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10 most popular myths about human health


There are a number of stereotypes relating to human health, which were only delusions. It's time to revise some views, we have taken on faith from a young age. This article presents the most common myths about human health.

10. It is better to eat several times a day, but gradually a myth!

Experts have proved that if during the day eat frequently but in small portions, it will not affect weight change, body fat and speed metabolism. Many people still believe that it is better to eat exactly however reliable scientific justifications of the use of this method of eating is not. Main thing is to control the amount of calories, and give preference to healthy food and to take into account the principles of proper nutrition. So you will be able to effectively control your weight and long to maintain the body in good condition.

9. Fingerprints of every person are unique myth!

Each man was confident that his fingerprints are unique, but this statement is doubtful. British forensic expert Mike Silverman notes that to prove the uniqueness of the fingerprints at the present time it is impossible. Just over 10 years ago, fingerprints were repeatedly identified mistakenly, the result of which was punished many innocent people. The expert said that the papillary patterns on the fingers of relatives can be almost identical, but to say that each print is unique, it is not impossible.

8. Antiperspirant should be applied in the morning myth!

Almost all people apply antiperspirants after waking up, before work or school. It seems that it is quite logical. However, Nikita Wilson, chemist-cosmetologist, argues that such funds would be better used in the evening, after the water treatment. Skin, which is dry, must be dry and clean. In the composition of such agents are active elements that during sleep a person's clog the sweat ducts. So the action of antiperspirant is greatly prolonged.

7. Nerve cells can't regenerate a myth!

Scientists have long dwelt in the belief that every person is born with a certain number of nerve cells (neurons), and over time they become smaller as they are consumed throughout life. However, nerve cells are produced constantly by the brain: the name of this process is neurogenesis. In the beginning of XXI century, scientists proved that new neurons appear even 70-year-old people: it happens in certain areas of the brain.

6. If you do not have vision problems, go to an ophthalmologist is not necessary a myth!

Usually people who have good eyesight, don't visit the ophthalmologist, because I believe that they do not need. Note, however, that some eye diseases can develop without symptoms: for example, glaucoma. Says ophthalmologist Anne Sumers. Without attention often leave even one of the main symptoms of glaucoma: loss of peripheral vision. To avoid such problems, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist every year. An experienced specialist can easily determines a particular disease in the early stages.

5. People have become more clever myth!

Gerald Crabtree, a specialist in the field of genetics, I am sure that the people who live now are more emotionally unstable and stupid than their ancient ancestors. Medical and technological achievements of the people in this plan do not save. The intelligence our ancestors began to deteriorate when hunting and gathering ceased to be their main means of survival. At the present time the struggle for life ceased to be hard, because now people are much less threatened dangers, and everything you need can be bought in shops (and even at home).

4. If you always wear a bra, the risk of cancer significantly increases a myth!

A few years ago, scientists discovered that the bra has no influence on the development of cancer. It is completely safe, even if not to wear it from time to time, but every day. At the end of the XX century were published in the book "Dressed to kill": it became the reason of emergence of fears concerning the impact of the bra on the development of this terrible disease. And I wrote it not medical researchers, and anthropologists.

3. The Appendix is a useless myth!

Scientists had long been convinced that the Appendix is a body that is totally useless that it does not depend on human health. However, it turned out that he is a tank, which contains useful bacteria. If necessary, they help to fight infections and improve digestion.

2. From sudden severe stress people quickly turning gray a myth!

According to legend Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, before his death became gray because of the strong anxiety. Long time was considered that people are getting gray, having experienced a lot of stress, and almost for a few moments, but it is not. This myth is not yet proven no research. However, experts note that pigmented healthy hairs gradually fall out if a person is constantly in chronic stress. It may take several months or even years.

1. The heart stops briefly when a person sneezed a myth!

All people know that feelings that arise during sneezing, are not very pleasant: it seems that the heart is jumping inside. The man exhales sharply, eyes squint. Many people believe that while sneezing is a temporary stop of the heart. However, David Rutlen, a us cardiologist, claims that during sneezing vnutrigrudne the pressure increases. To the heart the worse the blood flow, so it begins to beat differently, but that body still remains active, does not stop its work.

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