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10 most overrated attractions in the world


Most of the tourists than a month saving up to finally make the long awaited trip abroad. Attractions there is more than enough for the whole life, that's just the country and tours people choose to put it mildly, "hackneyed".

With billboards, magazines and screens, we cry that somehow hospitable country boasts a unique heritage, which causes a mass "pilgrimage" to clearly specify well-known places where the ticket price for the average person Soviet space can be very "biting". As a result, tired after work all year round, the tourist gets the most ordinary emotions, terrible fatigue, a pack of the same photos and, unfortunately, severely impoverished purse.

How to travel so that it was really "shock" and remembered for a lifetime? The main rule – read carefully the information about the selected place and weigh all "for" and "against", not based on reviews of the paid journalists and ecstatic audience. Determine for yourself whether you would like to look for a soulless pile of stones or a very tall piece of iron. And he can still wave the incendiary to dance bachata on the beach, Spain? Or all day self-guided Copenhagen chewing local desserts?

Consider the TOP 10 overrated attractions, the price and the hype which do not coincide with reality.

10. Stonehenge, UK

Tell any tourist the word "England", and then in response to get satisfied associative speech: "as much as I wanted to see Stonehenge". Yes, the guides and propagandists have done a good job, just a conglomeration of a rather dull and ugly blocks makes the ordinary person has an ecstatic experience. And managed to come up with amazing legends, they say these stones are not just statues from rocks, and mystical objects. Unfortunately, no evidence helpful guides you will not.

That in fact: jaded expensive tourist coming to the area and in a number of busy roads, watching from afar the monumental stones, listening to the monotone of the sermon guide. Moreover, you have pay for a pass to the monument and touch it and a picture will still fail, and to break away from the miracle stone piece as a bizarre souvenir.

9. The Hollywood walk of fame, USA

America, as a planetary leader, manages to attract tourists to its famous sidewalk, which is lined with the names (and sometimes fingerprints) celebrities. Surprisingly, in that same city you can see a really famous and not-so actors, singers, politicians, etc., and if you're lucky, and snatch them memorable selfie. But to go to the States just to admire the well-sealed construction materials the road – a bit of fun. Especially to contemplate the cultural heritage you'll prevent numerous animators, called force to entertain the crowd for "penny" and to sell expensive useless photos.

8. The leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

Famous architectural anomaly continues to captivate a wandering tourist. If we are objective and rate the real emotions of people who have visited there, apart from the mainstream pictures, where you lean on the leaning tower, there really is nothing to do. Well buy from local sellers snacks or a memento, you will make big money for professional photos, but on this tour it is necessary to spend neither more nor less, and the whole day of precious holiday, especially if you are eating in Rome.

If we got to the location and got into the trap of the guide, do not apply to attend the Council of Pisa, which focused the world's works of art. So you can join the really lovely for a reasonable price.

7. Times square, USA

Again, the States, the famous bukachivtsi of dollars from naive tourists. At this time, passavam I suggest exploring the neighborhoods of times Square, which according to the description of guides that supposedly will enchant you with the bright lights and city life. Really tired man gets the next team "Salsola": the ever-annoying flashing billboards, the mass of sellers of CDs and Souvenirs, endless crowds of Asian and other tourists, crazy traffic (and exhaust fumes) and the General nightmarish bustle. Incidentally, the residents of the city staying away from Time Square as possible, churas it like the plague. Of course, among the intoxicated crowd lost all desire to quietly and serenely appreciate the sights of the city, to be alone with your loved ones.

6. Cairo, Egypt

Arrived in Egypt – of course, to visit the capital, near which are the famous pyramids. Okay last one was for them, in fact, a tourist in this hot and expensive country in the ground and going. But what to do in frankly cramped, dirty and dreary town, where the poverty of the corners just the same rolls. Do not believe me – type in search Google "street of Cairo", "enjoying" types black and poor. In addition, it is not advised to visit the capital women's semi – local men openly, blatantly, and even maliciously osmatrivayut visitors from head to toe, can afford the frivolity and mockery. While it does not matter whether women escort and how modestly she is dressed. Alternative visit to Cairo can be a city of Aswan and Luxor.

5. London, UK

This time we are moving to the capital of England, where in a futuristic play (lift-capsule) you can climb high above the earth, contemplating the wonderful panorama of London. But this is the ideal tabloid brochures, fiction for the naive. In fact, you give a tidy sum to the tour operator for the shot at a specific Ferris Wheel. You need to shove into the booth, chock full of sweaty tourists and chatty, which by all means will try to keep you away from the window. But if in the cabin are mothers with children, the "beautiful panorama" you will not see as their ears. And the worst thing is that in the FuG and gloom you have to ride as much as 45 minutes. Oh yeah, don't forget about the queue that you need to survive for an unforgettable trip on an ordinary Ferris wheel.

4. Eiffel tower, France

Driven tourist crowd was secretly afraid that we in this review get to the world of "classics" of the Eurotour – the Eiffel tower. The truth is unpleasant to listen to, understand, but not to tell of the incompetence of the visit of the old iron junk just can't. Waiting – romantic proposal at the foot of the tower, croissants in a local cafe, the romantic sunset and the Grand ascent to the flashing lights of the construction. Reality: angry Parisians and tourists crowd inadequate, imposing the cost of visiting piles of iron, the need to run at a gallop for the guide, without having to make the coveted pictures. By the way, pictures your background is not so much a tower, how many curious tourists scurrying. It is easier to impose a similar background in a photo Studio. And the frustration from running around, the lack of "evening lights" (which is quite natural for the classic day trips) and terrible fatigue is provided.

3. The Island Of Phi Phi, Thailand

Undoubtedly, the country is beautiful with a heavenly view and islets, though to reach it, the tourist-Soviet space will cost "a pretty penny". The picturesque island of Phi Phi consists of beautiful coves, blue sea, tropical vegetation and cliffs. Ground transport in the area no, to get on their own don't try – saving ride. Hollywood in the movies went to great lengths to advertise this place, so Nirvana Paradise is not to be expected, only tourists flock to litter any area where they find themselves. As locals say, a little more distant, bamboo island where beautiful, but because of the higher prices of transport there gets fewer tourists. Can admire the underwater world and the white sand is there?

2. The great wall of China, China

Okay men monumental and extensive fortification can draw, and listen to stories about the military mission are quite interesting. But what to do there mums and young children is not clear. Visited tourists report that in addition to the historical footnotes they expect many of the stage roads, roughness, strained calf, crowds of people and garbage. The result is a "fascinating" excursion – the wild fatigue, no emotions, blurred photos, an empty wallet and stupidly lost the whole day.

1. The little mermaid statue, Denmark

Most educated tourists know that the statue, thanks to the popular fairy tale, is the only copy of the original, which, incidentally, is stored indoors. This is logical, because a historical treasure was damaged by time and people at the time, she was breaking the head off and tried to blow up with dynamite.

Coming to admire the statue in the sea, you will get the opportunity to contemplate from afar a copy of the structure, without the ability to touch and make unique photographs. But, by the way, a monument to Hans Christian Andersen in new York can attend – climb on it for fun and do a myriad of interesting pictures.

So the first rule of tourism is to "trust but verify". If you strictly have planned a visit to a specific country, then make yourself guiding sheet based on real people reviews. Avoid the brochures of tour operators called for the agreements to advertise you even senseless stones or bits of iron.

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