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10 most anticipated films of 2019


The new year promises to be very interesting in terms of cinematography. Every year technology in terms of computer graphics become more sophisticated and spectacular, but the creators always have the challenge of making something original, because the viewer thinks they have seen everything. To surprise him in terms of plot is difficult, however, the Directors of the films below has intrigued us with trailers and synopses, so we look forward to their movies, promising to be the best in 2019.

10. Glass

The image "Split" the audience gave a clear hint that soon we are waiting for the sequel to a crossover of the movie "Split" and "Invincible". Intrigued film fans finally pleased with a tentative release date of the crossover. The film will be called "Glass" and will appear on the big screens in January 2019. So, the famous Mr. Glass finds out about the machinations of a mysterious man named the Beast with an unusual mental disorder inside of it gets more than 20 individuals. Glass finds out that the beast possesses superhuman abilities, and they can be each other big plans.

9. How to train your dragon 3

The continuation of the story of a friendship between two unusual characters charming black dragon named Toothless and Hiccup brave. He will now be responsible for the whole village, he is preparing to become its leader. In life the dragon is also comes a lot of changes to our Toothless seem to truly love and was able to find many other dragons who live in secret from all. Suddenly, plans Hiccup and Toothless intervenes, someone very ill who have been leading the hunt for the dragons.

8. Captain Marvel

The screens are finally getting the story about the strongest character in the universe of captain marvel. The role of the superhero will play the Oscar-winning brie Larsen. Fans of the comic say that the TV version of Carol becoming captain marvel is very different from the comic. But the creators have a reasonable explanation they just don't want comparisons with "Green lantern" of the DC universe. The plot takes the viewer in the beginning of 90-ies of the last century. Nobody knows about the existence of Tony stark and his genius inventions, and everyone's favorite Nick fury works for the CIA. Carol Danvers once got into NASA and was the victim of the explosion, in which her DNA mixed with the DNA of an alien race of Mar-Vell. Now she has incredible strength, and, according to rumors, the Seventh Infinity stone.

7. Pet cemetery

Louis creed, along with his family decided to move to a small rural house that is located near a forest very gloomy. And it turns out that in this forest the local inhabitants since ancient times bury their Pets. Therefore, the forest informally known as the pet cemetery. When the Creed dying cat, Louis decides to bury him in the woods. But after some time the cat returns home. However, now he is not like his former self, but Louis prefers to ignore the change and pretend that all is well. But suddenly a misfortune happens with Louis ' son, creed is brewing a terrible plan.

6. Hellboy: the revival of the bloody Queen

Viewers will restart fantastic stories about the incredible creation of this demon that was Hell spawned, but came to Earth to fight evil. From infancy he was raised by his earthly people and since heart Hellboy, which was to become violent, soaked in sincere love of the human race. When he becomes aware of his unlimited possibilities, he decides to embark on the path to evil, which spawned its own. He was destined to fight the witch, and the outcome of their battle should be the end of the world.

5. Avengers 4

Thanos got the Infinity stones, and almost all the Avengers have disappeared from the face of the Earth. However, the viewer was given a hint that they are not dead. 4 part fight with Thanos will be the remaining Avengers, and to help them come Ant-Man and the famous Captain marvel. At the moment when it will seem that all is already lost and soon the power of Thanos will play havoc with all of humanity, in the sleeve the rest of the Avengers will be a few trump cards in the face of new superheroes and phrases of Doctor Strange, which hints to the viewer in order to defeat this villain, you must first lose him.

4. X-Men: The Dark Phoenix

The famous Jean grey has played an important role in the fate of the X-Men. New part tells about the birth of girls as super heroines. Her abilities are growing, and with them a growing suspicion of X-Men that the girl has a dark start, which sooner or later may prevail. Her name Dark Phoenix. A girl constantly plagued by doubts, she is torn between good and evil in his own soul and does not know where to join. In the end, the team of the X-men stand the inevitable question is, what will have to sacrifice the well-being of people or the life of the Phoenix.

3. Spider-man: Away from home

A new film about the adventures of Peter Parker will be the first in the fourth phase of the re-issue marvel. While the creators remain silent and keep secret the plot of the film. According to rumors, we are waiting for the confrontation between Spider-Man and the famous Mysterio, who will play Jake Gyllenhaal. It is not yet clear, whether will return in the sequel to Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony stark, but it is already known that Michael Keaton will play the Vulture. It is reported that Peter will impact events in the Avengers, and changes in mental state will manifest itself in the second part of "spider-Man".

2. The Lion King

In the lovely Savannah comes little Simba, the future king, the son of the great king lion named Mufasa. All very welcome the birth of an heir, but the brother of Mufasa Scar Simba's birth means that the Scar will no longer be able to call himself king. Scar planned to kill his brother and nephew while walking past. Mufasa dies, and Simba runs away from Savannah and decides never to return to it. It brought up the boar Pumbaa and Timon mongoose, and at this time proclaimed himself the king of the Savannah brutal Scar believes that little Simba was killed along with his father

1. It 2

In the small town of Derry once six guys managed to resist the cruel clown Pennywise. From now on, is exactly 27 years. Old friends have already grown up, and some of them even left the city. Each has its own life, and they almost never think about the horrors that haunted them in early childhood. But one phone call forces all of the participants of those terrible events again together. Are they not able to win Pennywise almost 30 years ago and now have to fight him again?

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