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10 most dangerous rival in love zodiac sign


Male infidelity may be due to a variety of reasons. And every woman for someone whose potential rival. No "love triangle" can not exist without a third party. If you find yourself in such a situation, do not immediately create a scandal to his faithful. For starters, in case you have any suspicions about particular lady, you should try and find out which Zodiac sign it belongs to. Knowing psychological type of the alleged opponent, you can develop the right tactics of your future actions. Therefore, resort to astrological tenets and get rid of rivals in a jiffy! The most dangerous rival in love according to their Zodiac sign.

1. Scorpio

"Femme fatale" this feature is inherent to the owners of the sign. Scorpion woman is not only insanely sexy and attractive, but also quite smart and calculating. The competitor of this sign are difficult to overcome: a man can instantly be captured by this temptress. Women-Scorpions are accustomed to lead, moreover, they are excellent manipulators. Almost immediately noticing the weakness of his victim in cold blood they beat them. These women quickly rubbed into the trust, including all his charm and charisma.

The main drawback razluchnitsy of this sign is its excessive commercialism. Try to show your man that this person appreciates only its material components – and the victory is yours!

2. Leo

The representatives of this sign are used to do things at the peak of theatrics and drama, even to steal another woman's man. Moreover, the Lionesses will not change – they immediately begin the hunt for the most successful and promising men. They like to stand out from the crowd and often surround themselves with friends who are called "gray mice". To their background look brilliant. In the company of a Lioness is better not to praise her man and to talk less about his achievements – such person not to jump on small fish. It should be noted that, if a woman of this sign fixed her eyes on someone else's "prey", so she has strong issues with personal life. Having failed they quickly show their true face without the usual glitz and pomp. If your man is interested in the Lioness, it is likely that you lack initiative and brightness. Try to change the image and surprise your loved one often and he will forget about the other woman!

3. Cancer

At first your man, it may seem that it came down from heaven. All such small, fragile and defenseless. But it should not be underestimated. Anyone around her can feel like strong, manly superhero. Due to its brittleness and weakness of a woman with Cancer is considered a dangerous rival in love. It is not always intentionally attracts men – often they are drawn to it, when you do not feel strong enough and successful. To overcome this opponent just enough to show her real face and try to provoke that person, and it will show his calmness and ability to "go over the heads" when you need to achieve your goal.

4. Sagittarius

Women of this sign – the most prudent of all. A man can get caught in their net due to the fact that of these competitors is to show his sympathy and understanding. They can listen to it for hours and to choose those phrases that he wants to hear in a particular moment. Listening to all the complaints, these women will never be hung around his neck that attracts the stronger sex. To win a woman-Sagittarius perhaps showing their independence and to exercise the wit. Despite his prudence, the Archers just want to constantly monitor a man. It is best not to be like her rival and not to ask many questions to the man, to be calm and behave a little chilly. These contrasting relationships will have a positive impact on your personal life.

5. Taurus

Women of this sign can be called kollekcionery. They love to collect everything from the decorations and interior items, ending with other men. Its advantage is the fact that he immediately pounces on the victim, and can quietly wait, when he will fall for it. Her femininity and sexuality combined with cold tolerance. But in women, Bullocks, not very imaginative, so it's best just to wait a bit and switch her gaze to something else and get her out of sight of his men. In addition, these young ladies are very fond of accuracy, stability and can be too pushy, that might easily scare a man.

6. Libra

These are the women, intriguer, famous for his diplomacy and great intuition. Easily such razluchnitsy can immediately understand what's missing from the man and to hint at the fact that she can give it to him. They will not do the first step, the man himself pulled to her, yielding to her skilful manipulation. However, women-Libra don't like straight talk and conflicts and struggling to avoid a "debriefing". If the alleged homewrecker refers to this sign, try to bring it to clean water and to provide a small psychological pressure. One direct question "What do you want from my men?" is already enough for this woman has gone by the wayside.

7. Aries

It is often too opinionated and feisty. Aries woman gives the impression of a huntress of the Amazon, which is always active and used to being on top. In addition, among women she often plays the role of best friend and the perfect advice that can easily cheat all around. It is best to avoid with such a woman candid conversations about their personal life and try not to share my marital problems. If a potential home wrecker belongs to this sign and your man already has her eye on it – try to pull her off. In anger, these women are rarely able to keep his mouth shut, not picking up expressions that the part will look very ugly for her.

8. Gemini

Women of this sign can easily set eyes on another man, so easy for him not to remember. They are too inconsistent and flighty, they often do not understand what they need. It is not necessary to treat such a home wrecker seriously, sensing a fight, this person will quickly switch to another object. She's sexy and charming, attracts men like a Siren, but women have Twins too little pressure, in order to keep someone else's lover, after all it should be the first always and everywhere. If your man staring at a woman, you can just wait for the time when she will move on to something else and not to worry.

9. Virgin

Women Virgo will rarely fight for someone else's man and become a rival in love, because they are unnecessary for correctness, sometimes bordering on bigotry. But if she was a stranger to the man of true feeling, then it will do all that he was at her feet. Virgo perfectly manipulate other people and bend easily need men. If your better half is interested in the bearer of the sign, that he really needed, it to be of high feelings, not cold calculation, because they are convinced of morality. If your husband fell in love with the virgin, it should raise alarms, because it is unlikely that such a woman will bring a man on their own.

10. Aquarius

Among the rival in love Aquarius woman is extremely rare. She appreciates men more friendship and support than immersed in the ocean of passion and intrigue. In addition, Aquarians are too lazy to engage in intentional destruction of other people's relationships. They are popular and have a lot of suitors because I like to spend lying in the company of men.

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