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10 most dangerous marine animals in the world


Of all existing on the earth, organisms, people, perhaps, the most dangerous. He already did so much on this planet, but it seems no intention to stop. People cut down forests, drain rivers affect the climate. But still afraid to meet one on one with some animals. Especially if it is a marine animal. After all, the water man is most vulnerable, he is not fit for life in this environment. Many marine animals are a threat to life, but the majority of them become aggressive only when protecting. If you do not touch and do not attract their attention, you can avoid misfortune. Well now top 10 most dangerous sea animals in the world.

10. Stone Fish

This is the most poisonous fish, sting its deadly. It is small in size, the length can reach up to 50 centimeters. It is distinguished by a large head, small eyes and a huge mouth. The body is covered with tubercles. Fins located on the back. Here then are deadly poisonous spikes, making a total of 12 pieces. In most cases, the man himself provokes the bite, he comes or touches the fish. In response, she stings with their sharp thorns. Immediately after the bite there is pain, it is accompanied by a painful shock, loss of consciousness. Even a few minutes in a person may experience cardiac arrest or paralysis. If the quantity of poison is small, the bitten body part will swell and turn blue. With the help of doctors there is a chance of recovery, but often people after a meeting with stone fish remains disabled. They live in the Indian and Pacific ocean.

9. Sea serpent

Sea snakes are diverse, there are 48 species. To know them you will be able to flattened laterally body. The nostrils are located on top, they stick their head out of the water and breathe. Snakes are dangerous for their venom, their bite paralyzes, though absolutely painless. It contains substances that paralyze the nervous system. Some time later, disturbed coordination of movements, convulsions. After 7 hours, the paralysis of the lungs, the person dies. Habitat is the seas of the Pacific and Indian oceans. If you notice nearby sea snake, try not to move, then she may not pay attention to you.


This fish has a very unusual appearance. It is flat, body shape it round or diamond-shaped. They are hard to find, since the color of the upper part of them merges with the environment. They come in different colors, it depends on their living space. Species of stingrays a lot, but the most common stingrays. They have a long tail on the end of it are the thorns with poison. He has a tail like a whip, can damage a wetsuit or a boat, to say nothing about the human body. After the bite the person feels pain, then nausea, dizziness, pressure drops. If the slope has damaged the stomach or chest, can be fatal. Another type of rays – electric, they can generate current, which is enough to stun the man. Rays exist in all the seas and oceans.

7. Moray

Murena something similar to a snake, its length is 2 meters and a weight of 45 pounds. Her skin smooth, scales absent, large head, small eyes and a huge mouth. The word she is open and looks quite intimidating. But the animal quite peaceful and will never attack a person if he is not provoke. People often try to touch them; you put your hands in the hole where they live; swim up to him or shoot. In this case, the Moray firmly bite into the body and clench my jaw. Bites her terrible, often have to amputate the arm or leg, if the animal dug into the limb. The body of the eels covers mucus, when injected into wound, it acts as a poison. Her blood is also poisonous. Moray eels are common in the waters of the Pacific ocean.

6. Puffer

This is actually not the name of the animal, so called dish made from fish. The fish itself to man is not dangerous, only if you do not try to eat it. The dish is common in Asia and Japan. It is very expensive, portion, prepared from a single fish can kill about 40 people. This dish is appreciated for unmatched taste and a relaxing effect. It is capable to bring the person to a state of euphoria. Fugu is made from fish called puffer. It feeds on poisonous sea stars, and therefore very toxic. It is impregnated with tetrodotoxin. The poison affects the muscles, paralysis and shortness of breath. Chance of survival is almost there, if only once, to connect person to ventilator.

5. Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles are large marine animals. Their length varies from 3 to 7 meters and weight can reach 1000 kgs. They have a long head, powerful jaws. Body covered with scales. Depending on the species, are dark green and light green, with spots and without. Crocodiles are very dangerous to humans. Annually, when you meet them is killed 2,000 people. Crocodile feeds on small and large animals, able to fill the water Buffalo. The man, who met on the way crocodile, just no chance. This animal perceives the human as a food source, hunting usually in the afternoon. He hides and waits for prey to come closer, then tail knocks or missing teeth. The crocodiles live along the coast of the Indian ocean.

4. Lion fish

The so-called striped lionfish. This is an unusually beautiful fish. It is quite small, up to 30 centimeters long, its fins are long and fan-like. They contain sharp needles of poison. If lionfish sting human, he don't feel well, he will show signs of poisoning. If the lionfish will prick her several times, alone out of the water it can't get out. Fish has a very bright color, it kind of warns that very dangerous. But people don't think about it, they want to touch a creature of unprecedented beauty. There are cases when the fish alarm is not on purpose, for example while swimming or diving. Its habitat, the Pacific and the Indian ocean.

3. Medusa box

The dome of the jellyfish is small corresponds to size of basketball, but its tentacles can stretch up to 4 meters in length. She has eyes, she can see the surrounding space. Has a transparent or bluish color, merges with water, so is the danger – it is completely invisible in water. The burn of a jellyfish tentacle causes difficulty in breathing. A person can go into shock and drown. Symptoms of poisoning by the jellyfish's venom is similar to symptoms of ordinary poisoning. If you are stung by a jellyfish, an urgent need to take the antidote. Jellyfish do not attack people, they defend themselves when they feel danger. So if you like to relax in the seas of the Pacific ocean, be careful.

2. Sea lion

Sea lions weigh from 100 to 300 pounds, their length 1.8 to 3 meters. They have long fins, big belly, little elongated muzzle and large eyes. Their bodies are covered with hairs, some individuals have a sort of mane, what they were called sea lions. They can often be found in dolphinariums, they participate in performances and bring people only positive emotions. But in nature they better not meet. It is a cruel predators, they have to provide themselves with greater amounts of food will refuse to eat and man. Live in the waters of the Pacific ocean.

1. Shark

The shark has an elongated body, the length of it can reach from 17 inches up to 20 meters. There are many varieties, they all have a different appearance. Even those who have never seen a shark will be able to present it. The shark is a predator, it feels prey, attacks it. People will not be able to survive after the fight with the shark. It is surprising that sharks don't always attack, despite the fact that she is a great hunter. Known cases when, after watching the victim, it went away without touching it. Sharks live in all oceans and climatic zones. They are able to survive even in fresh water.

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