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The 10 most original wedding outfits of celebrities


Each of the younger girl knows that the wedding is a bright holiday that is associated with purity, loyalty and innocence of the bride. Despite the fact that in many peoples purity and innocence, and celebration can personalize a variety of colors and combinations, however, in most cases, white is associated with the appearance of the bride.

Beautiful woman (famous Actresses, models, singers, politicians and businesswomen) can afford any outfit, from simple wedding dresses to luxury air composition, in which the bride herself is not visible. And yet not every celebrity wants at this crucial and very personal day to be like everyone else, to follow the standard cliches, traditions and expectations. Many people want to move creative thinking and in the wedding industry, showing extraordinary creativity and highlighting the personality. And so are born suits instead of wedding dresses, holiday shorts, unusual color combinations (up to the black robes), and other amazing things.

Today we bring you the TOP 10 famous women who in the wedding day prefer the original routine than again attracted the attention of critics and caused love an enthusiastic crowd.

10. Marilyn Monroe

The idea from the girl in the classic image of the blonde expected a more traditional wedding "behavior". Many could imagine the diva in a little white dress with a delicate crown on her head, as well as the inherent attributes of red lipstick and a gorgeous smile. However, Marilyn decided to shock the audience and to stand again, which was probably related to her inferiority complex and psychological disorders on the background. Popular singer the wedding day with the beloved baseball player Joe Maggio g wearing the original and does not emit forms sheath dress in a shade of milk chocolate. Completed wedding image stylish jacket with fur trim. Despite the rigor and conservatism of the chosen outfit, Marilyn did not look to appropriate it at their own festival according to many fans.

9. Elizabeth Taylor

As we know, a famous actress is not known for chastity and responsibility for their decisions, that gives a considerable amount of her marriage – as many as 8. This is why we are not surprised that the star had tired of the boring white classics. For the first time wearing a white dress, a symbol of purity and fidelity, Taylor has lived with her husband Burton in marriage as much as 10 years. After almost 1.5 years after the divorce diva again decided on marriage, surprising the audience with expensive and unique dress in hippie style, inspired the pen elements. Just in the 70's like for a been popular, so the designer, Fratini gladly created for celebrity specific free outfit.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker

Cute girl always knew how to dress with taste and sense of style, so her wedding was expected, as the event beautiful and inspirational. Sarah with her husband Meth a Broderick have been together for more than two decades. To legalize the relationship they started in 1997, when Parker became one of the most non-traditional brides, finding the outfit of your dreams on the rack in a normal shop evening dresses. Surprisingly, among all the variegated colors of the actress liked it an inconspicuous a classic black shade. Maybe Sarah wanted to avoid the hype and look modest, but still appeared on the pages of the tabloids with his bold experiment.

7. Olivia Palermo

The famous miss Palermo wearing elegant white dress which perfectly highlighted her petite figure. And everything seems fine, but the dress was a unique costume, hidden under a layer of tulle. The upper part resembled a thin sweater with long sleeves, but the bottom contained the classic full skirt with an elongated slit in which it was tagged wedding...Shorts! Yes, the most common, even it is not laced white shorts, which, however, brings a twist to the unconventional outfit Olivia.

6. Sofia Coppola

Feminine Sophia began to experiment with the cut of the wedding dress and stopped at the beautiful and romantic Quinceanera dresses. That's just the color she chose for him is quite unusual, because in purple (lavender) hue the bride usually dresses the bridesmaids (bridesmaids), but certainly not myself. In this brave air outfit Coppola got married for the second time, and the image of disney Princess emphasized the festively decorated castle belonging to the Pope of Sophia – the brilliant film Director Francis Coppola.

5. Emily Ratajkowski

It is expected that famous supermodel, is collaborating with the world's best fashion houses and fashion designers, would like to have a very original and beautiful wedding dress. However, the actress shocked everyone twice. First, elect Ratajkowski became friend Sebastian, with whom they signed in the usual city hall away from the hustle, the prying eyes of reporters and obsessive fans. Secondly, the couple chose in order to conspiracy stylish, but unremarkable wedding suits. Emily, for example, was dressed in a mustard jacket and pants with a stylish black hat, and her bridesmaids also wore in costume. Even the bride's bouquet and the one transmitted on the hands of the witnesses, but would not attract undue attention of the public.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina enjoys the attention to his person, so 4 years ago wedding with pitt played all the expected trimmings. But she again decided to emphasize on the public image of their "ideal" of motherhood, asking their own children to decorate with drawings of wedding dress. On the one hand, the dress was touching and original, and would look fussy and out of place. By the way, the very Foundation – the dress was created by famous designer house of Versace. Drawings harbored a veil of Jolie and the rear surface of the skirts.

3. Amber Tamblyn

Vivacious actress chose for the most important day dress, its color symbolizing the sun and warm days. A deep yellow color scheme immediately attracted the attention of the public, the more everyone tried to guess who the famous fashion designer of this "diva-beautiful." To emphasize the image of youth and carefree amber's happened due to the fact that at the ceremony she came barefoot. I hope that her husband David Cross shares the marriage is untraditional views of women.

2. Poppy Delevingne

The famous older sister of actress Kara Glenvil four years ago, tied the knot with James cook. Responsible for day poppy even prepared two dresses – one classic white and the second symbolic floral more appropriate for bride-hippie. Latest boho outfit for poppy made her close friend, designer Peter Dundas.

1. Gwen Stefani

Sweetheart, Gwen is not so far deviated from the classics, but the wedding day did not miss a chance to demonstrate their uniqueness. Everyone expected the diva something outrageous, Stephanie chose quite traditional dresses of silk, which was prepared for the big day, the designer John Galliano from the house of Dior. Lavish and feminine garment was painted in pink and white Ombre, which allowed the girl to wear the outfit again, got a ceremony to strengthen the matrimonial bonds. The audience appreciated the good taste Stephanie – Oh and lucky her chosen one to the Rossdale!

These are some interesting choices were made famous brides in their special day. It proves once again that the color, style of dress, and the style of the wedding is only the conventions of society that need to be overcome for realizing one's own individuality.

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