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The 10 most despicable characters of the Soviet cinema


Of course, our "ten" cause someone has a disagreement, maybe even confusion – because in the Soviet cinema was a huge amount of characters that cause a much stronger unpleasant emotions. But the fact that we are not trying to collect the real, – "reference" – the villains. Here are a few other principle of selection: take, for example, the film "Alexander Nevsky" (1938), – master of the Teutonic order, a wave of the hand sending his army to ravage the Russian land and personally throwing into the fire small children undoubtedly ruthless and cruel monster, but he's all like "put on status". This character, of course, causes acute hostility and rejection. But now there is disgust when we see other "heroes" of the same movie – the corrupt boyars who agree for a bribe to let the enemy in his native Pskov. That is such a particularly disgusting characters we have collected in his "top ten". Immediately make a reservation: against the actors, who played brilliantly listed the movie image, we have absolutely nothing.

10. Alevtina Ivanovna

The film "it happened in Penkovo" (1957) with a young Vyacheslav Tikhonov in the role of tractor Matthew Morozov. The plot is probably remembered by many: the farm on the distribution of livestock comes Tonya Klechikov – smart, beautiful and ringleader, which begins the construction of rural club. It reaches out to local youth, including married Matvei Morozov. Their relationship is completely innocent, but the old bitch Alevtina Ivanovna (very "vital" played by gorgeous actress Valentina Telegina), where future club threatens to undermine "personal business" – moonshine – dissolve on Matthew Tone dirty gossip and even persuades minded wife Matthew Larissa to poison the opponent. "Attack", thank God, he falls down, but Matthew, hastily locked the evil gossip girl (does not cause the slightest sympathy from the viewers) in the basement, goes to prison for arbitrariness.

9. Duremar

Here we mean duremara, not Vladimir played Bass in the film version of "the Golden key", 1975, as the character of Sergei Martinsons from a much earlier movie of the same name (1939). Ugly, fussy Duremar, devotedly fawning before Karabas-Barabas, sticking his long nose where it should not, causes sincere disgust (and even desire it "slightly" to beat). But Duremar-Bass pretty even, despite the fact that he, of course, egotistical, selfish boor, it clearly has a certain charm.

8. Sirotin

The film "Two tickets to the daytime show" (1966). The character of Alexander Yanvareva – a sort of "Gopnik" Sirotin (today he would fit perfectly unflattering epithet "cattle"), at first it looks like a boy with charm but soon shows his true face: a girl blackmails intimate photos, first beat her and then her fiancé. Ugh, freezing type...

7. Fanny Kaplan

The film "Lenin in 1918" (1939). Fanny Kaplan, Lenin vystrelivshey in the moment when he enthusiastically talked to the workers at the plant Michelson – also one of the characters of the Soviet cinema, causing real revulsion. For this, first and foremost, of course, have to thank the brilliant actress Natalie Efron – Kaplan in her performance turned out real bad, devoid of any signs of femininity and the slightest charm.

6. Valery Perevozchikov

The character of Igor Starygin in the movie "First single" (1979) – mediocre provincial artist, sincerely does not want to admit even to himself in his own mediocrity and confident that he just all jealous and interfere. He is very narcissistic, cowardly and unprincipled, and therefore without the slightest doubt, "ohmuryaet" young Moscow the fool below, respectively, to provide himself in Moscow living space and new opportunities. Pathetic and vile wretch Carriers was performed by Starygina so amazing and believable, which is very hard to believe that this time he starred in the role of charismatic and charming, handsome Aramis in "the Three Musketeers".

5. Abag

Film-tale "Kingdom of crooked mirrors" (1963). The green-skinned warty ABA with his huge belly swaying and forever splayed in different directions, arms and legs causes disgust even on a purely physiological level. He is stupid like a cork, but it is sneaky and insidious, and therefore confidently claim to be king. What to take with him, – a toad is a toad... In this film, of course, there are other Terry villains, in addition to Abuja (by the way, is played by Arkady Cinnanom). Anidag (reptile) performed by Lydia Vertinskaya, for example, also a turtle, but she inspires still not disgust, but rather fear.

4. Evil aunt who has provided the lovers of the White BIM black ear

The character of Valentina Vladimirova in the film "White BIM, black ear" (1977) – bad neighbor, the real stuff, which is not enough. How many Soviet children wept her bitter tears. Here just to kill her like. And it seemed that in relation to such adults that any cruelty is justified.

3. Kwak

Film-tale "Marja-mistress" (1959). How evil defeated for his career gorgeous Georgy Millyar – and not to count (for example, Baba Yaga is still considered the best embodiment of this folklore character). From the same series and martenici green sycophant Quack – a henchman and loyal servant of the king of the water Vodokrut Thirteen. Disgusting lupato muzzle, skinny hunched back, paws, flippers, nasty croaking voice. Brrr...

2. Pavel Smerdyakov

The great character actor Valentin Nikulin in the film "the Brothers Karamazov" (1968) – the provincial vulgar with pomaded hair and guitars, calculating little soul of which tends to enrichment. His whole world is limited to the conception of the power which can give a lot of money. Smerdyakov – small man, so much dreams to become a real master and to Lord it over other people that he was ready to kill his own father. Fu to be...

1. Romashov

Finally, a real model of a rascal and a scoundrel – Romashov performed by Yury Bogatyrev ("Two captains", 1976). Vile, absolutely unscrupulous, ugly schemer who easily blackmails stepfather of his girlfriend, that he has forced her into an unpleasant marriage, and without the slightest remorse throwing in the winter forest a wounded opponent (also – stealing his gun and documents), thereby eliminating him from his path. In General, complete rubbish...

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