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The 10 most badass of the zodiac signs, which are ready to the winds


To the circumstances of life each person can react differently. For some extreme or specific opportunity is a chance to step back and angrily shake a finger, they say you can't do that. Others gladly dive into a new thrill, not sparing about the possible consequences.

Astrologers say that the ability to resist exotic quirks spelled out by the stars in the signs of the Zodiac. Some outrageous people are willing to let the winds themselves encourage such events antics. While others, calm, adjust your madness and forbidden to follow someone else's example, arguing that conscience, fear and imminent retribution.

Consider the TOP 10 zodiac signs that are less afraid to risk and ready to party "to the fullest".

10. Aries

A fiery energetic Aries for a long time not need to persuade – and he is often the ringleader in all the games, ease of gathering and risk events. The instigator of the RAM, still the same, however, it is not always ready to take responsibility for their actions. Activity and stubbornness forced the representatives of the sign to run ahead of the entire planet, scouting unexplored. They are easy to adopt fashion, feel free to try (unfortunately) different doping and alcohol to imitate the various idols of the world of show business. Aries should be more philosophical look at life and to control their behavior, as it is often ridiculous and illogical, and the consequences have to disentangle not the "rainbow".

9. Gemini

Representatives of the sign, forever spinning like a top, running from one company to another, starting and not finishing various things. The twins are happy to experiment and try something new, even if it may be at odds with their values and principles. Moreover, if a gamble promises the necessary experience and financial benefits. To restrain the impulse Twin is not easy, as the logic and the criticism they take is almost impossible. That beat their own "bumps" from day to day. Only the matured experienced Twin is finally able to cope with his changeable nature and a thirst for novelty, starting to lead a stable, good life.

8. Cancer

By their nature, representatives of the sign are closed and prefer to spend long hours in a securely put together the "shell". But if Cancer something or someone is interested, he is willing to go beyond their natural and psychological capabilities. It is because of wrong company in my life Cancer can occur not the most pleasant event. Being caught up in the intrigues and squabbles, naughty jokes and events that are sensitive representatives of the sign can not cope with their conflicting emotions. On the one hand, they really want to stand out and to finally show their secret desires, and on the other the prick of conscience tell you that not all events will have a positive impact on their lives.

7. Fish

Tranquil Fish with pleasant manners rarely get into trouble. But if we do, then that impression remains one of the most exciting in their regular and proper life. That's why the cute Fish, sometimes you just want to spit on the taboos and conventions, to overcome its own stiffness and social framework, so to speak, to the winds. Of course, to have fun on the full of Fish not able, therefore, to follow the "temptation" they need authority, ringleader and organizer. Interestingly, around good representatives of this sign always spinning such "scoundrels", which and look to strive to seduce to all sorts of dirty dealings. Sorry, that is not always naive Fish ready to listen to inner voice and not imitate the bad example.

6. Scorpio

Toxic representatives of the sign are the leaders of our Top. They exposed the follies of childhood, and do not consider it necessary to change throughout life. For each of your actions, they have ready stock of excuses, and my favorite – "you only live once, you need to try everything." So try cocky Scorpions absolutely everything – alcohol, drugs, irregular sexual acts, and extremes. Often selfish Scorpions end up very badly it is the fault of their inadequacy. The rare representatives of the sign, which allowed the energy to self-development, not self-destruction, and win a lot in life and become truly successful people.

5. Leo

The representative of the sign of universal attention and admiration necessary as oxygen. For the sake of admiring glances Leo gladly indulges in adventures, participates in dangerous sports, and lends itself to all sorts of temptations. After that, he can gladly proudly to show the prizes, call the facts and figures, to celebrate their achievements and trophies. On the other hand, the king's wisdom allows the lion to carefully filter what innovations require his presence, and which are not. Representatives of the sign in the nostrils profitable and interesting events, so participate only in those that are doomed to success. If your company has lion, be sure around it will focus parties and cool gatherings, spontaneous trips and crazy jokes.

4. Sagittarius

Launching his arrow, the representative of the sign ready to prowl in her search (as in a fairy tale) in the most amazing and dangerous places. If an Archer believes that to achieve the goal you want to get involved in questionable activity, alteration or even to commit sin, he did not disdain any means. Here's the Sagittarius in his life there is nothing more important than your own interests and goals. On the other hand, representatives of the sign are often ideological inspirers, organizers of interesting events, team-building, Hiking. To bring people together for the establishment of useful contacts – it is in the interests of Sagittarius. He is always ready for new acquaintances and new sensations, is not afraid of risk and barriers to the plan.

3. Capricorn

The stubborn Capricorn is willing to climb "popered dad in hell". Often, they are empty in all serious though, due to the fact that they are something someone needs to prove it. Indeed, Capricorns sincere believe that possess secret knowledge about the universe and is able to teach everyone "inexperienced". By example Capricorns emphasize that there are no conventions, frameworks and laws. This sign is crazy enough to incite to illegal actions purely for the pleasure and affirmation. Extreme feeling of self-worth is more important for representatives of this sign than profit and fame. On the other hand, organization and enterprising Capricorn does not allow him to fall even in obviously dangerous situations.

2. Aquarius

Representatives of the sign are good friends, so they are often "for any kipish". They dream of escape from their "castles in the air" for what trying to that, in that sphere, try on different roles. Interestingly, when the Aquarius expose some fad or trick, it immediately becomes a model of modesty and innocence, blaming others. Like him, the poor, forced or seduced, and he didn't want. I did, after all, is boring and measured life kind of Aquarius downright asks for periodic agitation of turbulent emotions and extreme. And it should be possible to turn up, believe me, Aquarius must take advantage of it.

1. Taurus

People of this sign around all walls and obstacles, they are the Bulls. Seeing the chance for a better life, this sign did not disdain the various methods of its achievements. For this sometimes you have to perform crazy and dangerous job, to indulge in adventure and nefarious activities. But only if at the end of the looming benefit in the form of comfortable and well-fed life. Rationalism Taurus often wins, so just because they are headlong not to make nonsense. Taureans companies want to be the permanent leaders and organizers of the crowd, therefore, together with the Lions and Rams may experience a real conflict and struggle for supremacy from the crowd.

All of these arguments in favor of a signal. In fact, logic and self-control inherent in each person, the only question is whether it will be for them to use and develop?

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