In winter it is covered with snow and impossible to pass. It opens in late may, closes at the end of October. But from 16:00 to 4:00 movement in the pass is limited regardless of the time of year. On the highway encounter obstacles in the form of a walking sheep.

7. BR-116 (Brazil)

Highway President Dutra connects Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro. Ranks second longest in Brazil. However, the number of accidents she leads. Its length is 3540 kilometers. The road is in bad condition, many holes and irregularities. Here a large number of rocky cliffs, the narrow tunnels. Part of the road from Curitiba to são Paulo was named the "Highway of death". On the track often wielded by criminals. Even in tourist guides point about the danger of the track. People die here all the time.

6. Siberian railway (Russia)

Included in the list of official highways. This is the only road to Yakutsk. In fact, it itself is not. It is impossible to drive in winter, but winter in Siberia lasts for a long time. It freezes, it fills up with snow, often icy conditions and terrible visibility. But in the warmer time of the year not getting better. If it rains, then instead of the road formed a swamp. Cars literally sink in the mud. In 2006, the track was awarded the title of "the Most dangerous track in the world." According to some versions, it is ahead of even the "death road" in Bolivia. About her rumor, like there's a cursed land. Here is the maximum number of accidents, and drivers do not remember how it happened. Explain it like a gas leak. The last time the route became interested and finally started its reconstruction. Road repair is going on "cloths," replace the remote and impervious areas.

5. Road of death (Bolivia)

The road connects the city of La Paz and the Yungas province. The location of the Andes mountains, the most dangerous part is 70 kilometers from La Paz to Coroico. The track has very sharp drops, the altitude ranging from 3600 meters to 330 above sea level. On the left wall, to the right is a steep cliff. The road surface is clay. Frequent accidents with fatal outcomes. In a year the number of deaths up to 200 people. In 1995, she was awarded the title of most dangerous in the world. But still the road is constantly busy, she enjoyed, despite the bad reputation. The locals have nowhere to go, no other way. The situation worsens the fog, and frequent rains occur landslides. Travel agencies organize tours on bikes or motorcycles. Agree to this only the most desperate. You need to be prepared for the fact that the conquest of this road will be the last moment of his life.

4. Highway Sichuan (China)

Sichuan-Tibet highway that connects Sichuan province and Tibet. The road is a serpentine with a length of 2500 km, its height is 5000 meters. The highway passes through forest and mountain river. It is very narrow. Danger adds natural conditions. Often in this area, the fogs, the rains. The area of Chengdu-Tibet glorified regular landslides and rockfalls. Accidents and accidents were commonplace. Like all mountain roads, the driver needs to be extremely careful to avoid an accident.

3. Stelvio Pass (Italy)

Dear used for a long time, it was built in 1829. Located in the mountain passes of the Alps near Bolzano. It has concrete walls, but they are not high enough, the car still falls into the precipice. Stelvio Pass rises to the mountain pass of the Plateau. Its height is 2700 meters. In winter the road is closed, it operates from early June to October. But adverse weather conditions can close and summer. Her condition is pretty good, two cars are quite capable to disperse, but there are narrow sections and tunnels. The main danger in the steep turns, a lot of them here. The road winds like a snake. Inexperienced drivers need to be careful.

2. Trollstigen (Norway)

This road is called attraction of Norway. It is based in 1936. Starts in the mountains Strynefjell lake Langvatnet and goes to the sogge bridge in Romsdal. If you look at it from above, you can see that it looks like a ladder. That is why it is called "Trollstigen". The most dangerous part is called "eagle road". On this stretch of 11 hairpin bends. In some places the road the angle of elevation is 9 degrees, and a width of about 3 meters. Here is difficult even for experienced drivers. On the highway you can often see tourists. Beautiful views of mountains, waterfalls, valleys attract them from all over the world. There are viewing platforms, recreational areas.

1. The Kabul-Jalalabad (Afghanistan)

The road connects Kabul and Jalalabad. The length of 60 kilometers. This trail consists of steep and sharp turns, a lot of breaks. The locals do not obey the traffic rules, it provokes an accident. And they happen here almost every day. In addition, the road is controlled by representatives of anti-government Taliban. In recent times the exact number of victims is unknown. But based on the data that have with the local authorities, it can be called the most dangerous in the world.

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