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10 most popular myths about the common cold


The most common myths about the common cold is usually as follows: drafts, cold wind, improper clothing are the main reasons for the development of SARS. In addition, many of us seriously believe that to have had a cold maybe once per season, and a cold turned into the flu, you need a handful to drink antibacterial preparations, so to speak, for prevention. It is time to dispel these unsupported scientific facts prejudice!

Presenting the top 10 most popular misconceptions regarding the flu, which can not only aggravate the disease, but also to a bundle of complications.

10. Cold can not be treated

On average, the main symptoms of SARS, the ill person continue for about 3 days, but if you rely on the fact that the body on its own will win the illness, it is possible to increase the duration of the illness until months or even worse to provoke the occurrence of complications. If there are such symptoms as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, this is the real reason for the emergency call for medical help.

9. Colds just need to lie down

Long lying in bed may lead to development of stagnation in the respiratory system and limbs. Undoubtedly, during the illness need to stick to a certain moderation in physical activity, but do not need to turn into a real body until the disappearance of the last symptom.

8. Colds can be eliminated in just a day

There are people who genuinely believe that if you drink a shock dose of medications, it is possible to beat a cold in just one day. And it's quite a dangerous delusion. Every organism in which settled the wretched virus of SARS, it takes time to recover. If the patient is strong enough to stuff drugs with side effects that only reduce the severity of symptoms, it can create a serious strain on his cardiovascular system. The result of such treatment may become noticeably failing health. In addition, when the dose of such a harmless drug like paracetamol can cause himself liver failure.

7. Colds sometimes goes into the flu

Colds and flu result from human infection by different viruses, so the first the disease may not progress in the second.

When the man gets sick, he cannot always see the difference in the main manifestations of these two diseases. Understand that you are sick with a cold, not a flu it is possible in the following way. First, the cold begins to manifest itself gradually. It is distinguished by a gradual increase of symptoms, such as sore throat, runny nose, fever. Flu, by contrast, starts rapidly and manifested severe symptoms. Secondly, sneezing distinctive sign of a cold. When infected with the flu this symptom will not occur.

6. You must heal to the end

Residual cough and runny nose can take place for a maximum of a month, so it is not necessary to wait till all symptoms of the common cold. If you have your health assessed as satisfactory, you may return to a normal lifestyle.

5. The common cold can be cured with antibiotics

Antibiotics designed to combat bacteria. Against viruses that have a slightly different structure, they are powerless. In addition, the use of such drugs with SARS not only did not benefit but harm: manifestations of cold will not disappear, and the pathogen will remain in your body.

Remember! You can't take antibiotics at random, without the advice of a doctor. The result from such experiments health will be the opposite: you hurt your immune system, thus weakening your body, and giving the green light to a virus. In addition, the frequent use of antibiotics increases the risk that is truly at the right moment they will not help, as the bacteria will simply immune to them.

4. Cold is not reason to go to the hospital

Many of us, especially residents of post-Soviet countries have taken the habit of stoically survive the acute period of SARS as saying on his feet, not leaving your workplace. Some even sincerely believe that if you do not acknowledge the existence of a cold, the disease will depart much faster. In reality, the process of recovery in this case, only delayed and complicated.

The most appropriate solution in this situation would be to call in sick for at least the first 1-2 days, and after that you can return to the performance of their official duties. In addition, appearing at work in an unhealthy, cold man is a threat to their colleagues, so stay home most critical moment of a cold not his privilege, and sacred duty.

3. If to appear on the street with a wet head, you will definitely get sick

This is a very common misconception that is absolutely not true. Remember, there are only 3 mechanisms of transmission of viral infection: airborne, airborne dust and household. However, hypothermia can lick your own immune system, thus making the body more susceptible to pathogens. So, still not worth the extra time to test the strength of your immune system, risking their health.

2. Hypothermia provokes cold

The main possibility to catch a cold — it enters your body the virus. And he absolutely no case warmly you are dressed or not. Therefore, all these false accusations that people for centuries have brought to the wind and drafts do not have any scientific basis.

If you decided that I should become ill SARS, after you had to freeze, then you know it's baseless speculation that has no reality, nothing. The only thing that can influence the cold wind is the degree of moisture in your mucous membranes. If they are too dry, then the pathogen will be much easier to penetrate into the human body.

1. Of Contracting SARS can be only once per season

This statement is both correct and wrong at the same time. On the one hand, the human body can produce immunity to that species of virus, which people have already managed to recover, so in this case, the likelihood that he will again become infected with the same virus is reduced to zero.

However, it should be borne in mind that science knows about two hundred types of viruses, the causative agents of SARS, so a refresher once a cold, provoked by a particular pathogenic organisms, do not think that now you are protected from other forms of pathogenic agents.

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